November 04, 2018

How Much Are Conch Pearls Worth?

Conch Loose Pearls
Answer: It varies! What else is new, eh? I swear, this is becoming my standard answer for most of the questions I get lately lol. 
Wild conch (pronounced 'konk' btw) pearls - those gorgeous, delicately-colored pink pearls from the Strombas gigas, or Queen Conch snail, are making a comeback! These wild pearls were particularly popular during the Victorian era, but lately these beauties have been the star attraction in spectacular designs from jewelers around the world over the last few years. 
Check out some of these creations I selected from my Pinterest board: Wild Pearls (which you should totally visit! I am utterly addicted to Pinterest and try to visit every day!)
Conch Set
This conch pearl and diamond necklace from David Morris is AH-MAZ-ING. I see it whenever I do an image search for conch pearls, and had to have it on my blog! Image courtesy of David Morris Jeweler.
Conch Earrings
These stunning conch and clam pearl dangle earrings from London jeweler Boghossian give a modern touch of glam to these old-world gems.
Conch Pearl Necklace
This incredible necklace was recently up for auction at Christie's. Lot 334 was appraised between £3,000-5,000 and is from the 19th century. Picture courtesy of The Jewellery Editor (such a great site, head over there for a visit, I do all the time! http://www.thejewelleryeditor.com/)  
Earrings Conch Pearl
Again, giving a modern twist on the Victorian favorites, Tiffany & Co., created these one of a kind round conch pearl and emerald-cut diamond dangle earrings. I'll take those, please! 
At any rate, I'm fielding more questions than ever on where to get conch pearls, and how much you can expect to pay for one of these rare beauties. 
To that end, I wrote a small article/guide on Quora.com that details these pearls' value attributes and how much you should be looking to pay to own your own pink pearl marvel. If you're interested in conch pearls, I highly recommend you check it out. Enjoy! 
Visit: http://bit.ly/1ntVOZh to learn more about conch pearls (and for TONS of gorgeous pics, yay!!)

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