May 10, 2022

25 Pearl Wedding Bracelets for a Magical Wedding

A pearl wedding bracelet is a perfect accessory to compliment your dress on your big day. High-quality pearls are timeless and beautiful, and you’ll be able to enjoy your bracelet for years to come.

However, choosing the best pearl bracelet can be stressful. There are countless pearl retailers out there, and many bridal shops sell low-quality options, so you have to be careful where you shop and what you buy.

We know that searching for the perfect bracelet is a time-consuming process, especially if you’re not a pearl expert.

That’s why our team has put together a list of the best pearl wedding bracelets on the market.

Our pearl experts have over 15 years of experience, not to mention training from the Gemological Institute of America, and in this article, we’re sharing the best pearl bracelets on the market.

You’ll learn:

Whatever your budget or style may be, our guide will help you pick the perfect accessory for your magical day!

Affordable Quality Pearl Wedding Bracelets


When you’re shopping on a budget, you may notice that many of the bracelets in your price range use Freshwater pearls.

That’s because Freshwater pearls are relatively easy to produce, so they’re often much more affordable than other types. These stunning pearls come in a beautiful variety of natural colors and are a fantastic choice for anyone looking for quality at a good price.

White Freshwater Pearl Bracelet - AAA Quality ($119.20)

Made from dazzling white freshwater pearls, our classic, yet elegant bracelet is one of our best-sellers. We use 7-7.5mm, AAA pearls for this piece, which are known for their beautiful luster and shine.

Just select the size and clasp you want (stunning gold or silver), and our team will hand-assemble your bracelet on twinned silk. For timeless style and an elegant aesthetic, this is a fantastic option.

If you’re looking for luxury-grade pearls that exude elegance and class, and look better than pearls five times the price, this piece should be at the top of your list.

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Multicolor Freshwater Pearl Bracelet - AAA ($119.20)

If you want to add a splash of color, while maintaining the traditional wedding look, our Multicolor Freshwater bracelet is a perfect choice.

Our classic white pearls are paired with pink and lavender Freshwater pearls, creating a stunning piece that glows with character and subtle, delicate color. Each pearl is hand-selected, and the soft color palette pairs adds a bit of personality to your wedding style.

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Pink Freshwater Pearl Bracelet ($119.20)

If you’re looking for something that stands out, this gorgeous pink bracelet is the perfect wedding accessory, and will stand out nicely against an all-white dress. At only $119, it won’t break the bank, and would make a perfect accessory for your big day.

This bracelet features all-natural, delicate pinks–no artificial dyes or chemicals. The pearls are 7-7.5mm in size, and this bracelet can be customized to fit any wrist.

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Cultured Freshwater Pearl and Lab-Created White Sapphire Graduated Bolo Bracelet in Sterling Silver ($99.99)

3.0 - 8.0mm Cultured Freshwater Pearl and Lab-Created White Sapphire Graduated Bolo Bracelet in Sterling Silver from Zales

Next, we have this pearl and white sapphire bracelet from Zales. Featuring cultured Freshwater pearls accented by lab-created white sapphire, this bracelet gives you a flashy look at a budget price.

The pearls range from 3.5-8mm in size, although Zales doesn’t disclose their grading standards. This is only $99, so the pearls are almost certainly mid-low quality, but if you’re working with a limited budget, this is certainly a unique option that may suit your needs.

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Rose Freshwater Pearl Bracelet ($125)

Rose Freshwater Pearl Bracelet from Brilliant Earth
Model wearing Rose Freshwater Pearl Bracelet in classic 7mm from Brilliant Earth

For a splash of color, this Rose Freshwater Pearl Bracelet from Brilliant Earth provides a simple yet elegant look. A single 7mm lavender pearl rests in a silver chain made from recycled metals.

The pearl grading system from Brilliant Earth isn’t publicly available, so the quality of pearls on this bracelet may vary. But at a $125 price point, this is a relatively affordable option and comes with an appealing eco-friendly vibe.

