October 24, 2021

Pure Pearls Weekly News Updates: The Legends of the Black Pearl




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"A legend grows around a grain of truth, like a pearl." – Peter S. Beagle

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Pure Inspiration: "Ursula" Black Freshwater Pearl, Amethyst and Black Diamond Pearl Ring, Sterling Silver with Black Rhodium, Jewelry by Disney

"Ursula" Black Freshwater Pearl, Amethyst and Black Diamond Pearl Ring, Sterling Silver with Black Rhodium

Pure says: Ursula is my favorite Disney villain!

Jewelry by Disney


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Legend of the Black Pearl: Queen Isabella's Natural Black Pearl Necklace


Natural Black pearls have existed for centuries, but they were exceedingly rare; perhaps one in a million. For that reason, multiple legends and myths sprung up around these stunning creations of Mother Nature from cultures spanning the globe.

The natural Black pearl necklace pictured above once belonged to Queen Isabella I of Spain, and is over 500 years old. Queen Isabella II inherited the magnificent necklace much later (1833 - 1868), and then put the pearls up for auction in 1875 after she abdicated the throne. It is composed of 44 natural Black pearls, graduating from 6.5-13.8mm.

While determining the exact origin of the pearls would be nearly impossible to say for certain, I speculate that they could be Black pearls from the p. mazatlanica black pearl oyster found in the Gulf of Mexico (remember Queen Isabella I and her husband King Ferdinand financed Columbus' expeditions to America in 1492!). But of course, I can't prove it - just a bit of theorizing on my part. ;) 

But enough of the history lesson, and back to the fun stuff!


Legend of the Black Pearl: Chinese Dragons and Pearls


Natural Black pearls exist all over the world, but again - are extremely rare! 

In China, the mythical dragon was a creature revered for its strength, luck and power. The Chinese legend has it that black pearls are found in the brains of the dragon; one who possesses a black pearl would be endowed with mystical cunning and wisdom. 

In ancient Rome and Greece, black pearls were thought to be formed when a rainbow touches the earth and sea. Any blemishes were thought to occur due to thunder. 


Legend of Black Pearl: Tahitian Pearls Oro Te-Ufi Rainbow


Wild black pearls from French Polynesia are a truly rare gem; so rare, that the pearls themselves were pretty much unheard of until the practice of pearl cultivation came to the islands in the late 1960s and 70s.

Tahitian pearls are not the famous “black pearls” of antiquity – that distinction belongs to the pearls from the Gulf of Mexico.

Polynesian legends tell of Oro, the god of war (in other legends, he is of peace and fertility). In love with the beautiful princess of Bora Bora, he descended to the island on a rainbow of light to give her the most precious treasure the heavens had to offer: Poe Rava, the colorful black Tahitian pearl.

My absolute favorite Polynesian legend speaks of the full Moon coming down from the starry sky to bathe in the Ocean. Attracted by the heavenly light, the Te Ufi – Tahitian pearl oysters – came to the sea’s surface and were coated with shimmering dew: bright and iridescent hues of rose, green, gold, blue and violet.

I hope you have enjoyed this past month of Black Pearl jewelry, spooky pearl inspiration and pearl education

This will be my last newsletter until the New Year. I'm going to miss creating these, but the Holiday Season is coming up! If you ever want to reach out to me directly, feel free to email at: Ashley@purepearls.com. I'm always happy to talk pearls. Until then, Happy Halloween! 






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Pearl Product Spotlight: Black Tahitian Pearl And Diamond Cross Pendant And Earring Set


Shimmering with exotic overtones of Peacock, Blue-Green, Green, Rose and Silver are a perfectly matched pendant and earring suite of AAA Quality, 8.0-9.0mm or 9.0-10.0mm naturally-colored black Tahitian pearls. Suspended from our regal and elegant Diamond Cross dangle earrings and pendant mountings, this is a pearl jewelry set fit for a Queen.

Our AAA Quality black Tahitian pearls are hand-selected for their perfectly round shapes, famously iridescent overtones and crisp, sharp luster. This Diamond Cross design is exclusive to PurePearls.com, and is hand-cast and mounted by our goldsmith here in Los Angeles - please allow 5-7 Business Days for creation.

Both the pendant and earrings are cast in your choice of 14K White, Yellow or Rose Gold, and set with sparkling round brilliant cut, VS1-GH Quality diamond accents, 0.12cttw for the set. Choose your preferred pearl size, gold color and overtones by using the drop down menus above for the ultimate in personalized pearls. Each pearl jewelry set is made by hand, to your specifications, and comes complete with a 16/18-Inch matching adjustable box chain. Pearls arrive in our Signature Little Black Gift Box along with Pearl Care Instructions card and a GIA Graduate Prepared Retail Appraisal.


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