November 02, 2022

Pearlfect Timing: Pearl Engagement Rings for a Holiday Proposal


A Pearlfect Proposal: Popping the Question with Pearls



Don’t let  The One get away because you didn’t choose the right ring!


How to select the best pearl engagement ring for your perfect someone. 

'Tis the season - Proposal Season - when thoughts pop into lovers' minds about popping THE question. And according to the all-knowing Google, December 25th is the #1 day for becoming engaged.


Holiday Engagements


There's speculation it's due to all the festivities between November 1st and January 1st when we gather with family and friends to share in various celebrations. 

No matter the reason, it is a busy time of year and looking for the perfect engagement ring is high on many a list!

What's also high on many lists is an engagement ring that is unique and truly represents a couple's love more substantially than an ordinary, cookie-cutter diamond solitaire.

Tell me, who wants vanilla ice cream when you can have rutti-tutti fresh and fruity ice cream, right?

Pearls have played a part in wedding attire for centuries, but over the past few years, it's not only pearl-adorned wedding gowns or pearl earrings and necklaces seen on the walk down the aisle.

It so happens that pearl engagement rings have been trending in recent years.Both Emma Stone and Ariana Grande became engaged with pearl rings. 


Emma Stone Pearl Engagement Ring

Emma Stone's pearl engagement ring features a lustrous Akoya pearl, surrounded by diamonds.


Ariana Grande Pearl Engagement Ring

Ariana Grande helped design an assymmetrical pearl and diamond ring for her nuptials.


Pearls are an excellent choice for bridal engagement rings - in my opinion.

Yes, pearl wedding rings are being seen on brides worldwide. The growing popularity of the pearl engagement ring trend is causing quite a stir - and here's why.


Like the love between you and your significant other, no two pearls are exactly alike — each one is unique — just like snowflakes. 


White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Adoration Engagement RingWhite South Sea Pearl and Diamond "Adoration" Engagement Ring by Pure Pearls 


Recent trends show couples of all ages crave unique and personalized experiences and items - from home décor to vacation destinations, cars, clothes, food and more.

More than not, recently engaged couples are shunning conventional templates typical of the wedding scene.

While being more intentional with their weddings by focusing on heightened personalized details to ensure guests have good experiences, as mentioned in  Brides.com, they are opting for more non-traditional ceremonies - from bold to incredibly intimate ones. 


Jennifer Lopez Pearl Wedding Dress

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck recently tied the knot (in 3 different ceremonies, no less!!) ... her pearl-laden wedding dress and large White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Engagement Ring were played starring roles. Photo courtesy of Vogue.


From celebrities like J. Lo creating a dazzling and romantic pearl wedding dress to every day couples tailoring their clothing, jewelry and photography, modern weddings have become a way to showcase your personal style and love story as a couple.

Pearls are ideally suited for their spotlight in the bridal jewelry category.


 White South Sea Pearl Solitaire Ring

White South Sea Pearl "Hera" Solitaire Engagement Ring by Pure Pearls - perfect for the modern bride who is looking for a sleek, minimalist aesthetic. 


Contrary to their (mistaken) reputation as being prim, proper and old-fashioned, the truth is, pearls are anything but prim and proper! 

Yes, they are timeless and classic. I mean, what coveted gemstone isn't? But they are undeniably also versatile, unassuming, and even a little mysterious.

Pearls are known for more than just their beautiful, lustrous looks, too. Behind the pearls' iridescent layers, there's a deeply symbolic and  rich history. Mark my word; they are the symbolic champion for love, marriage and engagement rings!

Pearls symbolize purity, loyalty, integrity and wisdom, which embodies the very essence of marriage in general. They are important traits couples look for in each other and their relationship.

Today's soon-to-be-wed also embrace the pearl wedding ring trend because it's an unconventional choice. They crave the rich, historic vibe and special meaning associated with pearls.


Pearl Engagement Rings Couples in Love 


Pearls Have a Story. A Really Cool Story! 

Their history and symbolism is steeped in lore and legend, imbuing these gems with particular meaning.

And, of course, those with a pearl ring on their finger love the attention the eye-catching gemstone receives.

Another factor for pearls' spike in popularity as an engagement ring is the customization factor. Pearls come in many sizes and luscious colors, making it easy to pair them with any color gemstone, diamond, or precious metal - thus enhancing the unique factor. 