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Cultured Pearl & Textured Bead Bangle Bracelet Sterling Silver ($149.99)

Cultured Pearl & Textured Bead Bangle Bracelet Sterling Silver from Kay

The bangle bracelet is a classic, which makes this textured bead bangle bracelet from Kay a good option for many traditional weddings.

Two 9mm cultured Freshwater pearls sit at the end of a sterling silver beaded band, for a unique and simple accessory. We aren’t sure of the quality or grade of the pearls, but Kay is well-known for solid jewelry craftsmanship overall. This is a good choice if you want pearls to take a back seat in your bracelet design.

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A Step Up: Mid-Range Pearl Wedding Bracelets


When you want to step up your budget, you’ll find Akoya pearls waiting. Akoyas are classic, brilliant-white, perfectly round pearls that instantly catch the eye.

These are THE classic pearl most people think of when they think “pearl jewelry” and can stand out or perfectly complement almost any wedding style.

White Japanese Akoya Pearl Bracelet, AA+ - AAA ($231.20)

If you’re looking to enjoy a simple and classic style, but want a near-metallic shine for your pearls, look no further than our 6.5-7mm Japanese Akoya Pearl bracelet.

You can’t go wrong with this bracelet ⁠— it’s classic and subtle enough to fit any style, but features extremely high end pearls that will stand out and cause many second looks. Each pearl is hand-selected by our pearl experts, so you can rest assured knowing that every single pearl is of the highest quality.

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Freshwater Double Pearl Bracelet ($247.20)

If you want to stand out from the crowd and turn heads, our Freshwater Double Pearl bracelet is the perfect accessory for your wedding day.

Two strands of beautiful Freshwater pearls are joined by a sterling silver double clasp, resulting in a jaw-droppingly beautiful bracelet.

The standard option comes with 6.5-7mm AAA pearls, but upgrades are available if you want to change the size or quality.

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Japanese Akoya White Pearl Tincup Bracelet ($279.20)

If you prefer a simple, minimalist look, our Japanese White Pearl Tincup bracelet is a perfect choice. If you want pearls to be a prominent part of your outfit, but prefer something a bit less bold than a standard string of pearls, this style is worth a look.

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Kay Cultured Pearl Bracelet Sterling Silver ($249.99)

Cultured Pearl Bracelet Sterling Silver from Kay

For a minimalist, classic style, this cultured pearl bracelet from Kay may be a good fit.

8mm Freshwater pearls are set on a thin sterling silver chain, though the pearl quality isn’t disclosed. We can’t speak for the quality of the pearls, but if you want to go with a cheaper option from a household name, this may be the perfect fit.

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Freshwater Cultured Pearl Woven Bracelet ($227.50)

Freshwater Cultured Pearl Woven Bracelet from Blue Nile

This woven bracelet from Blue Nile foregoes “classic,” and “simple,” and instead uses clusters of small white pearls connected by a 14K white gold clasp.

According to Blue Nile, these Freshwater pearls have a medium luster, off-round shape, and lightly spotted surface markings. They may not be the highest quality pearl, but it’s certainly a unique style, perfect for any bride who wants to stand out from the crowd.

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14K Gold White Freshwater Pearl Beaded Bangle Mae Bracelet - AAAA ($335.20)

If you want to break from traditional style, without losing the elegant beauty that matches any wedding dress, try our Beaded Bangle Mae bracelet.

Set in 14K white or yellow gold, this bangle bracelet features 4mm, AAAA quality Freshwater pearls through most of the piece, with smaller 3mm pearls on the end of each side.

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Double Box Chain Pearl Bracelet ($350)

Double Box Chain Pearl Bracelet from Poppy Finch
Model wearing Double Box Chain Pearl Bracelet from Poppy Finch

If you like gold jewelry, you’ll love this unique, double-strand bracelet from Poppy Finch.

Two strands of 3.5-4mm cultured pearls are connected to a 14K gold chain, creating a delicate, yet elegant bracelet. There’s no information about pearl grading, so we can’t say if this is a fair price. But for $350, it’s a stylish look that won’t break the bank.

