March 08, 2022

Pearl Bridal Earrings - Top 30 Picks We Adore


Top 30 Bridal Pearl Earring Picks 

The Big Day is finally here … the one every little girl dreams of: the day she grows up to become a Bride. After the excitement of the proposal and picking out the fairy tale dress, the next item to consider is the jewelry you’ll wear that day.

We love pearls for bridal earrings. Pearls are a timeless, fairy tale romance gemstone … pearls throughout history have symbolized love, purity, truth, and romance: all the ingredients in a successful marriage. After the latest trends fade away, pearls will remain as a cherished staple for every bride. Pearl earrings should be on every bride’s accessories list that can take your wedding dress to the next level on your special day.

Learn About the Love Story Between Brides and Pearls

When we say “pearl earrings” we don’t mean your grandmother’s pearls! Today’s pearls dazzle with diamonds and gemstone accents, while adding a hint of elegance and sophistication. Whether glam dangles, modern hoops or classically elegant stud styles, there’s a design for every bride.


View Pure Pearl’s list of Top 30 Bridal Pearl Earrings and get ready to get inspired!


For the Traditional Bride

Hanadama Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings


You can NEVER go wrong with the classics! Japanese Hanadama Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings. Our customer's favorite size is 8.5-9.0mm, but we offer a complete range to choose from. Our Certified Hanadama Akoya will give the famous Mikimoto and Tiffany store a run for their money. Mounted on solid 14K Gold, a pair of pearl studs like our Hana's will be pearls you'll love wearing long after your wedding day is over.

$289.00 and up

What are Hanadama pearls, you may ask? Only the BEST Akoya pearls in the world! Learn more at the article listed here:

The Ultimate Guide to Hanadama Pearls

For the Elegant Bride

Akoya Pearl and Diamond Grace Stud Earrings

TheseJapanese Akoya Pearl and Diamond Grace Stud Earringsare the epitome of elegance. The classic style of a pair of diamond and pearl stud earrings will forever remain in favor, and are a PERFECT compliment to any bridal gown. Our Akoya pearl and diamond studs are among our most loved, most popular pearl earrings available (seriously, read the reviews!) and feature dainty diamonds and perfectly round Japanese Akoya pearls - famous for their bright, mirror-like luster. Each pearl is hand-selected and perfectly matched, and mounted in your choice of 14K Gold.



For the Angelic Bride

Akoya Pearl Diamond Halo Stud Earrings


Who wouldn’t feel angelic wearing these Japanese Akoya Pearl and Diamond Halo Stud Earrings? These dainty pearl and diamond halo stud earrings are right out of a Tiffany catalogue. A sparkling circle of diamonds surrounds each lustrous Akoya pearl like a divinely inspired halo. These pearl earrings are perfect for your wedding day, and for every special occasion for the rest of your life.



For the Little Blue Box Bride

Tiffany Pearl and Diamond Victoria Earrings


We can't imagine a bride that can resist the legendary Tiffany! These incredibly gorgeous White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Earrings belong to their Tiffany Victoria Collection, featuring marquis-cut and round diamonds in an elegant X pattern, mounted in solid 18K Gold. These pearl drop earrings will be simply unforgettable, both on your big day and for the rest of your life.



For the Sophisticated Bride

White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Aristocrat Stud Earrings

Our White South Sea Pearl and Diamond “Aristocrat” Stud Earrings are perfect for the bride with sophisticated tastes. Similar to the Tiffany Victoria Earrings, but at a fraction of the price! White South Sea pearls are cultured in the famous pearl farms of Northern Australia, and are known for being the largest pearls in the world. Their naturally bright white colors and Silvery overtones make them a perfect bridal accessory. Sparkling with 0.50cttw of SI1 round brilliant diamonds, and mounted in your choice of 18K gold, these unforgettable pearl wedding earrings take the term "statement earrings" up to 11!



For the Extravagant Bride

Mikimoto Pearl and Tourmaline Earrings The Japanese Sense of Beauty


Can you get any more sublime than a pair of Mikimoto pearl earrings for your wedding?

No. The answer is no.

Mikimoto's sublime pearl wedding earrings are created using Japanese Akoya pearls, the highest quality diamonds, a slice of Opal and rare Paraiba Tourmalines (a favorite of ours!) mounted in 18K Gold. Part of their High Jewellery Collections, these stunning statement earrings are likely one of a kind.

