April 21, 2022

23 Best Pearl Engagement Rings for Any Bride

How To Find a Stunning Pearl Engagement Ring at Up to 80% off Retail Prices

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for a pearl engagement ring. There are countless metal options, styles, retailers, and more types of pearls than most people know exist.

With so many choices, picking the perfect engagement ring can feel confusing and frustrating if you’re not a pearl expert.

That’s where we come in. Here at Pure Pearls, we’ve been in the pearl business for 15 years, and in this guide, we’ve hand selected 23 of the best pearl engagement rings available for purchase today.

In this article:

Important: All Pearl Engagement Rings Are NOT Created Equal

Below, we’ll review pearl rings from a variety of brands, including traditional brick and mortar retailers like Zales, and high-end brands such as Mikimoto. We’ve done our best to collect high-quality pieces, but please note that…

Pearls vary greatly in quality from brand to brand!

As you shop for pearls, you’ll notice that many brands include a grade with each piece of pearl jewelry ⁠— typically from A to AAAA. These grades are not standardized across brands. One brand’s A grade pearl might be equivalent to another brand’s AAA.

For this reason, you can use these grades to compare pearls within one brand, but they’re not helpful for comparisons between multiple brands. The only way to truly know the quality of a pearl is to read each brand’s grading criteria and compare them.

Unfortunately, not all brands even publish their quality or grading criteria, so here are some handy rules of thumb:

Pearl-specific boutiques like Pure Pearls and Mikimoto generally have solid quality standards. Mikimoto’s a bit of an exception because you pay for the brand name, but other online pearl boutiques are usually a “you get what you pay for” situation.

You’ll likely find other pearl dealers online with lower prices than Pure Pearls, but their quality standards aren’t as high. If you’re on the fence between our pearls and a competitor, we encourage you to buy both and see which you like the best. We offer 90-day trial periods so you can do just that.

Mainstream jewelry brands like Jared, Zales, Kay, and others, typically overcharge for the pearl quality you get. These stores aren’t staffed by pearl experts, so they don’t have the expertise to filter down to the best of the best. We’ll still mention select pieces from similar retailers below, but we recommend only buying them if you’re okay taking a bit of a risk in terms of pearl quality.

In the list below, you’ll find rings organized by pearl type. We start with Freshwater pearls because they’re the most affordable, and end with decadent, luxurious South Sea pearls.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have trained pearl experts waiting to take your call and help you find the perfect pearl engagement ring to blow your loved one away.

You can reach us by phone at 1-800-762-0977 or by email at sales@purepearls.com. Thank you, and congrats on your upcoming engagement!

The 23 Best Pearl Engagement Rings

Below, we’ve curated this list to find the best options for any style, preference, and budget, broken down by type of pearl:

Freshwater Pearl Engagement Rings

Most pearls are sourced from saltwater oceans around the world, but there’s one exception: Freshwater pearls from China.

They are easy to grow, durable, and have a classic, pearly-white appearance. They’re also more affordable than their popular counterpart, Akoya pearls, making them a perfect budget option.

Lana Freshwater Pearl Engagement Ring - 8-9mm AAAA Quality

A timeless classic

Details of Lana Freshwater Pearl Engagement Ring
Model wearing Lana Freshwater Pearl Engagement Ring by Pure Pearls

This beautiful, classic engagement ring features a dazzling AAAA quality Freshwater pearl, imported straight from the farms of China. This pearl is set on a beautiful 14K gold ring, will look stunning for many years to come, and won’t break the bank.

Freshwater Pearl & Diamond Crown Jewel Ring - 8-9mm AAAA Quality

Elegance meets beauty

Top view photo of Freshwater Pearl & Diamond Crown Jewel Ring
Woman wearing Pure Pearl's Freshwater Pearl & Diamond Crown Jewel Ring

When you want to add a touch of sparkle and elegance, try this Freshwater Pearl & Diamond Crown Jewel Ring. Featuring a beautiful, AAAA Freshwater pearl and 0.06 carats of SI-clarity diamonds, all set on 14K white gold, this beautifully elegant pearl engagement ring can make anyone happy.

For further selection, shop all of our luxury-grade pearls at up to 80% off retail: Shop Pure Pearls complete collection of pearl rings.

