October 28, 2022

Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter: Pearly Halloween Costume Ideas - Part 2 🎃🦇🎃


Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter


"I wanted to wear the mantle and the pearls. I wanted to know the man who painted her like that." – Tracy Chevalier, excerpt from Girl with a Pearl Earring

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Pearly Halloween Costumes Part 2


As promised, here's Part 2 of our Top Pearl Halloween Costumes for a magically lustrous Halloween. 

So break out your coolest pearls (or take note of where to get some of these recommendations), and start creating your pearliest Halloween costume EVER! Enjoy. 


Murder Victim with Bloody Pearl Necklace



The Murder Victim: Whether you dress this up like a victim of Jack the Ripper, or go for the Murder Mystery madame with her throat cut, this pearl choker is an elegant and tasteful way to dress up your costume. I found this on Etsy, and instantly fell in love with this idea (plus it's super inexpensive - always a plus in my books!). 


Pearled Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Halloween Costume  


Pearled Day of the Dead Sugar Skull: If you have a flair for make-up and pretty glamorous Halloween costumes, go grab yourself some stick-on pearls, your prettiest pair of pearl earrings and a flowered headband and go to town! I love this all-white version, but shudder how gothic and pretty this would be using black pearls


Day of the Dead Audrey Hepburn Halloween Costume 


Dead Holly Go Lightly: This version of the famous character takes it one step even further (and on-point for the Pearl Core trend!) by creating a sugar skull design ... brilliantly, I might add. This costume idea looks fairly easy to put together, so if you are out of ideas and need something suitably glamorous yet spooky for Halloween, get that pearl rope necklace out of your jewelry box, a Halloween make-up kit and those stick-on pearls and have fun!


Van Dermeer Girl with a Pearl Earring Halloween Costume 


The Girl With the Pearl Earring: Recreate the famous Vermeer painting by dressing up this year as The Girl with the Pearl Earring. All you need is a pair of large White Baroque Pearl Earrings, and some earth-toned fabrics, and voila! A Halloween Masterpiece is born.


Renaissance Woman with Pearls Halloween Costume 


The Renaissance Maiden: So pretty and elegant, the Renaissance Maiden or Lady or Duchess - however you'd like to style yourself is a perfect shoo-in for adding tons of gorgeous pearls to your outfit. Pearls were incredibly popular amongst royalty and their nobles at court, and were used to decorate their hair, necks, fingers, clothes and even their shoes. 

Men can easily rock this costume too, by dressing up as a Renaissance Lord, Duke or Marquis ... during this period, men wore pearls on their fingers, belts, sword hilts and as bejeweled shoulder chains of office. Lustrous opportunities abound with this costume choice.


Voodoo Queen with Pearl Ribcage Halloween Costume 


The Voodoo Queen: The Halloween costume idea can be as scary, cool or as gothically pretty as you want (although I like the scary version above!). Pearls could be added anywhere - layered black pearl necklaces, or the white pearl rib cage necklace seen here - you can scoop one up via the artists at Etsy - add some ghoulish face paint and a cool top hat and BOOM! A Voodoo Queen is born, just in time to cast your pearly spells for Halloween.


Doctor Frank N Furter Halloween Costume  


Doctor Frank N. Furter: A Halloween classic! The extravagant and eccentric mad scientist from the Rocky Horror Picture Show wears a trademark White Pearl Necklace of large pearls in a short choker length and an outrageous outfit. 

Traditionally, the good doctor is a costume worn by men (he is a Sweet Transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania after all!), but I think us ladies could rock it too. ;) 

That wraps up my Top Pearly Halloween Costumes list for this year! I hope you guys found some awesome costume ideas between these two posts ... I think even if you're a last-minute procrastinator (like me), there are some great ideas here that you'll be able to pull off beautifully. Happy Halloween everyone!


Until next time ...



Ashley M.


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