Price upon request at Mikimoto.com/us-en


For the Glamorous Bride

White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Bellatrix Dangle Earrings


Feeling like a Hollywood starlet has never been easier with these fiery White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Bellatrix Dangle Earrings. We are in love! These stunning pearl drop earrings will add some glamour to your wedding day like no other. The sleek, sparkling earrings don't just make a statement, they shout! A gorgeous wedding accessory you just won't find at stores like Tiffany & Co, these earrings feature your choice of AAA or AAAA/Gem Quality South Sea pearls and 0.27cttw of diamonds mounted in solid 18K Gold.



For the Earthy Bride

White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Gaia Dangle Earrings

An homage to our love of Nature, these White South Sea Pearl and Diamond “Gaia” Dangle Earrings are a gorgeous pair of pearl earrings for the nature-loving bride. A sparkling dew of pavé set diamonds shimmers over every inch of these beautifully crafted leaves ... the attention to detail on this pair of earrings is stunning. Featuring two beautifully matched South Sea pearls from the pearl farms of Australia, our Gaia South Sea Pearl and Diamond bridal earrings are the perfect accessory for your ears on your wedding day.



For the Passionate Bride

Akoya Pearl and Diamond Flame Dangle Earrings

Add a touch of fire and sparkle to your wedding attire with these Akoya Pearl and Diamond Flame Dangle Earrings. These stunning Akoya pearl bridal earrings are sure to suit any wedding dress. Twin flames of diamond accents adorn two perfectly matched Japanese Akoya pearls. The fine details on these earrings will make them a delight to wear on your wedding day and every day after.



For the Contemporary Bride

White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Metropolis Dangle Earrings


These contemporary, modern White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Metropolis Earrings are an exquisite choice for your bridal pearl earrings, blending traditional and modern styles. Brides everywhere are guaranteed to love the classic, yet modern beauty of these White South Sea pearl and diamond bridal earrings. Each pair of South Sea pearls has been hand-selected for their gorgeous luster and stunning natural colors; combined with a row of sparkling diamonds and gold, these elegant pearl bridal earrings will forever remain in style.



For the Poetic Bride

Paloma Picasso Olive Leaf Pearl Drop Earrings

These dainty and delicate pearl drops are from Paloma Picasso's Olive Leaf Collections at Tiffany. Sweet, simple and organic in aesthetic, these gorgeous pearl wedding earrings are mounted in Sterling Silver, and finished with smooth, romantic 8.0-9.0mm Freshwater pearl drops. Picasso intimates that the olive branch represents peace and abundance ... what more could you ask for in a marriage?



For the Blushing Bride

Pink Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings


Add a splash of feminine, romantic Pink to your special day. These candy-colored Pink Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings are an elegant choice, yet adds a touch of color that is sure to stand out. Classic pearl stud earrings are a quintessential addition to any jewelry box and are a timeless staple worn at weddings the world over. The romantic hint of Pink color is perfect for accenting a floral crown or details in your bridal gown, and their everyday wearability means that you'll be loving these pearl studs for years to come.



For the Something Blue Bride

Freshwater Drop Shape Pearl and Blue Topaz Dangle Earrings

These artsyFreshwater Pearl Drop and Blue Topaz Dangle Earringsare a beautiful way to add that “Something Blue” to your big day! These darling Freshwater pearl drop earrings are accented with a pair of Blue Topaz briollettes, mounted in Sterling Silver. Baroque pearls are a beautiful way to add a touch of unique style to your pearl wedding earrings.

The smooth drop earrings have the perfect touch of swing, and hang approximately 3/4" from the ear. These earrings are a fabulous choice for brides looking to add that "Something Blue" at a price that won't break the bank.



For the Boho Bride

White South Sea Twisted Lyra Pearl Hoop Earrings


These White South Sea Pearl Twisted Lyra Hoop Earrings add a touch of simple, organic beauty to your special day. Pearl hoops are a modern twist on classic bridal style, and definitely make a statement! Two perfectly matched and lustrous White South Sea pearls dangle from delicate and dainty twisted gold hoops like a work of art from Mother Nature herself.



For the Sparkling Bride

Japanese Akoya Pearl and Diamond Krystal Dangle Earrings


Modern sparkle and timeless elegance are blended together with our Akoya Pearl and Diamond Krystal Earrings. LOVE!! These dainty pearl earrings are a fairy tale come true; two AAA quality Akoya pearls dangle under fiery bezel-set diamonds with a sparkling line of diamonds is suspended by a gold chain from the back of the earring. These modern bridal earrings definitely make a fun, imaginative statement!