Freshwater Pearl Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver - 9.5-10mm

Modern beauty

Details of Freshwater Pearl Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver
Model wearing Freshwater Pearl Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver

If white gold rings aren’t your style, then this sterling silver pearl engagement ring from Tiffany is worth a look. Designed for comfort, this pearl engagement ring likely features high-quality jewelry work that’s typical of Tiffany. It’s hard to judge the quality of the pearl though, as Tiffany’s doesn’t disclose grades or grading criteria.

White Sapphire & Button Cultured Freshwater Pearl Ring - 7.5-8mm

A solid value pick

Close up shot of White Sapphire & Button Cultured Freshwater Pearl Ring
Model wearing White Sapphire & Button Cultured Freshwater Pearl Ring

This ring is the perfect choice if you want to purchase from a well-known brand while sticking to a budget. Note the “button” pearl ⁠— essentially a flat pearl that wouldn’t meet the quality standards of a dedicated pearl boutique. Still, when flanked by lab-created white sapphire, this Sterling-silver ring from Zales still might be appealing to some.

Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Twist Shank Ring - 6mm

A golden halo

Details of Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Twist Shank Ring
Model showing off Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Twist Shank Ring

If you’re looking for a pearl engagement ring with a diamond halo and a unique band, check out this Diamond Twist Shank Ring by Zales. Featuring an elegant shank twist, and 1/10th CT total weight of diamonds surrounding a freshwater pearl this is a great choice for anyone looking for a splash of gold.

Freshwater Pearl & Blue/White Sapphire Ring - 8-8.5mm

Elegant with a hint of color

Detailed shot of Freshwater Pearl & Blue/White Sapphire Ring in 8-8.5mm

If you’re looking for a splash of color, check out this freshwater pearl and sapphire engagement ring from Kay. The pearl is surrounded by gorgeous blue and white sapphires that twist and weave on a bed of Sterling silver.

14K Yellow Gold Minimalistic Freshwater Cultured Pearl Ring - 6.5-7mm

Simple, yet beautiful

Close up shot of 14K Yellow Gold Minimalistic Freshwater Cultured Pearl Ring

If your loved one would prefer a more subtle, classic ring, look no further than the 14K Yellow Gold Pearl Ring by James Allen. This ring features an A-grade pearl, but it’s unclear what that means specifically under James Allen’s quality guidelines.

Still, the freshwater pearl set in a soft, yellow gold ring is a beautifully designed piece of jewelry.

Olive Leaf Pearl Engagement Ring - 9.5-10mm

Freshwater meets luxury

Top view of Olive Leaf Pearl Engagement Ring in 9.5-10mm
Model wearing Olive Leaf Pearl Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for a minimalist, yet elegant ring, the Olive Leaf Pearl Ring by Tiffany is a fine choice. Tiffany doesn’t disclose the pearl quality, so there’s a good chance you’re paying extra for the name, but it’s still a beautiful ring.

Featuring a gorgeous freshwater pearl, seated in beautifully-sculpted, 18K gold olive leaves, this pearl engagement ring symbolizes peace, abundance, and love.

Akoya Pearl Engagement Rings

Akoya pearls are the classic pearls that glisten with a radiant, pearly-white glow. Perfectly round and stunningly beautiful, Akoya pearls are the perfect foundation for any engagement ring.

Renee Akoya Diamond & Pearl Engagement Ring - 6.5-7mm, AA

Dazzling beauty meets luxurious gold

Details of Renee Akoya Diamond & Pearl Engagement Ring

Set in 18K white or yellow gold, our Akoya Pearl & Diamond Renee Ring features 4 Japanese Akoya Pearls, surrounded by 0.25 carats of diamonds. This gorgeous and unique ring is sure to turn heads anywhere it goes.

Solar Akoya Pearl & Diamond Engagement Ring - 8-8.5mm, AA+

Simple and radiant

Close up shot of Solar Akoya Pearl & Diamond Engagement Ring
Model showcasing the Solar Akoya Pearl & Diamond Engagement Ring

If you prefer the look of a single pearl, check out our Akoya Pearl & Diamond Solar Ring. A halo of stunning diamonds surrounds the centerpiece, a single, hand-picked Japanese Akoya Pearl. You can choose a base of either 14k white or yellow gold to make the perfect pearl engagement ring.

Lexi Akoya Pearl Engagement Ring - 8-8.5mm, AA+

Intricate details make this a one-of-a-kind ring

Top view shot of AA+ Lexi Akoya Pearl Engagement Ring in 8-8.5mm
Model wearing AA+ Lexi Akoya Pearl Engagement Ring

Our Pearl Lexi Ring is one of our favorite designs, and its uniquely designed, weaving ring foundation creates a guaranteed conversation starter, without being too flashy. It features a gorgeous, hand-selected Japanese Akoya pearl mounted on a 14K gold setting.