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Tiffany Pearls by the Yard™ Bracelet ($525)

Pearls by the Yard Bracelet from Tiffany
Model wearing Pearls by the Yard Bracelet from Tiffany

If you want the Tiffany name with a fresh design, check out this Pearls by the Yard bracelet from design pioneer Elsa Peretti.

Featuring five cultured Freshwater pearls set in a delicate sterling silver chain, this bracelet offers a subtle touch of style, without drawing too much attention. However, at $545, it’s pricier than other options like our similar Tincup bracelet. The oblong shape of the pearls also indicates a lower quality.

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James Allen 14K Yellow Gold Freshwater Cultured Pearl Double Strand Bracelet ($247)

14K Yellow Gold Freshwater Cultured Pearl Double Strand Bracelet from James Allen
Model wearing the Freshwater Cultured Pearl Double Strand Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold from James Allen

If you’re looking for a double-strand bracelet on a budget, this Freshwater pearl option from James Allen is worth a look. It features 6-7mm Freshwater cultured pearls connected by 14k yellow gold.

James Allen doesn’t share specific pearl grade quality, but they do say this clarity includes “light blemishes,” so keep that in mind as you shop.

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Luxurious Pearl Wedding Bracelets: Only The Best of the Best


While you’ll find Akoya pearls in this final, high-end category, you’ll also find White and Golden South Sea Pearls, the largest and most luxurious type of cultured pearl on the market today.

Due to their thicker nacre, (the outer layer of the pearl), they often have a satiny luster, which provides a gorgeous, glowing aesthetic For the truly discerning pearl lover, there simply is no equal to the South Sea “Queen of Pearls.”

You’ll also find options from brands like Tiffany & Co. and Mikimoto in this range, which offer extremely high-quality pearls, but with high markups thanks to their heritage and well-known brand names.

White Hanadama Japanese Akoya Pearl Bracelet ($1,679.20)

If you’re looking for the most luxurious pearls on the market, it’s hard to beat Hanadama Japanese Pearls, commonly known as “flower pearls.”

Hanadama pearls are perfectly round and practically flawless, with each one being carefully certified by the Pearl Science Laboratory in Tokyo, Japan.

To be considered Hanadama, the pearls must be of the highest quality - only a tiny percentage of pearls pass Hanadama standards.

The quality is obvious when you see this beautiful White Hanadama Japanese Akoya bracelet, hand-assembled using 8.5-9mm Hanadama pearls.

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White Japanese Hanadama Akoya Pearl Bracelet, 6.5-7.0mm ($783.20)

This Hanadama Pearl Bracelet features an intricate, gorgeous filigree clasp, made from 14k white gold.

The 6.5-7mm Hanadama pearls are stunning, and the filigree clasp adds a unique accent to a classic design. This beautiful bracelet comes with a certificate of authenticity from the highly-trained experts at the Pearl Science Laboratory in Tokyo, Japan.

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White South Sea Pearl Bracelet, 10.0-11.0mm - AAA/Gem Quality ($5,039.20)

The ultimate in luxury, our South Sea Pearl bracelet is absolutely stunning. South Sea pearls are considered to be the highest quality pearls money can buy, and this bracelet features 10-11mm, gem-quality pearls, the rarest in the world.

For an extra-special wedding touch, you can upgrade to a dazzling white or yellow gold infinity clasp. The infinity design is a timeless symbol that represents eternal love, the perfect complement for your wedding day.

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Wrap Bead Bracelet ($925)

Wrap Bead Bracelet in Silver with Pearls and a Diamond from Tiffany
Model wearing Wrap Bead Bracelet from Tiffany

If you’re looking for something unique, Tiffany makes a gorgeous wrap bracelet.

Sterling silver beads pair beautifully with Freshwater pearls for a slightly casual aesthetic. Tiffany’s iconic heart design includes a small, brilliant diamond, to add a bit of extra luxury. If you don’t mind paying for the Tiffany name and want the signature blue box, this bracelet should be on your short list.