For the Mod Squad Bride

Pearl Dot Hoop Earrings Mateo NY


Dare to be different with these studded Pearl Hoop Earrings from Mateo, NY. We love the simplicity of these pearl wedding earrings, while retaining their rock star edge. For those with an edgy bridal style, these pearl bridal earrings are studded with high quality Freshwater pearls and mounted on 14K Gold.



For the Unconventional Bride

White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Illusion Hoop Earrings


Blend modern aesthetic with classic grace. White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Illusion Hoop Earrings prove that not all hoops are shaped like a perfect circle. These eye-catching Illusion pearl and diamond earrings feature two White South Sea pearls mounted in the center of the hoops, which are asymmetrically shaped for an added touch of modern fun. The avant-garde take on the timeless pearl earring makes a bold statement for any bride.



For the Imaginative Bride

Vivian Drew Yvaine Flower Cascade Earrings


Checkout these Vivian Drew Yvaine Earrings - have you ever seen anything more romantic?? Freshwater Flower Cascade Dangles feature gorgeous mother of pearl petals with tiny Freshwater seed pearls sewn into their middles using gold wire. An opulent cascade of tropical golden flowers hangs down from the pearl drops, ending with perfectly round Freshwater seed pearls. Yvaine earrings are a popular choice for brides looking for super unique jewelry incorporating pearls and faux pearls, crystals, quartz and other semi-precious stones. Le magnifique.



For the Ritzy Bride

Akoya Pearl and Diamond Pave Chain Dangle Earrings


Puttin’ on the Ritz. These Japanese Akoya Pearl and Diamond Cosmopolitan Dangle Earrings are a sparkling, glamorous modern take on the timeless pearl earring. Featuring exquisitely crafted diamond pavé chain dangles leading to perfectly matched AAA Quality saltwater Akoya pearls. An incredible piece of jewelry for any and all weddings, these pearl bridal earrings are also available in White South Sea pearls, Gold South Sea pearls and black Tahitian pearl types. The Cosmopolitan drop earrings are a must have accessory to match any bridal gown.



For the Urban Bride

White South Sea Pearl Mod Dangle Earrings


Definitely not your grandmother’s pearl earrings! These sleek, stylish White South Sea Pearl Mod Dangle Earrings are utterly modern and refined. Break from tradition by rocking these statement earrings featuring a pair of perfectly round White South Sea pearls suspended from 14K Gold long arrows ... Not exactly pearl studs, not exactly pearl dangles, these South Sea Pearl Mod Earrings are perfect for the bride looking to wear pearl wedding earrings that will totally stand out from the crowd.



For the Deco Bride

Freshwater Coin Pearl and Swarovski Crystal Earrings by Wander and Lust


Mixing Old World Art Deco glamour with a raw, modern edge, these Freshwater Coin pearls are mixed with white quartz stones and Swarovski crystals to create a pair of pearl earrings that are really something special! From Wander + Lust Jewelry. These crystal drop earrings are a striking piece of jewelry we know you'll love wearing long after your wedding is done.



For the Mystical Bride

Akoya Pearl Luna Hoop Earrings


Add an ethereal, mystical touch with our Akoya Pearl Luna Hoop Earrings. A perfect blend of modern and classic style, these minimalist hoops are sure to stand out in all the best ways!



For the Free-Spirited Bride

Japanese Akoya Pearl Dangle Earrings


These graceful yet artistic Akoya Pearl Ceres Dangle Earrings are for the bride that marches to her own drum. Simple, yet with tons of flair, these pearl drop earrings are perfect for brides that want to keep the focus on wedding gown feature lustrous Akoya pearls (also available in Freshwater pearls for brides looking for a lower price point) resting in a graceful tear drop of matte 14K gold. The unique style and simple beauty of these pearl bridal earrings are a perfect choice for your wedding.



For the Sassy Bride

Mateo New York Pearl Duality Dangle EarringsRaw, earthy and organic, these Duality Freshwater Baroque Pearl Dangle Earrings from Mateo NY showcase Freshwater pearls at their most unique! Two large baroque Freshwater pearls are suspended from dainty 6.5mm true round Freshwater pearl stud earrings. These pearl wedding earrings are sure to make a splash for their unconventional style.



For the Gleaming Bride

White South Sea Pearl Capital Dangle Earrings


We adore these sleek White South Sea Capital Dangle Earrings. These gorgeous pearl drop earrings are simple, yet totally sophisticated and refined. Each earring features a bright, silvery South Sea pearl suspended from solid 18K Gold dangles; choose your preferred pearl size and quality at checkout to tailor your earrings to your perfect day.



