October 14, 2022

Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter: ⚫ Black Akoya Pearl Glamour ⚫


Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter


"Whirling around your charm, I crave for owning a tiara beaded with the pearls and diamonds of your love." – Spriha Kant

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Pure Inspiration: Baroque White Freshwater Pearl, Crystal and Sterling Silver Halloween Pendants, Jewelry by Huge Tomato


Baroque White Freshwater Pearl, Crystal and Sterling Silver Halloween Pendants

Pure says: BOO! I think I just died of cuteness overload ... 

Jewelry by Huge Tomato


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Continuing with our "Black Pearl" theme through the month of October, I wanted to showcase one of the underdogs of pearls: dyed Black Akoya.

What do I like about these?

For one, they are INCREDIBLY striking. Extremely dark colored, in some cases entirely Jet Black, and almost perfectly uniform in color, shape, size and luster, these color-treated cultured pearls really pack a punch for those with an eye for the dramatic. 

Let's take a dive in and explore how wickedly beautiful the Black Akoya pearl can be ...  


Black Akoya Pearl Necklace with Black Gemstone


Black Akoya pearl necklaces aren't usually featured when you search for a Black Pearl Necklace ... 99% of the time, you'll be staring at Tahitian pearls, and the less expensive Black Freshwater.

That said, I was able to find some seriously STUNNING examples of Black Akoya pearl jewelry being flaunted. The Black Akoya necklace above looks to be about 8.0-8.5mm in size, and is hung with a pavé accented black gemstone. This is a dark, almost gothic aesthetic and I just adore it.


Black Akoya Pearl Earrings


Black Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings are a striking choice for hundreds of dollars less than their Tahitian counterparts. Pearls.jp has doubled up on the pearl studs in graduated sizes, creating a chic and modern look. I know I'm inspired!

To recreate this look, I'd recommend the 7.0-7.5mm Black Akoya Stud Earrings, paired with the 6.0-6.5mm size


Black Akoya Pearl Necklace


Even a simple strand of Black Akoya pearls can add a splash of eye-catching drama to any outfit. The Midnight Blue-Black colors are incredibly uniform in appearance, making for an edgy, urban take on a classic pearl necklace.


Black Akoya Pearl Necklace and Earring Set


For extra drama, add a pair of pearl earrings for a matching Black Akoya Pearl Jewelry Set. Go big, or keep them smaller-sized to recreate this daintier look. The 6.5-7.0mm Black Akoya Necklace and matching Earrings should do the trick!


Black Akoya Pearl Necklace with Yellow Gold Chains


Another chic idea is to set off the blues and greens in the Black Akoya strand by pairing your necklace with yellow gold chains and pendants (which is very much in style these days!). Photo and styling by Siren Pearls.


Double Strand Black Akoya Pearl Necklace


Feeling ultra-elegant? Go for a Double-Strand Pearl Necklace with or without diamond accents.

The Old Hollywood glamour of a Double or Triple-Strand Pearl Necklace is simply the undefeated champion when it comes to luxurious elegance. Photo and jewelry by Chandrani


Black Akoya Pearl Necklaces Knotted Together


OR get multiple strands of these relatively inexpensive pearls and knot them together for a bold, chunky style. 

This necklace styling is at the same time super chic and yet gives off a casual vibe. Love it. 


Black Pearl Necklace with Crystals


One of my favorite ways to play with the less-expensive pearl types is to mix them up with crystals and other semi-precious gemstones. This necklace is just so ethreal, and evokes the romantic vibe of the fairy folk. 

These probably aren't real cultured pearls, but I'm keeping this photo in here any ways because the design is just so wild and beautiful. It should be real. 


Black Akoya Pearl Shoulder Necklace Bridal Etsy


Speaking of the fae, one of the most romantic pearl trends on Etsy right now involves creating these elegant bridal shoulder necklaces to wear on the big day. I would not limit myself to such special occasions though - this style of jewelry I would wear anytime I felt like letting my fairy flag fly! 


Van Cleef and Arpels Black Pearl Necklace


While we're on the subject of extravagant luxury, this spectacular necklace from Van Cleef & Arpels definitely caught my eye, and I knew I HAD to post about it. 

Composed of cultured pearls (black and white), onyx, chalcedony, moonstone, black opal, sapphires and diamonds, this High Jewellery creation is just quite simply breathtaking.

One aspect of this piece I enjoy is how instead of creating a smooth Ombré color transition, the artists at Van Cleef & Arpels decided to sprinkle in and intersperse the gems to create a somewhat pixelated look. Photo courtesy of Katerina Perez


Black Akoya Pearls for Men


Black pearls for men, and men wearing pearl jewelry in particular, has been a rising trend over the past year.

This single long strand of Black Akoya pearls retains a masculine charm through its minimalist, casual style and dark colors. The Black Akoya Pearl Bracelet mixed with other beaded bracelets completes the look.


Black Akoya Pearl Necklace Layers


While we're on the subject of long strands of pearls, I also really love layering on the pearls in a funky, urban style. The Black Akoya pearls in this shot are mixed with Pink, White and Lavender Freshwater pearls ... and I think I see a Tahitian strand in there, too! 

The layered pearl look uses pearls of multiple sizes and types, but this can be as colorful or as dark and daring as you'd like. Can you imagine this done in ALL Black Akoya pearls?? Now that would be a sight to see this October ... or really anytime of the year! 

That's it for me - believe it or not, photos of people wearing Black Akoya are a lot harder to come by than you'd think ... especially considering how cool these pearls actually are.

Next week, I'm breaking out the big guns and going all in on the best ways to combine Halloween and pearls - should be fun and I hope you all enjoy it!

Until next time ...



Ashley M.


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Black Akoya Pearl Tin Cup Necklace



This beautiful color-treated Black Akoya Pearl Tin Cup Necklace consists of beautiful and lustrous pearls in AA+ Quality, and is mounted on 14K Gold. The option to upgrade to AAA quality pearls are available for an additional fee. Unique Midnight Blue to Greenish-Black Overtones are sure to capture everyone's attention. 

Pure Pearls imports their Akoya pearls from the world famous pearl farms of Japan, grown in the Pinctada fucata oyster. All of our Akoya Pearl Tin Cups are made on site, and our extensive experience and careful attention to detail allows us to create truly beautiful Akoya pearl jewelry.


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