Black Pearl Pendants


A single, perfect black pearl hangs suspended from a glittering chain twinkling in the moonlight. Exotic, sophisticated and mysterious - the legend of the black pearl has endured for centuries. offers only the finest selections of black pearls, from natural black Tahitians to Midnight Blue-hued Black Akoya and color-treated Black Freshwater pearls, famous for their intense peacock iridescence.


Legend tells of a Polynesian god, Oro, who once fell in love with an island princess. So enamored was he with her beauty, that he imbued a black pearl from the sea with a rainbow to gift to her as a token of his passion. Black pearls throughout history have been the stuff of legend. Rare and exotic, their colors have enchanted the eye and the heart for centuries. is pleased to offer a stunning selection of glamorous Tahitian, black Akoya and black Freshwater pearl pendants for you to choose from. Many of our black pearl pendants are unique designs exclusive to Purea Pearls, such as our sparkling Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Constellation and Diamond Cross Pendants to more classic Pearl Solitaire Pendants, romantic tear-drop shaped Baroque Pearl Pendants and sparkling black Pearl and Diamond Pendants.

BLACK PEARL PENDANTS DIRECT FROM THE PEARL FARMS – LUXURY AT AN INTELLIGENT PRICE creates every Black Pearl Pendant to order, at our Los Angeles, California production offices. We use only the finest AAA Quality pearls, 14K and 18K Gold and sparkling Diamonds. Learn more about our strict “AAA Quality Only” policy by visiting our #1 Google ranked article: Expert’s Guide to Pearl Grading. Each one of our Black Tahitian, Akoya and Freshwater Pearl Pendants has been hand-crafted to order and our dazzling selection doesn’t make choosing a favorite easy! To learn more about which pearl type would be perfect for you, visit our Expert’s Guide to Cultured Pearl Types. If you’re a Tahitian pearl lover, but want to know more about the mystery and origins of these black pearls of legend read our Ultimate Tahitian Pearl Buying Guide, which touches on the origins and the pearl farms, famous overtones and Tahitian sizes in addition to savoring our real-life, un-retouched Tahitian pearl pictures we’re famous for.

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