January 12, 2024

Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter: The Ten Commandments of Pearl Care



Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter


"If you roll a pearl around your mouth it slowly reveals the dreams of oysters, memories of the sea." – Chloe Thurlow

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White South Sea Pearl Bracelet with Blue Sapphires and Diamonds, White Gold, Jewelry by Tasaki


White South Sea Pearl Bracelet with Blue Sapphires and Diamonds, White Gold

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Jewelry by Tasaki


Pearl Science, News and FAQs - Your Questions, Answered!



Did you get some brand new pearl jewelry for Christmas? If so, congratulations on your new pearls! 

With any new purchase of fine jewelry, you'll want to know how to keep your gemstones looking gorgeous and lustrous. Even if your pearls aren't a recent purchase, I think you'll find this short guide quite helpful! 

How to Care for Pearls


Thou Shalt… 

1) Only put on your pearls as the "Finishing Touch" to your outfit- this is after cosmetics, hairspray and perfumes have all been "applied and dried". This ensures that your pearls' delicate surfaces come into minimal contact with any harsh chemicals that will eat away at the nacre, and speed up the aging process.

2) Every time you're finished wearing your strand for the day, wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth to remove any chemical residues.

3) Make sure to use only water to clean your pearls, unless they’re very dirty, in which case you can use a drop or two of liquid dish soap (to be rinsed off thoroughly once you’re finished cleaning them). Avoid chemical agents like hydrogen peroxide, acetone, bleach or other cleansing agents. Do not under any circumstances soak your pearls in water and hydrogen peroxide solutions, water and bleach, etc. These are all harsh bleaching agents that dry out the nacre and will cause the pearl to disintegrate, and we all will be very sad. 

 Pearl Care Guide


Thou Shalt ... 

4) No swimming, no showers, no dishes - chlorine damages nacre, and even if it's just pearl earrings you happen to be wearing, the chemicals in the water can loosen the adhesive holding pearl to its post. For pearl rings, be sure to remove your jewelry before washing your hands.

5) Every once in a while, store them in the bathroom so they can absorb moisture from the steam in the shower (don't put them in the shower, or hang them from a hook as this stretches out the silk, just placed on the countertop should be fine).

6) Wear your pearls!!! Wear them at least semi-often!! Pearls were originally born in the water and benefit from absorbing the oils that your skin naturally secretes throughout the day. So go ahead and show them you care!

Best Practices for Caring for Pearl Jewelry

Thou Shalt ...  

7) Restring your pearl necklace every two years - once a year if you're an everyday devotee. We offer a life-time maintenance service; for a flat fee per 18-inches, we will restring your pearls so they continue to look as good as new! Additional services include deep cleaning and polishing - just ask us!

8) Store them wrapped in a soft cloth/jewelry pouch to keep them from getting scratched by other jewelry items in your box.

9) Do not store them in an air-tight container or a sealed vault like a safety deposit box; lack of oxygen and moisture causes the pearls to dry out and crumble over time. 

 How to Take Care of a Pearl Necklace


Thou Shalt ... 

10) Do not hang a pearl necklace on a hook for storage; this places un-necessary strain on the silk and stretches out the knot work and causes the silk to fray. Not only does this look bad, but you’ll end up restringing the pearls much more often than you’d like.

PurePearls.com is here to care for your new pearls for their lifetime.

We offer flat rate restringing services, deep cleaning, clasp repair or replacements and much more!

PurePearls.com also offers an exclusive Pearl Protection Plan for every pearl purchase to ensure that ANY repair is 100% covered for free. We highly recommend both Gold and Silver Pearl Protection Plans to protect your purchases against wear and tear or other damage.

Now thou shalt go forth, and Enjoy Your Pearls!
Until next time ...



Ashley M.


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 Pure Pearls Weekly Product Spotlight: White South Sea Pearl & Diamond Maya Pendant



Sleek and sculptural, our White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Maya Pendant is modern perfection!

Mounted on solid 14K gold, our White South Sea pearls feature gorgeous luster and smooth, unblemished surfaces. Famed for their gorgeous brilliant White colors, this pendant will add a touch of modern glamour to your day.

The pendant features 21 dainty diamond accents on for an approximate weight of .10cts tw. Choose your preferred pearl size, quality and gold color by using the drop down menus above for the ultimate in personalized pearls! Each pearl pendant is made by hand, to your specifications. Pearls arrive in our Signature Little Black Gift Box along with Pearl Care Instructions card and a Certificate of Authenticity.


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