FAQs Answered Here at PurePearls.com

How can your prices be so low?

Our prices are about a fifth of what you could expect to pay at a brick and mortar retail location because we purchase everything in bulk overseas, direct from the farmers, processors and auction houses - we skip out on a TON of middle man markups and import costs.

Additionally we save a lot on overhead operating costs because we exist exclusively online and have no formal print or national advertising campaigns - everything you hear about us is basically word of mouth and client recommendations. So, lots of savings there...

We also sell our pearls at wholesale-to-the-public prices to make sure all of our customers are able to purchase high quality items at a fair and reasonable cost.

Why should I buy pearls online and not at a jewelry store?

There are a ton of advantages to buying your pearls online from PurePearls.com.

  • We offer an Iron-Clad 90 Day Return and Exchange Guarantee for one. If for any reason you are unhappy with the pearls, simply get in touch with us, and we'll either correct the situation or refund the full amount.
  • We have a 100% BBB Rating, and have been in business for over 15 years.
  • We're certified to grade and appraise pearls by GIA, and like we mentioned earlier, we specialize in pearls - this is all we do, all day long!
  • We are able to import some of the finest quality gems direct from the pearl farms because we have overseas contacts in places like Hong Kong, China, Japan, Australia and French Polynesia, so we get amazing deals that most traditional jewelry stores can't even hope to match.

What's the difference between AA+ and AAA Quality pearls?

Good question!

AAA Quality pearls are going to have sharper, brighter luster and less blemishing- between 1-5% of each pearls' surface throughout the strand will feature some type of inclusion. Usually these are wrinkles in the nacre, pinpricks and light or dark areas where organic conchiolin has irregularly accumulated.

AA+ Quality pearls will have luster that is nearly comparable just not quite as crisp, and the blemish rate will be slightly higher- between 5-10%.

If you're stuck between choosing a larger AA+ quality strand or a smaller AAA, we'll almost always recommend going with the smaller and finer pearls. For more in-depth information and analysis on this question, we recommend reading our #1 Google Ranked Pearl Grading Guides.

What are my shipping options?

We offer completely Free USPS Priority Shipping on all items shipped within the United States.

For faster delivery we also offer:

  • FedEx 3-Day for $15.00
  • FedEx 2nd Day for $19.00
  • FedEx Overnight for $30.00
  • FedEx Saturday Delivery for $50.00
  • FedEx International Delivery for a flat rate of $45.00 USD.

For more information on your shipping options, visit our Shipping Policy page.

How long will it take for my pearls to be delivered?

We make all of our fine pearl jewelry by hand, to order.

Often your items can be finished within 1-3 business days and ready to ship out; delivery times vary depending upon the shipping method you choose.

Please note that FedEx does not deliver on Saturdays (unless specified) or Sundays, so if you order Overnight Delivery on Friday morning, your pearls will not arrive until Monday at the earliest.

*** If you have a special event and need your jewelry by tomorrow, please contact us directly at 1(800) 762-0977 TOLL FREE to make arrangements. ***

What is your return policy?

We offer an Iron-Clad 90-Day Return and Exchange Guarantee - if for any reason you'd like to return your pearls simply contact Customer Service and request a Return Merchandise Authorization Form.

Please note that refunds may take between 2-3 Business Weeks to process; however Returns, Exchanges and Repairs are usually retrieved from our secure location once a week so your refund is completed in a fast and timely manner.

Click Here for more details on our Return and Exchange Policy and Process

Where do your pearls come from?

We source our pearls directly from Japan, China, French Polynesia, Indonesia, the Philippeans and Australia, so you are always guaranteed pearls coming directly from the pearl farms and processing houses overseas.

For more information about our gorgeous pearls, read the Pure Pearls Ultimate Guide to Cultured Pearl Types

Which Pearl Type should I choose? Freshwater or Akoya pearls?

The ultimate, classic white pearls are the famous saltwater Akoya from Japan. Known for their perfectly round, smooth shapes, their rosy and silver-white colors and the bright, glossy luster, they were an instant favorite with women the world over. If you're looking for shiny, bright and perfectly round pearl earrings, then the Akoya pearls are the pearls for you. Our AA+ and AAA Qualities are nearly equivalent in terms of luster, but with AAA Quality pearls, you are assured a nearly flawless surface.

Next up are cultured Chinese Freshwater pearls; only recently have we seen truly round shapes become available, but they've definitely made up for lost time. These pearls are an excellent value, composed completely of solid nacre - they will last generations, and their colors will never fade. They are known for being more soft and satiny in terms of luster, and slightly off a truly spherical shape (except in our Elite Collection / Gem Quality pearls), but offer an excellent alternative to their higher-priced saltwater cousins. We offer AA+ quality pearls that can best be described as comfort-fit button-shapes featuring a domed front and a flat back; our AAA quality pearls are completely clean on the front of the pearl and are a traditional round pearl stud, and our Elite Collection Freshwater pearls are our exclusive gem-quality pearls that are hand-selected for their perfectly round shapes and superior luster.

If you'd like more information on the age-old pearl type question, I highly recommend you read: Freshwater vs. Akoya Pearls: Which Pearl Type Should I Buy?

This incredibly in-depth article walks you through all aspects of each pearl type, from Shape to Luster and Surface Quality, featuring TONS of real-life photographs and actual comparison pictures - this article will be well worth your time!

What is the GIA Graduate Retail Appraisal?

The GIA Graduate Prepared Retail Appraisal is an official document that details the technical parameters of your pearls such as:

  • Pearl Type
  • Pearl Color & Overtone
  • Size(s) and Length(s)
  • Pearl Surface Quality
  • Luster Grade
  • Overall Pearl Grade

The Retail Appraisal also includes a picture of your pearls and an estimated insurance value. This document can be used to insure your jewelry against loss, theft or damage and includes an estimated insurance replacement value for this purpose.


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