October 18, 2022

5 Ways to Wear 2022’s Hottest Fashion Trend — Pearlcore!



 Falling For Pearls: 5 Pearl Core Trends for Fall 2022


“Don’t explain your philosophy. Embody it.”



Fashion is all about aesthetics with a theme these days vs. specific staple pieces or the one or two must-have items of the season in your wardrobe.

Inside Pinterest’s annual business report,  Pinterest Predicts 2022, they shared how we would embrace the iridescence of all things pearl this year. 

So what exactly is Pearlcore, and how can you get in on all the pearl fun?  

Depending on what you read online, you will find people saying it’s akin to the pearl trend revival of the ‘80s, ‘90s and beyond. Some say Pearlcore is a nod to the glamor and fashion of the 20s and 30s when pearls dominated the fashion scene.

Whatever the explanation is, one thing is certain — it’s all about the PEARLS! (Yay!)

But Pearlcore is not just about pearl jewelry (what?!); it’s about ‘pearl-everything’ (Yes!!)!

Regardless of the definition, Pearlcore is a hot 2022 buzzword. Highly sought-after items that resemble the pearly gem’s iridescent glow are in peak demand.

Searches for pearl-themed bridal parties and pearl home accessories, as well as the items on the list below, are only a few of the pearl goodies everyone wants to surround themselves with in 2022.


  • Pearl Floor Tiles and Kitchen Backsplashes
  • Pearl Dishware, Stemware and Silverware
  • Pearl Bathroom Accessories
  • Pearl Studded Lamp Shades, Chairs and Settees 
  • Pearl Beaded Pillows and Throws
  • Pearl Phone Cases and Accessories 

    As for wearable fashion, you can easily find pearl-embellished articles like,


  • Pearl Bras and Stockings
  • Pearl Dresses, Skirts, T’s and Blouses
  • Pearl Headbands, Ponytail Holders and Hairpins
  • Pearl Bags, Pearl Shoes, Heels, Flip-Flops and Boots
  • Pearl Studded Leather Pants, Jeans and Jackets

    Everyone’s manicured nails are adorned with pearls right now, too. 

    And don't forget the pearl engagement ring uptick, thanks to many celebrities. 

    Here at Pure Pearls, we’ve been smitten with pearls for almost 20 years, and we’re excited to see people embrace 2022 as the Year of the Pearl. But honestly, every day of every year is pearl-time here.

    To help you celebrate the season, we’re sharing fun ways to incorporate pearls into your fashion routine without going too hard-core into the Pearlcore trend.


    The Top 5 Ways to Incorporate Pearls Into Your Life This Fall and Winter

    Fall fashion items are some of my favorites. From comfy sweaters to super cool boots and cozy hats, Autumn screams with fun wardrobe choices. 

    Adding pearls to your wardrobe is an easy way to dress up any outfit throughout the year, but sometimesmore is better during fall. Because, well, more pearls are always a good thing!

    Here are five ways to add a bit of pearl fun to your wardrobe this fall (and winter, too). 

    #1 - Boots

    Every fabulous Autumn outfit starts with a pair of great boots. Have some fun this year with pearl-embellished boots. These caught our attention.


    Pearl Embellished Boots Karl Lagerfeld Pearl Core Trends 2022 


    Karl Lagerfeld Paris Women's Pola Ankle Boot


    Who wouldn’t look great in these fun and sensible boots? The chunky soles are very of-the-moment and lend a playful, edgy look while helping you kick your way through the fall foliage with style!


    #2 - Hats

    Hit the Pearlcore style mark while keeping warm in a hat decorated with pearls.


    Pearl Embellished Hat Jimmy Choo Pearl Core 2022 


    Jimmy Choo - Marl Grey Knitted Wool Blend Hat with Pearls

    The luxe look of the pearls and the soft wool blend of this knitted beanie is perfect for nights when there’s a little chill in the air. You can mix or match your hat color with what you're wearing. As long as it's adorned with a few pearls, you'll look fabulous.

    #3 - Beautiful Blouses

    You can’t go wrong with a bit of bling on your blouse — especially when it’s blinged out in pearls.

    Dressed up or going casual, pearl embellished blouses, T’s and sweaters give you just enough pearl-essence to look fabulous any time, day or night. Pearl-decorated clothes are found in almost every store and online boutique this season, so choosing a style and color that’s just right for you won't be hard.


    Pearl Embellished Shirt Pearl Core Trends 2022 


    Floerns Women's Pearl Sheer Mesh Long Sleeve Tops Blouse

    This top will go nicely with the boots we found, and together, they'll add the edgy vibe you already see hitting the streets this fall.

    #4 - Pearl Bracelets

    Like a pair of exceptional boots, every great fall outfit needs multiple bracelets! And since it's all about the pearls, you can addpearl bracelets to your wrists and be up to date in an instant. 


     Akoya Pearl Triple Strand Bracelet Pure Pearls Pearl Core Trends 2022


    Try Pure Pearls’  Triple-Strand Japanese Akoya Pearl Bracelet. Whether you throw on a couple of chain bracelets for a fun wrist mess or wear it alone, this bracelet will get you compliments galore! Bonus: This one will never go out of style!

    #5 - Necklace and Earrings

    To go all in with Pearlcore, you'll want to complete your outfit with an exceptional pearl necklace and a pair of impeccable pearl earrings. As luck would have it, we have just the envy-makers for you to be spotted wearing this fall.


    Akoya Pearl Celeste Tin Cup Necklace Pure Pearls Pearl Core Trends 2022 


    Versatile and stylish, our  Japanese Akoya Pearl 14K Gold Tin Cup Celeste Necklace features seven beautifully round Akoya pearls on a 14K gold chain. 

    If you remember by reading our  earlier post, larger pearls are trending now.

    We suggest choosing the AAA quality 8.5-9.0mm size pearls for this necklace since they make a more significant statement yet won't overpower your other pearl accessories. 

    And on your ears, you will want to wear Pure Pearls' treasured  White Akoya Round Pearl Stud Earrings.


     Akoya Pearl Classic Stud Earrings Pure Pearls Pearl Core Trends 2022


    Pure Pearls’ Akoya stud earrings are as timeless as they are trendy.

    Pearl stud earrings are the ones you grab and wear when you want to look put together in a flash without having to think about fashion trends. 

    A true fashion icon, they have an effortless elegance. And seriously, no one shouldever be without  pearl stud earrings. Whether freshwater, Akoya, South Sea or Tahitian — always have a pair, or two, on hand.

    If you ask us,  pearl stud earrings are like the‘it’ behind Pearlcore.

    What do you think of the Pearlcore trend? Are you having fun with it like us?

    Please head over to the website and  browse our pearls. We specialize in bringing the finest pearls directly from the pearl farmers to deliver the highest quality pearls to you at the  lowest price possible.

    Our  philosophy revolves around offering pearls of remarkable quality and tailoring each order to your specifications. Because, like you, we have a bit of a love affair with pearls too!


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