Baroque Pearl Pendants


A beautiful and unique Baroque or Drop-Shaped Pearl Pendant can express your artistic side, your daring personality, a flair for style ... Like intricate snowflakes, no two baroque pearls are ever the same. Pure Pearls features a gorgeous collection of baroque  and drop-shaped Tahitian, silvery White South Sea and glowing Golden South Sea pearl pendants in classic solitaire to diamond accented styles, sure to enchant the eye. 


At PurePearls.com, our Baroque Pearl Pendant Collections feature some of the rarest, most beautiful pearls in the world, all hand-selected for sparkling luster and fine, symmetrical Drop-Shapes. The Baroque Pendant Collection features some of the finest pearls in the world sourced directly from the tropical pearl farms of Australia, the Philippine Islands and the islands of French Polynesia. Read the Insider’s Guide to Cultured Pearl Types. Choose from classic White, Gold and naturally-hued black Tahitian pearls, all chosen for fine, even color saturation and unique, iridescent Overtones. Learn more about the array of color combinations by visiting our Ultimate Guide to Pearl Overtones, which features Pure’s famous real-life pearl photography as a visual aid, and offers pearl and gold pairing recommendations to maximize the beauty of your pearl pendant. Tahitian and South Sea pearls are known for their larger than average sizes, so we recommend reading our Pearl Size Guide to ensure you select the perfect pearl pendant. At Pure, we create each Baroque Pearl Pendant by hand, to order, so the possibilities to customize your new pendant to your desires.

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