January 19, 2024

Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter: 2024's Big Pearl Fashion Trends


 Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter


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 Pure Inspiration: White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Pagoda Brooch/Pendant, 18K Gold, Jewelry by Luk Fook Pearl Co.

White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Pagoda Brooch/Pendant, 18K Gold

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Jewelry by Luk Fook Pearl Co.


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 2024 Pearl Jewelry Trends



Hi Pearl Lovers!
2024 is shaping up to be a BIG year for pearls. The refined and versatile gems have been featured heavily in fashion shows and with celebs for the last few years with the advent of the pearlcore trend, but if we’re noticing anything it’s that 2024 is going to be bigger and more pearlescent than ever!

Let’s take a look at the latest, hottest fashion trends for pearl jewelry that we can expect to see this year.

2024 Pearl Jewelry Trends: Large Classic Pearl Necklaces

Classic Single Strands 

The demure, versatile and sophisticated classic single strand pearl necklace is making a roaring comeback this year. Known for its elegant simplicity, the simple white pearl necklace can be worn at nearly any occasion and with any ensemble. 

Favorites include the Japanese Akoya in smaller size ranges of 5.5-6.0mm through 7.0-7.5mm, which younger buyers find both more versatile and affordable. Larger South Sea pearl necklaces ranging in size from 9.0-12.0mm are also very much in vogue this year; the Queen of Cultured Pearls is bound to make an eye-catching splash wherever they are worn. 

2024 Pearl Jewelry Trends: Layered Pearl Necklaces

Layered Single Strands 

Chanel is often quoted as saying, “Why wear one strand when you can wear two?”, and that is exactly the sentiment behind this pearl necklace trend.
Whether you choose to layer single strands of slightly different lengths, or wrap a long pearl rope multiple times to create a double or triple strand pearl necklace effect, we love the extravagance and opulence this style creates! 

While many of us tend to worry about wearing “Grandma’s pearls” it’s very easy to give your strands an edge by pairing your pearls with other modern accessories and sleek outfits. 

2024 Pearl Jewelry Trends: Oversize Pearl Stud Earrings

Opulent Pearl Stud Earrings 

2024's jewelry is all about going BIG, and the best way to do that is to don a pair of oversize pearl stud earrings. For maximum effect, we like White South Sea pearls measuring over 12.0mm which will glow like a small full moon.
Less expensive options include 13mm White Freshwater pearl stud earrings for those who want to rock the look without breaking the bank.

2024 Pearl Jewelry Trends: Matching Pearl Jewelry Sets

Perfectly Matched Pearl Jewelry Sets 

What better way to showcase your sense of sophistication than to accessorize with a perfectly matched set of pearls? We’re talking the whole shebang: pearl necklace, earrings, bracelet and maybe even a ring.
Matching pearl jewelry sets both streamlines the routine of finding the perfect accessories for any outfit, but you can also enjoy the pleasing consistency of wearing matching gems. This allows you to play around with various colors and patterns on your clothes without worrying about clashing, or taking too much attention away from the entire look. 

2024 Pearl Jewelry Trends: Pearl Cocktail Rings

Extravagant Pearl Cocktail Rings 

As I mentioned earlier, large, luxurious pearl jewelry looks are on trend for 2024, and what better way to pull that look off than with an oversize pearl cocktail ring?
Pearl rings are never an ordinary choice, but one showcasing a large Tahitian or South Sea pearl, surrounded by glittering diamonds? Now that is something to capture attention! 

2024 Pearl Jewelry Trends: Pearl Dangle Earrings

Pearl Dangle Earrings

Returning to the classics, the graceful pearl dangle earring is very much in vogue this year. Go for symmetrical rounds over chunky baroques to stay on trend.
In 2024, look for pearl dangles that have a contemporary appeal – whether that be in the design, or in the metals used. As always, bigger is better this year! 


2024 Pearl Jewelry Trends: Rock N' Roll Pearls


That’s it for now – there are definitely more pearl jewelry trends I could cover - like romantic pearl chokers, adding an edge with some rock and roll aesthetic. layered ropes, etc., but I’m running out of space in this post! ;)

As an undeniable fan of all things pearl, I’m more than happy about the turn of direction for jewelry for 2024, and I know I’ll be back shortly with more recommendations and tips for all my fellow pearl lovers!

So, which trendy pearl jewelry style will you be wearing this year? 

Until next time ...



Ashley M.


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 Pure Pearls Weekly Product Spotlight: Tahitian South Sea Pearl & Diamond Sage Ring



This exquisite ring features a 12mm Tahitian South Sea pearl, handpicked for its radiant luster.

The pearl is mounted on the finest 18K gold with dazzling SI clarity diamonds.

This item is packaged in a beautiful jewelry gift box.

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