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Tiffany Open Heart Pearl Bracelet ($925)

Open Heart Pearl Bracelet from Tiffany
Model wearing the Open Heart Pearl Bracelet from Tiffany

If you love Elsa Peretti’s style and iconic heart design, this Open Heart Pearl Bracelet is another collaboration between Elsa Peretti and Tiffany. Tiffany typically has high-end pearl quality, though these are Freshwater, which is a bit of a lower-end gem for the price.

At $925, this bracelet is not cheap, but those who love Elsa Peretti’s design may find the price worth it.

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Tiffany Pearl Lock Bracelet ($1,950)

Pearl Lock Bracelet in Silver from Tiffany
Model wearing Pearl Lock Bracelet in Silver from Tiffany

Tiffany’s name is a standard among jewelers, and this one-of-a-kind bracelet features the signature Tiffany lock design. Freshwater cultured pearls are intricately woven into a sterling silver chain.

The pearls are 7-8mm in size, although it’s worth noting that Tiffany doesn’t disclose the grade of the pearls, so you may be paying extra for the Tiffany name and style, not the pearl quality.

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Mikimoto Strand Bracelet 7.5x7mm ($1,970)

Strand Bracelet with Yellow Gold Clasp from Mikimoto

If you’re looking for a subtle, minimalist option, this Strand bracelet from Mikimoto is an excellent choice. It’s still pricey at $1,970, but it’s significantly cheaper than some of their other options.

The 7mm Akoya pearls are connected by an 18k yellow gold clasp, for a simple, yet elegant design.

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Mikimoto Akoya Cultured Pearl and Diamond Double Row Bracelet ($4,100)

Akoya Cultured Pearl and Diamond Double Row Bracelet from Mikimoto

If you want a name synonymous with pearls, Mikimoto is the brand for you. They make beautiful pieces, though they aren’t cheap, and Mikimoto doesn’t feel the need to disclose the quality or grading of their pearls.

That said, this Cultured Pearl and Diamond Double Row bracelet is still a beautiful design, and it features two rows of Akoya pearls with 0.10ct diamonds, all set in 18k white gold. $4,100 is a high price, and we don’t know the quality, but those who love the brand may enjoy this option.

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Mikimoto Ocean Bracelet ($5,700)

Ocean Bracelet from Mikimoto

Our final Mikimoto selection is the Ocean bracelet, which pairs Akoya cultured pearls with white gold and blue sapphires, for a high-end look with a splash of color.

2.00cttw of blue sapphire rondelles are set in 18K white gold, resulting in a beautiful, but expensive piece of jewelry. At $5,700, this bracelet is nearly 10x the cost of similar options, and without knowing the quality, it’s hard to say if that’s a fair price.

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Athena Premium Akoya Cultured Pearl and Diamond Bracelet ($995)

Athena Premium Akoya Cultured Pearl and Diamond Bracelet from Brilliant Earth
Model wearing the Athena Premium Akoya Cultured Pearl and Diamond Bracelet from Brilliant Earth

If you want to incorporate pearls with diamonds in a simple design, check out this Athena Cultured Pearl and Diamond Bracelet from Brilliant Earth.

Akoya pearls and diamonds alternate on a delicate cable chain, which comes in 14K white or yellow gold. Diamonds and pearls share the stage, instead of pearls being the main attraction, making this one-of-a-kind bracelet a unique choice.

Brilliant Earth doesn’t disclose its pearl grading methods, but Akoya pearls are generally high-quality, and this is a unique look we haven’t seen anywhere else.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect bracelet for your wedding can be daunting, but we hope this list has helped you whittle down your starting list.

Here at Pure Pearls, we take pride in hand-selecting every pearl we sell, and we’re very transparent about our pearl grading standards. Whichever option you choose, we suggest doing your best to buy from a brand with a strong reputation that openly discloses its quality and grading systems.

If you’re looking for even more bridal accessories, check out our guides to the best bridal jewelry sets and the best bridal earrings.

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