April 08, 2022

Pure Pearls Weekly News Updates: What is Pearlcore? - Friday, April 8th


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Pure Inspiration: Pink "Edison" Freshwater Pearl, Diamond and Pink Sapphire Earrings, Jewelry by Jewellery Theater

Pink "Edison" Freshwater Pearl, Diamond and Pink Sapphire Earrings

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Jewelry by Jewellery Theater


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What is Pearlcore?


When I first heard the term "Pearlcore", I admit I was utterly clueless about what that meant. But when I figured it out I knew I was All-In on this trend! 

Pearlcore essentially means that pearls aren't just "in fashion" as an accessory for 2022, they are a lifestyle aesthetic. That means wearing not just pearl jewelry but pearl hair accessories, pearl embellished clothing, shoes and bags and even gorgeously iridescent accents in your home (I now want a set of iridescent coffee mugs, haha) and more. 

The idea behind a "core" trend is that it isn't just an accessory, it is about capturing the essence of the aesthetic and applying it to multiple aspects of your lifestyle: wardrobe, jewelry, cosmetics and within your home, too.

Other "core" trends include: "Fairycore" (which is as pretty as it sounds!), "Softcore" for all things warm and cozy, and even "Royalcore" which, if you're a fan of Bridgerton, could be as endlessly gorgeous as the show ... well maybe not THAT impressive, but a girl can dream. What I'm really enjoying about the core trends is you don't need to break the bank to have some fun with your chosen aesthetic; you can include as many - or as few - aspects of any of these trends to enjoy a new vibe. 

We all know that pearls are a classic, timeless gemstone, but 2022's pearlcore fashion can lean any which way: preppy, romantic, edgy, artsy, punk - this is all about making the iconic beauty of the pearl all your own!  


Pearlcore Trends 2022 Pearl Dresses


CLOTHING: This gorgeous pearl-embellished Maxi-dress by Asos is a GORGEOUS way to get in on the pearlcore trend. Other fabulous ideas include pearl embellished collars, sweaters and ballerina skirts.


Pearlcore Trends 2022 Pearl Embellished Shoes


SHOES: I am loving these pearl-embellished heels from Shein. So often, I see pearl-embellishment go a bit overboard and cover every surface of the shoe, which to my eye is somewhat overwhelming. These are pearl-embellished shoes done right! 


Pearlcore Trends 2022 Pearl Headbands


HAIR: This double row of pearl headbands gets an update with the staggered sizes, and loose, shaggy tresses. I'm also a huge fan of pearl-tipped hair-pins placed into up-dos and messy buns. Photo credit: Weddingomania


Pearlcore Trends 2022 Pearl Jewelry


JEWELRY: Who doesn't love the modern simplicity of a Pearl Tin Cup Necklace? This Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Tin Cup Necklace stretches 36-Inches long, ensuring you can play with your style.


Pearlcore Trends 2022 Home Decor


HOME: An iridescent Mother-of-Pearl tile backsplash in your kitchen, bathroom or an entry way is a chic way to indulge in the pearlcore trend and include it in your everyday surroundings. Photo credit: Realhomes.com 


Pearlcore Trends 2022 Iridescent Coffee Mugs


Other stylish items for the home can include Capiz-shell lamps and lighting fixtures, pearlescent vases, dishware, and even drawer pulls to ensconce yourself in iridescent style. 

These Aura Cappuchino Mugs are right up my alley, and nails the pearlcore aesthetic! 


Pearlcore Trends 2022 Iridescent Make up


COSMETICS: Get an ethereal, dewy look by incorporating pearlcore aesthetics into your cosmetics. Whether it's using pearlescent eye-shadow, dusting your cheeks with a shimmery Bronzer or using a shimmer gloss, this romantic look is a classic.

We love how this look is emphasized by framing the face Mikimoto-inspired Multi-Pearl Dangle Earrings.


Pearlcore Trends 2022


I hope you've enjoyed my little post on Pearlcore for Spring trends ... I know that looking through all the fabulous ideas and images definitely inspired me to get excited to indulge in my passion for pearls in fun and different ways. 

Which idea is your favorite? Do you have a "core" trend you'd love to try? 

Until next week! 





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Pearlcore Trends 2022 Pearl Pendants


Simply to die for, this stunningly gorgeous Free-Form Baroque Pink Freshwater Pearl Pendant is mounted in your choice of 14K White or Yellow Gold. Their unique surfaces gleam with intense flashes of Rose, Aquamarine and Gold Overtones over the natural pink/peach body colors.

The large, whimsical Baroque pearl measures 15.0mm across and is AAA Quality.

Each Free-Form Pink Freshwater Pearl Pendant comes nestled in our Signature Little Black Gift Box, and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Pearl Care Instructions are also included.


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