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Customer Question: What Is The Main Difference Between Your Elite Collection And Your Regular Freshwater Pearl Necklaces?

Posted by Ashley on 1/18/2015

Mostly it’s in the shape!

Our Elite Collection (pictured above) consists of the very finest Freshwater pearls available in the world! They represent the top 0.5% of each yearly pearl harvest and are chosen for their near-perfect round shapes, higher than average luster and clean surfaces!

Our AAA Quality Freshwater pearls represent the top 10% of each pearl harvest, and are round to the eye from a distance of 6-inches. Slight variations in shape from pearl to pearl will occur. 

These are our AA+ Quality slightly off-round Freshwater pearls. They’ll display noticeable variation in shape and many of the pearls will appear somewhat ovalish or even egg-shaped upon up-close inspection.
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