February 23, 2024

Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter: For The Love of Hanadama Pearls



Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter


"How could you reach the pearl by only looking at the sea? If you seek the pearl, be a diver." –  Rumi

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Hanadama Pearls


Hi Pearl Lovers!

If a customer were to ask me what was the  most enduringly popular and beautiful pearls that we sell, I would have to answer: Hanadama Akoya pearls.

Hanadama Akoya pearls are cultured pearls drawn from the top 1% of each yearly AAA Quality Akoya pearl harvest for having the highest, most reflective luster, cleanest surfaces and thickest nacre. 

These pearls are set aside, matched into pairs and necklace hanks and sent to a pearl science lab for x-ray analysis and Hanadama certification. Ready to enjoy some seriously gorgeous pictures?!

Onto the show!


The Beauty of Hanadama Pearls


Hanadama pearls, revered as the pinnacle of elegance and refinement in the realm of pearl jewelry, evoke a mesmerizing allure that transcends mere adornment.
Each luminous sphere, meticulously cultivated over years of patient nurturing within the depths of their oceanic sanctuaries, embodies a symphony of nature's finest artistry. They are the epitome of elegance and sophistication, their ethereal radiance captivating hearts with a timeless grace that endures through generations.

Hanadama Akoya Pearls

With an unparalleled luster that seems to emanate from within, Hanadama pearls shimmer with a celestial brilliance, casting a spell of enchantment upon all who behold them.
Bathed in a luminous sheen, their immaculate surfaces, smooth as silk, reflect the dance of light with an otherworldly allure. Every gentle curve, every gleaming contour, whispers of the ocean's secrets and the profound harmony of creation.

Hanadama Pearls

The color palette of Hanadama pearls is a study in sublime subtlety, ranging from the pristine purity of snow-kissed white to the delicate blush of dawn's first light.
Infused with soft whispers of iridescence, they exude a quiet opulence that speaks volumes of their inherent sophistication. Each pearl is a masterpiece unto itself, its hue a testament to the nuances of nature's palette and the artistry of cultivation.

Hanadama Akoya Pearls

Beyond their visual splendor, Hanadama pearls embody a legacy of craftsmanship and tradition, bearing witness to the ancient art of pearl cultivation perfected over decades.
Born of meticulous care and unwavering dedication, they represent the culmination of human ingenuity and the timeless allure of nature's bounty. As symbols of purity, wisdom, and enduring beauty, Hanadama pearls transcend the confines of fashion, etching their indelible mark upon the annals of history with an elegance that knows no equal.

Hanadama Pearl Bracelet

I hope you enjoyed my ode to Hanadama Akoya pearls. 

Until next time ...



Ashley M.


 The PurePearls.com Wishlist: Weekly Pearl Jewelry Spotlight



 Weekly Product Spotlight: 9.5-10mm Hanadama Akoya Round Pearl Stud Earrings

•    These exquisite stud earrings feature two 9.5-10mm Hanadama Akoya pearls, handpicked for their radiant luster.

•    Hanadama pearls represent the highest quality of Japanese Akoya pearls, certified by the Pearl Science Laboratory in Japan.

•    The pearls are mounted on the finest 14K gold.

•    These earrings are packaged in a beautiful jewelry gift box.

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