October 20, 2022

Costume Ideas for a Magically Lustrous Halloween


Pearly Halloween Costume Ideas



Shhhh! Did you hear that noise? Something's going bump in the night! 

EEEEK! It's Halloween! It’s lurking around the corner, waiting for you and your shockingly cool Halloween costume to make a grand entrance.

But wait! What's that? You’re scrambling to create the perfect Halloween costume this year and have no idea what to wear? 

And even worse, you want to incorporate the hot 2022 Pearlcore trend and include strands of fabulous pearls, but you’re not sure how? 

You just sighed a big 'YES!' didn't you?  

Relax. I've come up with some wickedly fun and easy suggestions for you. All of which can be spruced up by adding just the right amount of pearls. Or LOTS OF PEARLS. Because you can never wear too many pearls on a night like Halloween, right?! 

On my list are several of the usual suspects for Halloween costumes that will be easy to style your pearls with, and a couple of suggestions I'm betting will surprise you a little bit.  

Pearly Halloween Favorites:

The following Halloween costume suggestions typically incorporate a moderate use of pearls. Still, you can always increase the volume and add extra strands to overemphasize the pearl trend (I like this option).

Witch or Warlock
You get to choose if you want to be 'Glenda the Good Witch, with multiple strands of long, white pearl necklaces or a wickedly evil Halloween Witch with layers of dark, mysterious Black Pearl Necklaces. Oh, the fun! And, of course, Warlocks wear pearls, too!


Witch Costume for HalloweenLong Black Akoya Pearl Necklace

Angels: Are you the dark, mysterious angel type with shimmering, black feathered wings and a mix of black and white strands of iridescent pearls caressing your neck? Or are you the angel with glistening white feathered wings and tons of glowing white strands of pearls adorning your heavenly attire? 


Angel Costume with Pearl Jewelry



Holly Golightly: Dressing up as Holly Golightly from the historic 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, starring Audrey Hepburn, is an obvious choice for capturing your inner pearl-goddess. And you might already have everything you need in your closet for this one - including the Triple Strand Pearl Necklace. Don't forget the matching Pearl Stud Earrings


Holly Golightly Costume with Pearl Necklace


Marliyn Monroe: Another favorite for Halloween is Marilyn Monroe and her famous Mikimoto pearl necklace. What else do we need to say about this one?! 

Marilyn Monroe Costume with Pearl Jewelry



Madonna: For decades since the 1984 hit song, Like a Virgin, Madonna's iconic wedding dress, chain cross necklaces, and multiple pearl strands have been a Halloween favorite! You can do this one several ways. You can dress up as Vampire Madonna, Dead Madonna, Grunge Madonna, or Zombie Madonna (to name a few). Just be sure all those long pearl necklaces around your neck are swaying as you dance the night away.


Madonna Material Girl Costume with Pearl Necklaces



Halloween Bride: Like the Madonna costume suggestion above, the choices for a Halloween Bride are practically endless. A white bridal gown mixed with dark and white pearls of all lengths is expected, and a black wedding dress decked out with super long strands of large, white pearls are the new favorite! Dead Brides, the Bride of Frankenstein, a Vampire Bride, whatever Bride you choose to be - they all need loads of pearls.


Halloween Bride Costume with Pearl Jewelry



Princesses and Villainesses: Disney gives us many options to add pearls to our Halloween favorites. You can add pearls to almost any Disney character costume. Add whatever amount of pearls you see fit to dress up Cinderella, Belle, Cruella Deville and even Maleficent. 


Cruella Deville Costume with Pearl Jewelry



Mermaid: Beautiful mermaid costumes are easy to find online. What better way to glam them up than with lustrous gems from the sea? Pile on some pearls with your mermaid costume and glisten in the moonlight.


Mermaid Costume with Pearl Jewelry



Butterflies: Butterfly costumes are so beautiful these days. All you need to do is add a few pearls to match the color of your wings, and you're sure to transform whatever party you go to from dull to beautiful with a flutter of your wings.


Butterfly Costume with Pearl Jewelry



Fairies, Sprites and Pixies: Fun, mischievous, magical - all beings that capture the mystique of pearls.


Pixie Halloween Costume Make Up Pearls



The Flapper: Ah yes, the roaring 20’s. Flapper girls were progressive women known for their modern sense of style and all the pearl necklaces they wore, too.


Kim Kardashian Flapper Costume with Pearl Necklaces


Yo Ho Mate!:  Pirates everywhere search the seas high and low for shimmering, lustrous pearls, so why wouldn't they adorn themselves with the gems of the ocean? And although Jack Sparrow's famous quote, "Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate," may not refer to pearls, we think it should have. Try adding a pair of Pearl Hoop Earrings (or even just a single Pearl Dangle Earring!) to up the ante on your daring costume. 


Pirate Costume with Pearl Jewelry



I've given you quite a few pearl-inspired Halloween costume ideas here. Still, there are a few more unconventional ones than those listed above that I think you'll love just as much! 


Royalty: Queens and Kings have worn pearls (tons of pearls) for centuries. Why not dress up as any of the recent Hollywood series characters featuring royalty for your next Halloween costume? Or try a Goth Queen. Don your black dress and  black pearls, and then place a white pearl tiara on your head for an unusual twist. The Dead Marie Antoinette costume photo below is amazing inspo - we think adding ropes of pearls, or a glittering  Pearl and Diamond Pendant would be the PEARLFECT touch! 


Marie Antoinette Costume with Pearl Jewelry



And lest we not forget the males in our lives. Men love pearls, too. And they look great wearing them. 

Dress up like your favorite celebrity,rock star orsports icon this Halloween — just add pearls! From Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes, Usher, Machine Gun Kelly, Nick and Joe Jonas, to the Braves' Joc Pederson — all these men have been spotted rockin' their pearls! So what baseball player, musician or movie star will you be this Halloween?

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Have a fun time dressing up your Halloween costume with  beautiful pearls.

Until Next Time,




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