October 12, 2022

The Dark Side of Tahitian Pearls - The Mystique Behind Our Favorite Dark Gem

Exotic and seductive, Black Pearls have an air of mystery and edginess to them.

Many a legend is told about the Black Pearl and its allure.


What better month than October to lift the veil on these mystical gems, do a little storytelling and dive into pearls' hypnotic magnetism? 

Yes, October. The month of magic, mystery and mayhem - depending on which seasonal-themed flick you’re watching. 

Although there is nothing scary about black pearls, they appear to cast a spell on people. You could say they are enchanting. 

Just take a look at Disney’s Black Pearl Ursula Pendant Necklace. The tentacles of the pendant curve around the black pearl, capturing its essence. The Sea Witch has excellent taste, don’t you agree? Even a Villainess deserves to wear beautiful pearls.


Disney's Ursula Black Akoya Pearl Pendant


Black Pearls possess an unmistakably modern elegance, and it’s apparent that jewelry designers the world over enjoy creating with these magnificent gems from the sea. 

Renowned for their high luster, Tahitian pearls can leave you mesmerized by their sensuous beauty. They’re also more valuable than Akoya pearls and freshwater pearls. Hence why people searched the seas high and low for them centuries ago.


Shaun Leane Tahitian Pearl and Black Diamond Thistle Pendant
Shaun Leane's silver Thistle brooch dating from 2006 (estimate: $40-60,000) was commissioned by Alexander McQueen and features pavé black spinels and talon-like claws clasping four Tahitian pearls.


Close your eyes and imagine a dark pirate ship sailing through an eerily moonlit night. Its tattered sails are whipping in the salty wind while the pirates on board search the seashores of exotic lands for treasure chests brimming with large pearls and brilliant gold tokens. 

Yep—Tahitian pearls grab your attention like a suspenseful Hollywood pirate movie. 

The seductive danger brought on by pirate movies has undoubtedly lent a hand in pushing Tahitian pearls to the forefront of modern-day trends. 

But have you ever wondered why they are so mysteriously appealing in the first place? 

Where are they from and how do black Tahitian Pearls get their exotic, dreamy colors? 

And more importantly, how can you capture your own treasure of glamorous Black Pearls? 

Here’s a quick run-down with few things you’ll want to know before purchasing your very own Tahitian Pearls. Be sure to follow the links to our education section packed with fun facts and a few tantalizing myths that take you on a deep dive into the captivating world of all things Pearl!


Where Do Tahitian Pearls Come From?

Oddly, they’re not cultured in Tahiti as their name suggests. They are farmed (cultured) throughout the beautiful atolls and tropical lagoons of the island chain of French Polynesia and sent to Tahiti for export. 

Our Ultimate Tahitian Pearl Buyer’s Guide explains how these dark beauties of the sea were pretty much unheard of until the practice of pearl cultivation came to the islands in the late 1960s and 70s. 

Hailing from the pinctada margaritifera saltwater pearl oyster, which is one of the largest pearl-bearing oysters, the black-lipped oyster can produce pearls from 8.0-9.0mm through 15.0-16.0mm and sometimes even larger. 

Yes, that’s quite large—all the better to capture the eye of your favorite Pirate. Or Villain. It is October after all, the month filled with legendary movies that are just as alluring as deep, dark, lustrous pearls!


Todd Reed Tahitian Pearl and Diamond RingRaw elegance: Todd Reed works lustrous pearls into his organic jewelry designs.


Where Do Black Tahitian Pearls Get Their Color?

While black Akoya pearls and freshwater pearls may be irradiated or color-treated to obtain their beautiful, darker hues, black Tahitian pearls and Sea of Cortez pearls are the only naturally-colored cultured black pearls. 

Naturally-colored? Why, yes. 

Pulling back the curtain of mystery, we see that although Tahitian pearls are known as naturally-colored black pearls, they often present themselves in shades of pale, dove gray to medium and dark charcoal grays. These rare, colorful pearls can be found in every hue of the rainbow. We encourage you to further dive into their mesmerizing colors, here in our Ultimate Guide to Pearl Colors

Mysteriously Beautiful, right?!


Coomi Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Earrings


Encased in yellow gold, these Coomi pearl earrings have an air of mystique and elegance.


Their striking colors are only one reason they are again surging in popularity. Only these days pearls are showing up with some added twists. The pearl core trend is still going strong as the year-end starts to blow in, and pearls are appearing everywhere. 

With the pearl's growing popularity these past couple of years, it's no wonder the versatile gem is showing up on more men lately. 

Don't get me wrong, men wearing pearls isn't anything new. 

Throughout history, kings and queens, as well as regular men and women alike, have all worn pearls. 

However, black pearl jewelry gained popularity many years back when a few famous male musicians began wearing pearls. 

Yes, back in the late '80s and 90s, a single black pearl - usually a Tahitian Pearl - on a leather cord was often seen adorning the necks and wrists of rockers such as Alice Cooper, Jon Bon Jovi, and Steven Tyler, to name a few.


Tahitian Pearl Poe Rava Leather Necklace

 PurePearls.com Black Tahitian Pearl On Rubber Poe Rava Necklace


Who can deny these guys rocked the rugged pearl look? Not a style to fade away; it’s still a popular pearl fashion statement and shows us how this minimalistic look is still captivatingly sexy - no matter who wears it. 

Although these rock stars didn't start the male pearl-wearing fashion trend by any means, they did help elevate the popularity of Tahitian Pearls with men and spread the provocative vibe often associated with black pearls to a new level. 

Today’s pearl jewelry styles are daring, unique and trending off the charts. 

And they’re affordable. Especially when you know how to shop for them. 

Knowing how to purchase pearls—whether Tahitian Pearls or any pearls on the market these days—is paramount to getting good quality for a good price. Our Insider’s Guide To Choosing the Perfect Pearl Jewelry will help you choose which pearls are right for you.


Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Eliza Hoop Earrings

The perfect example of modern pearl jewelry that takes the level of contemporary design up a notch this season can be seen in our Tahitian South Sea Pearl & Diamond Eliza Earrings.


Their sleek, minimalistic design is timeless yet very much of the moment. 

Please sail over to our education section here on the Pure Pearls website and submerge yourself in the wildly wicked store of knowledge we've whipped up through the years to help you find the Tahitian treasures you seek. 

After your thirst for knowledge has been quenched, please stay awhile and shop the many glamorous styles of our Tahitian Pearls and allow yourself to be transformed by the mysterious Black Pearl! 

As they say in the movies, it’s the bewitching hour. It’s time to go see the captivating styles lurking in the shadows for you to wear so you can cast a spell over those who admire your pearls!


Until Next Time,





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