Diamond & Cultured Pearl Engagement Ring - 8.5mm

Experience true luxury

Details of Mikimoto's Diamond & Cultured Pearl Engagement Ring

Mikimoto is known for creating stunning pearl jewelry, and their cultured pearl & diamond ring is no different. Featuring an 8.5mm cultured Akoya pearl, and 0.64ct of glittering diamonds set in 18K white gold, this is one of the most luxurious pearl engagement rings we’ve seen yet.

The only problem is price ⁠— you’re going to pay a whopping $6,500 for this piece, more than 5 times as much as a similar piece from Pure Pearls.

Cultured Pearl Cluster Ring - 4 x 3.75mm

Discreet and minimalist beauty

Top view of Mikimoto's Cultured Pearl Cluster Ring

For those who are looking for a more minimalist engagement ring, this cultured pearl cluster ring from Mikimoto could be perfect. It features 4, 3.x75mm cultured pearls, set in 18k White Gold, with a sleek, elegant look.

Floral Vintage Inspired Japanese Akoya Pearl Engagement Ring - 8mm, AAA

Vintage & timeless

Close up view of Floral Vintage Inspired Japanese Akoya Pearl Engagement Ring
Model wearing Floral Vintage Inspired Japanese Akoya Pearl Engagement Ring

If you want a classic ring, take a look at this floral-inspired pearl ring from Angara. The 14K white, yellow or rose gold setting and classic floral style come together to create a beautiful engagement ring.

South Sea Pearl Engagement Rings

South Sea pearls, often called the “Queen of Pearls,” are the most luxurious pearls you can buy. Known for their size and stunning luminous white and dazzling gold, South Sea pearls represent ultimate luxury.

White South Sea Pearl & Diamond Floret Engagement Ring - 12mm, AAA Quality

A stunning centerpiece

Closer look at White South Sea Pearl & Diamond Floret Engagement Ring

Featuring a dazzling 12mm, hand-selected White South Sea Pearl, our diamond floret ring allows the pearl to take center stage. This elegant pearl is surrounded by dazzling, SI-clarity diamonds, mounted on 18K white or yellow gold.

Kamaria Diamond & South Sea Pearl Ring - 11mm, AAAA Quality

The best of the best

Detailed shot of AAAA Quality Kamaria Diamond & South Sea Pearl Ring
Model wearing AAAA Quality Kamaria Diamond and South Sea Pearl Ring in 11mm

Our elegant Kamaria ring features an 11mm, AAAA quality hand-selected south sea pearl, one of the finest pearls money can buy. It features a weaving, tri-band style, with three diamond-crusted bands supporting the beautiful White South Sea Pearl. This isn’t cheap, but still costs far less than the equivalent from another retailer.

White South Sea Pearl & Diamond Orion Engagement Ring - 12mm, AAA Quality

A crown of diamonds

Close up shot showing diamond details of White South Sea Pearl & Diamond Orion Engagement Ring
Model wearing the AAA Quality White South Sea Pearl & Diamond Orion Engagement Ring

Named after Orion’s belt, one of the brightest constellations in the night sky, our Orion ring surrounds a stunning South Sea Pearl with its own belt of shimmering diamonds. It features a 12mm, AAA quality White pearl, hand-selected by our experts. The pearl and diamond belt are set on 18K luxurious gold, combining to form the perfect pearl engagement ring.

Spirit Diamond & Golden South Sea Pearl Engagement Ring - 9mm

A golden ring with a splash of diamond

Spirit Diamond & Golden South Sea Pearl Engagement Ring detailed top view shot
Model wearing the Spirit Diamond & Golden South Sea Pearl Engagement Ring

Our Spirit pearl engagement ring allows gold to take center stage, while a halo of dazzling diamonds accent a beautiful, hand-selected Golden pearl. The centerpiece is a 9mm, AAA-quality Golden South Sea Pearl, hand-selected by our jewelers for the perfect fit.

South Sea Noble - 11-12mm

A platinum beauty

Top view of South Sea Noble Ring by Tiffany
Model showcasing Tiffany's South Sea Noble Ring

If you want the ultimate choice in luxury, with a splash of color, this South Sea Noble ring from Tiffany is a great choice. Featuring an 11-122mm South Sea pearl, surrounded by .23ct of shimmering diamonds with just a hint of blue, this is a gorgeous pearl engagement ring from one of the most recognizable jewelers in the industry.

