Freshwater Pearl Necklaces


Freshwater pearl necklaces are known for their touchable, satiny luster and rainbow of natural pastel colors - they're a great way to experiment with gorgeous, vibrant pearls at wallet-friendly prices. Featuring natural pink, lavender and white hues, sparkling, bright luster and nearly perfectly round to funky baroque shapes, there is a Freshwater pearl necklace out there for the pickiest of pearl lovers!

FRESHWATER PEARL NECKLACES OFFER DURABILITY, BEAUTY AND AMAZING PRICE POINTS is proud to offer an extensive Freshwater Pearl Necklace Collection with pearls sourced directly from the pearl farms of China – land of the Orient. For some guidance on picking out the perfect Freshwater Pearl Necklaces, check out the Ultimate Guide to Pearl Necklace Lengths and our Ultimate Guide to Pearl Sizes. Both articles are going to be hugely helpful in narrowing down which pearl necklace size you should buy, and how long it should be. We also carry our own exclusive line of Gem Quality Elite Collection Freshwater Pearl Necklaces – when only the very best will do. Pure Pearls creates all of our fine Freshwater Pearl Necklaces “In-House” using our own stringer, pearls, silk and 14K Gold clasps. Our ability to customize your pearls is only limited by your imagination!


Never underestimate the understated, simple beauty of the cultured Freshwater pearl. Long considered the underdogs of the pearl world, these pearls have a few surprises for you that will guarantee you’ll fall in love with them. Freshwater pearls are famous for their dazzling natural colors of White, Pink/Peach and Lavender shades, in a dizzying array of sizes, shapes and lengths. Visit our Ultimate Guide to Pearl Colors to learn more about these gorgeous, natural hues. Our Freshwater Necklace Collections feature the top 10% of every yearly pearl harvest – we have a shape and price point for everyone. To learn more about which Freshwater pearl quality is perfect for you, visit our Expert’s Guide to Freshwater Pearl Grading, which features a complete breakdown of the A-AAA Grading Scale, replete with Pure’s trademark unretouched pearl photography so you know exactly what to expect.

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