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Everything You Need To Know About Buying Pearls

Pearls are one of the least-understood gemstones of the jewelry trade ... The secrets hidden within their crystalline depths are still being unlocked by pearl scientists and pearl farmers alike.

Our Pearl Education Guide contains insider’s tips on how to evaluate and buy pearls like a professional. We'll show you what to look for and how to avoid paying retail markups.

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Pearl Types

Are you looking for a classic white pearl necklace, or exotic and mysterious black Tahitians? Saltwater or Freshwater pearls?

Learn about the differences between the 5 major cultured pearl types here

 Insider's Guide to Cultured Pearls.

Ultimate Guide to Hanadama Pearls

What are Hanadama pearls, and what makes them so special? Ashley from Pure Pearls walks you through all aspects of these stunning gemstones and teaches you exactly what to look for when buying Hanadama pearls.

Read the Ultimate Guide to Hanadama Pearls

Freshwater vs Akoya Pearls

The Age-Old question: Should you buy Akoya or Freshwater pearls? Ashley answers this question (and then some!) with this in-depth article featuring real-life comparison photos, a breakdown of pearl luster between the two types, an explanation of pearl shapes and more.

You won't regret reading the Insider's Guide to Choosing Freshwater vs. Akoya Pearls

Pearl Grading

Shape, surface quality, reflective capabilities: all this and more goes into determining a pearl’s value. Join us to learn the secrets of grading each pearl type.

The Insider's Guide to A-AAA Quality Pearl Grading is a detailed overview of what goes into each grade, and includes links to our official Akoya, Tahitian, South Sea and Freshwater Pearl Grading Guides. Featuring our trademark real-life photos of our cultured pearls in each grade, explanations of Luster, Orient, Inclusions and Growth Characteristics and more, the Pure Pearls Insider's Guide to Pearl Grading will make you a pearl expert.

Pearl Necklace Lengths

Lost when it comes to purchasing the perfect necklace length?

Packed with detailed descriptions of each traditional pearl necklace length and TONS of real-life photos so you can see for yourself, smart pearl jewelry shopping starts at Pure Pearls with our Ultimate Guide to Pearl Necklace Lengths.

Pearl Sizes

Pearl Size is one of the most important values of a pearl, and the only attribute that can be described in exact measurements.

It's also a key factor determining the value of pearls.

Learn about this important factor here:

Ultimate Guide to Pearl Sizes 

Pearl Shapes

Looking at the amazing variety of pearls available on Pure Pearls, you may be left wondering which pearl shapes are the best to buy, and why.

Our handy visual Pearl Shapes Guide details all the major pearl shapes you'll encounter while shopping for fine pearl jewelry, from classic Rounds to funky Free-Forms.

Visit: The Expert's Guide to Pearl Shapes

Pearl Colors

As dazzling and complex as the rainbow itself, the variety of colors and hues that can be found in pearls today is simply astonishing. Forget just white! Indulge in a gorgeous rainbow of color you never knew existed!

Read Pure Pearl's Ultimate Guide to Pearl Colors here.

Pearl Overtones

Rose, Silver or Cream? Overtones are the secondary, iridescent shimmer of color appearing to float over the pearl’s main body color. Available in a range of traditional (and not-so traditional!) hues, each overtone imbues a pearl part of its unique character and compliments the wearer.

Visit our Ultimate Guide to Pearl Overtones page to learn more.

Pearl Nacre Guide

Pearl Nacre Guide

What is it that makes a pearl beautiful in the eyes of humanity? Come with us to explore one of the least understood aspects of pearls: what creates luster, orient and resiliency ... pearl nacre.

Explore the Building Blocks of Beauty

Real or Fake Pearls

One of the most commonly asked questions we get here at Pure Pearls is how to tell the difference between traditionally cultured pearls and man-made synthetics. This article will briefly go over some of the easier ways to visually tell the difference between the two so you can shop with confidence.

Read Pure Pearl's Expert's Guide to Spotting Genuine Cultured Pearls

How To Buy Pearls

Fine pearls are one of the least understood and most niche gemstones in the jewelry world – even professional jewelers often run into trouble identifying pearl types, understanding grading scales and pearl value.

Let Pure Pearls walk you through the 6 Easy Steps of Buying the Perfect Pearl Jewelry.

Pearl Budgeting: How Much Should You Spend?

Wondering how much you should be spending on that Akoya pearl necklace? What about some South Sea pearl earrings?

This easy to read Pearl Pricing Guide breaks down the 4 major pearl types by jewelry style so you can figure out how much to budget when shopping for fine pearl jewelry.

Visit: The Insider's Guide to Pearl Prices

Pearl Care & Maintenance

Fine quality pearls are usually quite durable, but knowing how to properly care for them is necessary to keep them looking lustrous and beautiful over the years.

Read the Insider's Guide to Proper Pearl Care for the most accurate information on maintaining your fine pearl jewelry to keep your gems looking gorgeous for a lifetime!

Visit: The Insider's Guide to Caring for Your Pearls

Pearl History

Beginning with the very first pearl ever noticed gleaming quietly under the rippling surface of the water, the raw, pure beauty of this organic gem has fascinated the world. With a history that reads more like a fairy tale featuring high stakes adventure, heartbreak and numerous royal decrees to pursue these precious gems to the very ends of the earth. Learn more about the very exciting history of the pearl.

Dive Inside the History, Origins and Myths of the Cultured Pearl World

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