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Pearls in Acids: Exposing Pearls to the Agents of Destruction, Day 21

Posted by Ashley on 6/11/2015 to News
Pearls in Acids: Exposing Pearls to the Agents of Destruction, Day 21
Day 21! I skipped posting anything on Day 14, as not much appeared to be happening - I hope nobody minds. 

Not a ton of movement today either - the biggest development is the increasing damage to the black Akoya pearl in Hydrogen Peroxide, which appears to be really pronounced and patchy. 

Day 21 - Black and White Akoya Pearls in acetone

Close up of Black Akoya pearl in acetone - I can see some discoloration beginning to happen here ... although the acetone hasn't appeared to get any "greener" in color over the last two weeks.

White Akoya in acetone close up shot. Still not a ton of movement, but the cloudy solution makes it difficult to tell exactly what the pearl is going through. 

Day 21 - White Akoya pearl in perfume. Similar to the white pearl in acetone, I'm not seeing a ton of progress here, but again it could be the cloudiness of the solution that's preventing us from assessing the true damage to the pearl's skin. I do notice a further subtle dulling of the luster. 

It is getting hard to resist pulling the pearl out of its bottle!! 

Day 21 - Black Akoya in Hydrogen Peroxide - damage to color treatment is getting pronounced and easily discernible. 

Another close up shot. The best picture I've been able to get so far - the pearl's patchiness on the surface is readily visible, the dye is bleaching out... 

Progress for the White Akoya in Hydrogen Peroxide - seeing a dulling of the surface luster much more easily today.

So that's it for my most recent progress - I'll continue to keep an eye on these and will post again in another 2 weeks. I think I might take them out of their bottles too, to see how the outer surfaces react to touching and rubbing after all this exposure to chemicals. 

As always, if you'd like to chime in with thoughts or questions, feel free to drop in on the discussion thread at Pearl-Guide.com. Visit: http://www.pearl-guide.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9792&page=2

Til next time! 
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