Les Mignonnes Pearl Engagement Ring - 10-10.5mm

Gorgeous diamonds to accent a golden pearl

Product shot of Jewelmer's Les Mignonnes Pearl Engagement Ring

Jewelmer is a niche, ultra high-end pearl retailer known for their Golden South Sea pearls. Their Les Mignonnes pearl engagement ring features a truly stunning South Sea pearl flanked by diamond hearts on either side.

Les Classiques Ring - 12-12.5mm

A golden delight

Jewelmer's Les Classiques Ring in top view

The Les Classiques ring product description reads:

“The brilliance of these exquisite creations exudes everlasting charm and desirability.“

We’d tend to agree. This South Sea is among the largest on this list at a minimum of 12mm, and will make a statement on any ring finger.

Morning Dew White South Sea Cultured Pearl Ring - 9mm

A timeless classic

Detailed of Mikimoto's Morning Dew White South Sea Cultured Pearl Ring

Straight from Mikimoto, this stunning pearl engagement ring was inspired by the shimmering drops of fresh morning dew. A 9mm White South Sea pearl is delicately framed by 0.47ct of diamonds, set in gorgeous 14K white gold.

Simple yet elegant, this is one of the most beautiful pearl engagement rings on the market, though it’s unclear what quality pearl they use.

Other Pearl Engagement Ring FAQs

Here are handful of the most commonly asked questions we get from our wedding pearl shoppers:

Are Pearl Rings Ethical?

In recent years, more and more buyers have been looking for alternatives to diamonds.

While diamonds have long been considered the “classic” engagement ring, some people have issues with diamond harvesting practices.

Fortunately, pearl rings are sustainably-sourced, and don’t destroy the environment when they’re harvested.

Where Do Pearls Come From?

Pearls are a natural product, and there’s no environmental destruction involved with the harvesting of pearls.

The best pearls come from healthy oysters with plenty of space to thrive, so the cultivators treat their oysters with care and respect. Not to mention, oysters are unable to create pearls until they’re around 18-24 months old, so it’s in the best interest of cultivators to keep their oysters healthy and happy.

While a select few may not like the practice, it’s safe to say that pearls are a very ethical choice. There’s no environmental destruction, human rights issues, and a good cultivator always prioritizes the health of their oysters.

How Much Does a Pearl Engagement Ring Cost?

Pearls are often much more affordable than popular alternatives, making them the perfect choice for anyone who wants a high-quality pearl engagement ring without spending a small fortune.

The cost will be impacted by all sorts of factors, including the pearl type, ring material, and any surrounding jewels.

A simple pearl ring may cost only $100, but when paired with gold, diamonds, or other expensive jewelry, there’s no upper limit to the total cost of a pearl engagement ring.

If you want to learn more, check out our insider guide to pearl pricing.

What Are the Best Types of Pearls for an Engagement Ring?

There are four kinds of pearls used in the world of jewelry, and three of them make perfect choices for an engagement ring.

The most common types are Freshwater pearls, Akoya pearls, South Sea Pearls, and Tahitian pearls.

The first three come in natural white colors, which is perfect for a wedding. Your choice ultimately comes down to preference, though budget plays a big factor. Freshwater are typically most affordable, followed by Akoyas, and decadent South Sea.

Tahitians only come in black, so they’re not commonly used for weddings.

Read our complete guide to pearl types if you want to learn more about each one.

Where to Buy a Pearl Engagement Ring?

There are countless jewelers that sell pearl engagement rings, so it’s important to do your research, and choose a high-quality option.

Typically, you’ll find the best value at an online pearl boutique like Pure Pearls, though you’ll also find good quality at a high-end luxury retailer like Mikimoto.

You may also find pearls at traditional jewelry stores, retail stores, or even websites like eBay or Etsy, but we recommend avoiding them. These kinds of stores just have too many quality and value issues. You’ll likely end up paying way too much for a mid-quality pearl, or get ripped off completely.

To learn more about where to buy pearls, check out our pearl buying guide.

A Final Word on Choosing the Perfect Pearl Engagement Ring

Whether you’re looking for a golden south sea pearl, a durable freshwater pearl, or a classic Japanese Akoya, you can’t go wrong with the selections in this list.

If you’d like even more options, check out our complete collection of hand-selected pearl rings. They’ll rival the quality you’ll find at the most expensive jewelers but at ⅕th the price.

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