For the Ethereal Bride

Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Tear Dangle Earrings


Add some modern style to your bridal gown with these artsy Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Tear Earrings. Two Gem Quality Freshwater pearls start as stud earrings at the top, and feature 14K Gold chains cascading down to sparkling bezel-set diamonds. These dainty, delicate pearl earrings are guaranteed to get rave reviews at your wedding and every day thereafter.



For the Refined Bride

Akoya Pearl and Diamond Dangling Bar Earrings


A dazzling row of diamonds leads to two lustrous Japanese Akoya Pearls. These glamorous and elegant White Akoya Pearl and Diamond Dangle Earrings add a sophisticated touch of sparkle to your wedding day (psst: we have a matching pendant, too!). Choose your preferred pearl size at checkout, along your favorite gold color to tailor your earrings to your gown. The slim, modern style and subtle details of these earrings ensures they'll be a treasure to cherish for years to come.



For the Princess Bride

Faux Pearl and Swarovski Crystal Tear Drop Earrings Sabina


These sparkling and ultra-feminine pearl wedding earrings are perfect for a Princess Bride. Add a glam splash of romance to your bridal gown with these airy, fairy-tale inspired earrings from Sabina KW Jewelry via her Etsy shop. These pearl and crystal drop earrings feature Swarovski crystal details hand wire-wrapped into a romantic design in 14K Gold, and hang about 3-Inches from the ear. Bold, sparkly and utterly romantic, these pearl wedding earrings are simply unforgettable.



For the Glimmering Bride

White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Bezel Dangle Earrings


A long-time customer favorite, these White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Bezel Dangle Earrings are a classic! Their timeless style, classic grace and delicate amount of swing make this pair of earrings a no-brainer. Shop for your favorite pearl type (we offer these in Japanese Akoya, South Sea and silvery Tahitian pearls, too!), and choose your preferred pearl size and gold color at checkout for the ultimate in customized pearl bridal earrings.



For the Blossom Bride

White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Khilana Stud Earrings


“Khilana” is the Sanskrit word for “blossom”, and these White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Khilana Stud Earrings remind us of a delicate bud blooming sparkling with morning dew. Set in solid 14K Gold, these pearl stud earrings sparkle with diamond accents. Worn by themselves, or with our matching "Khilana" pearl pendant, this pearl jewelry set is absolutely made for weddings. Imagine these with matching floral headpieces! Gorgeous.



Bridal Earrings FAQs

Q: “Which pearls are best quality for my wedding day?” 

A: We recommend buying the highest quality pearl bridal earrings possible, even if that means stepping down in size to get that higher pearl grade rating. You'll never regret purchasing very high quality, incredibly lustrous pearls over larger, but duller specimens.

We recommend AAA Quality and Certified Hanadama Akoya pearls, and AAA or AAAA/Gem White South Sea pearls for your wedding pearls. If you have questions about pearl quality we suggest reading these two Grading Guides listed below at our shop, which we think any customer will find super helpful!


The Expert's Guide to Pearl Grading

The Insider's Guide to Akoya Pearl Grading

Q: “Is it ok to wear costume jewelry pearls at my wedding?” 

A: Definitely. It's your wedding, do what makes you happy. Faux pearls (also called synthetics) offer a incredibly large array of designs to choose from, and very low price points. We've included some faux pearl and crystal drop earrings that we spotted and fell in love with in this list for exactly this reason.

Pearl bridal earrings accented with Swarovski crystals can be incredibly pretty, and the quality is high - they'll look just like the real thing to almost everybody at your wedding. For brides working with a budget, then a pair of faux pearl earrings accented with crystals allows you to wear some glamorous, glittering jewelry at a price that's not going to break the bank account.

Q: “What size pearls is the best to buy for my bridal earrings?” 

A: Your pearl wedding earrings can be any size that fits your unique taste and style. Our most popular sizes for pearl studs ranges from 7.0-7.5mm to 8.5-9.0mm ... this is a dainty, yet elegant size that is sure to get noticed.

For baroque pearls and longer pearl drop earrings, bigger is usually better as the pearls are hanging lower off the earlobe and can get lost unless you're hair is in an up-do. We recommend pearl sizes starting at 9.0-10.0mm up through 12.0-13.0mm or so. Don't be afraid of larger pearl earrings at your wedding; if price is no object, then larger pearl earrings like White South Sea pearls are born to make a statement.

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