Pearl Engagement Ring Variety

Pearl engagement rings can be found in every pearl type and color, from white to black and even pink!


Pearl engagement rings are timeless and traditional while being unconventional, very of-the-moment and even a bit edgy. What other colored gemstone can do this as effortlessly as the pearl?

Just think of all the boxes you can tick off your list with a pearl engagement ring!


    • Customization -  Pure Pearls can help you with this!
    • Unique Style and Gemstone (no two pearls are exactly the same)
    • Symbolism Fitting your Relationship 
    • Eye-Catching Engagement Ring that Gets All The Compliments


Finding the Right One (your life mate) is much more challenging than choosing the right pearl engagement ring, and although I can’t help you find your soulmate, I can help you find the right pearl ring!  

After you finish this post, you’ll want to hop over to our post  HERE, where we walk you through how to find an amazing pearl engagement ring at up to 80% off standard retail prices AND show you 23 of the best pearl engagement rings any bride-to-be will drool over! 

Here’s a sneak peek of a few important facts covered in our more detailed post.

3 Things to Know When Purchasing a Pearl Engagement Ring


1 -  What to Know -  Questions to Ask When Shopping

Not all jewelry brands publish their pearl quality or grading criteria. Because grades are not standardized across brands, you will want to research each brand’s grading criteria and compare them. If they can’t give it to you when you ask…RUN!

At Pure Pearls, our philosophy revolves around providing  remarkable quality pearls, and we tailor each order to your specifications. Plus, we offer a 90-day trial period so you can check out the quality of our pearls vs. that of other brands. Pretty awesome, right?


2 - Different Types of Pearls to Choose From -Know Your Options


  • Freshwater pearls
    • One of the most colorful pearl types on the market today, they’re also some of the most popular, widely available, uniquely shaped, and durable pearls, too.
  • Akoya Pearls / Hanadama Pearls
    • Cultured Akoya pearls are known for their perfectly round shape and high luster, which is considered unmatched in the pearl world.
    • Hanadama pearls are widely considered the "Ferrari of Pearls”.
    • Pearl Expert's Note: Akoya pearls are rather sensitive gemstones; any engagement ring created using cultured Akoya pearls should have brides being particularly diligent about proper pearl care.
  • South Sea Pearls
    • South Sea pearls radiate with a gorgeousglow that appears to emanate from within. Choosing between White or Golden South Sea pearls can be a fun challenge! Which one will you choose?
    • We highly recommend both White and Golden South Sea pearls for pearl engagement rings - their extremely thick nacre, large sizes and touchable luster make these regal pearls a perfect choice for handling daily wear with grace and durability!
  • Tahitian Pearls
    • Tahitian Pearls have colors like no other pearl. Unique and distinctive, these could be your engagement pearls if you love deep, beautifully striking colors and want to step away from traditional wedding colors. Are you bold and daring enough?
    • Tahitian pearls are also well-suited for daily wear in a pearl ring - cultured Tahitian pearls feature thick nacre and large, luxurious sizes. This makes them an ideal choice for brides looking for a colorful, unconventional engagement ring.


Tahitian and Golden South Sea Pearl Engagement Rings 


3 -  Best Places to Shop For Pearl Engagement Rings

With many jewelers selling pearl engagement rings now, it’s essential to do your research and choose a high-quality option.

Typically, you’ll find the  best value at an online pearl boutique like Pure Pearls. You will also find great quality at a high-end luxury retailer like Mikimoto. You will pay for brand recognition when you purchase from a high-end luxury retailer with a well-known name.


Tiffany Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Victoria Engagement Ring

We adore the elegance of Tiffany's Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Victoria Engagement Ring - utterly classic! The Tiffany Victoria Collection is one of our favorites.


You may also find pearls at traditional jewelry stores, retail stores, and even online at places like eBay, but we recommend avoiding them. You could end up paying entirely too much for a mid-quality pearl, and be left feeling ripped off.

Check out our pearl buying guide to learn more about where to buy pearls.

Pearl types resonate differently with each person. With your budget in mind and your style preference, research to find the pearl best suited to you and your lifestyle.

At  Pure Pearls, we specialize in bringing you the finest pearls directly from pearl farmers, enabling us to deliver the highest quality at the lowest price.

Please reach out to me with your questions. We have a team of experts ready to help you find the pearl engagement ring of your dreams!

Cheers to the happy couple!!





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