November 04, 2018

Discover the Sea of Cortez Pearl Collection at Pure Pearls

Sea of Cortez

Today I am pleased to announce our limited edition of some of the rarest and most colorful pearls in the world: the Sea of Cortez Black Pearl Collection by PurePearls.com will be launching tomorrow and I am absolutely over the moon! I have kept an eye on these pearls for a few years now and have always, always wanted them for Pure- this really is a dream come true.

Loose and Pendant Cortez

Our New Sea of Cortez Pearl Pendant Collection at PurePearls.com
Over the past few months, I’ve been working with the pearl farmer and the artist/genius/creator behind Sea of Cortez pearls, Douglas McLaurin, and we’ve created a limited collection of fine jewelry for you that includes one-of-a-kind pendants and earrings to start. Here’s a sneak peek at some of my favorite pearls and pictures:
Hanging Design
My Favorite Sea of Cortez Pearls as Solitaire Pendants- the ethereal violet and green pearl 2nd from the right just knocks me out, the colors are just so extraordinary and unique.
Glamour Shots
Creating 'Glamour' Shots for the launch of our Collection this week- this is one of my favorite parts of my job- taking really gorgeous pictures....
I am sure you’re wondering exactly what Sea of Cortez pearls are, right? Once upon a time, black pearls from the Gulf of California were the most sought after in all the world… Their spectacular colors and larger-than-average sizes made them particularly attractive to the rulers of Spain, France and England when they first sent ships to explore and plunder the natural treasures to be had in the New World. Some of the most famous pearls in the world are from this unique and diverse area.
La Peregrina
La Pelegrina, the infamous pearl formerly owned by Elizabeth Taylor is said to have originated from Panama.
As the pearl craze increased, the natural oyster beds were ransacked and overfished to the point of extinction. The Mexican government was able to save the waning beds, however no serious attempt to spur the development of cultured pearl farms was made until the last few decades. These black pearls, once renowned the world over, are now one of the rarest and best-kept secrets of pearl collectors everywhere (sorry, guys!).
Mabe in Clam
A Gorgeous Sea of Cortez Pearl Treasure at Harvest Time
Loose Mabe
Drop Dead Gorgeous Pearls - Douglas McLaurin's Prized Sea of Cortez Collection of Favorites
Today, the pearl farm is located in Guyamas, Mexico and is the ONLY cultured saltwater pearl farm operating in both North and South America that regularly produces fine, jewelry-quality pearls.
The Sea of Cortez Pearl Farm in Bacochibampo Bay, Guyamas, Mexico
Scuba Diver Cortez
Scuba diver checking the oyster long-lines at the Sea of Cortez Pearl Farm
The man responsible for bringing these unique wonders of the world back to life is Douglas McLaurin. His vision and ambition are matched only by his down-to-earth demeanor and enthusiasm for the science project that became his life’s mission. I am proud to call him my friend.
I sat down with Douglas recently while we were collaborating on the new Sea of Cortez Pearl Collection for PurePearls.com. My next installment will be a complete interview with Douglas about his amazing pearls and his dream of restoring Sea of Cortez pearls to their former glory. Stay tuned!
Sea of Cortez
The Drop Dead Gorgeous Pearl- Harvested in 2008

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