October 21, 2022

Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter: Pearly Halloween Costumes


Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter



"Each pearl is a jewel of wisdom, wrestled from struggle and strung in sequence to create infinite insight and compassion for the mermaid who wears them. The older the mermaid, the more pearls." – Margot Datz

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Blue Akoya Pearl, Diamond and Silver Crescent Moon Pendant

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Jewelry by Tasaki


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Pearly Halloween Costume Ideas


Shhhh! Did you hear that noise? Something's going bump in the night! 

EEEEK! It's Halloween! It’s lurking around the corner, waiting for you and your shockingly cool Halloween costume to make a grand entrance.

But wait! What's that? You’re scrambling to create the perfect Halloween costume this year and have no idea what to wear? 

And even worse, you want to incorporate the hot 2022 Pearlcore trend and include strands of fabulous pearls, but you’re not sure how? 

You just sighed a big 'YES!' didn't you?  

Relax. I've come up with some wickedly fun and easy suggestions for you. All of which can be spruced up by adding just the right amount of pearls. Or LOTS OF PEARLS. Because you can never wear too many pearls on a night like Halloween, right?! 


Halloween Vampire Costume with Pearls


Halloween Bride: Like the Madonna costume suggestion above, the choices for a Halloween Bride are practically endless. A white bridal gown mixed with dark and white pearls of all lengths is expected, and a black wedding dress decked out with super long strands of large, white pearls are the new favorite! Dead Brides, the Bride of Frankenstein, a Vampire Bride, whatever Bride you choose to be - they all need loads of pearls.


Marie Antoinette Royalty Halloween Costume with Pearls


Royalty: Queens and Kings have worn pearls (tons of pearls) for centuries. Why not dress up as any of the recent Hollywood series characters featuring royalty for your next Halloween costume? Or try a Goth Queen.

Don your black dress and black pearls, and then place a white pearl tiara on your head for an unusual twist. The Dead Marie Antoinette costume photo below is amazing inspo - we think adding ropes of pearls, or a glittering  Pearl and Diamond Pendant would be the PEARLFECT touch! 


Mermaid Halloween Costume with Pearls


Beautiful Mermaid costumes are easy to find online. What better way to glam them up than with lustrous gems from the sea? Pile on some pearls with your mermaid costume and glisten in the moonlight.


Flapper Halloween Costume with Pearl Jewelry


The Flapper: Ah yes, the roaring 20’s. Flapper girls were progressive women known for their modern sense of style and all the pearl necklaces they wore, too.


Cruella Deville Halloween Costume with Pearls


Princesses and Villainesses: Disney gives us many options to add pearls to our Halloween favorites. You can add pearls to almost any Disney character costume. Add whatever amount of pearls you see fit to dress up Cinderella, Belle, Cruella Deville and even Maleficent. 


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Stay tuned for next week to view more wickedly delicious pearly Halloween Costumes! I know - it's crazy that I was able to find so many, but I did! Hope you enjoy the inspo!! 

Until next time ...



Ashley M.


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