May 13, 2022

Pure Pearls Weekly News Updates: Magnificent Pearls at Auction - Friday, May 13th


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Pearl and Diamond Tiara Christie's Auction



I like to keep an eye out on the latest pearl news and various auctions coming up as part of running Pure. So I was pleasantly pleased to learn that Christie's Auction House will be featuring a number of pearl jewelry items at this Spring's Magnificent Jewels Auction

The pearl and diamond tiara featured above is making a star appearance. This STUNNING piece features Old Mine cut diamonds and 23 natural saltwater teardrop shaped pearls

Created in the 19th Century by famed Austrian jewelers, Flach Mediansky & Paltscho, for H.S.H. the princess of Fürstenberg, née countess Irma of Schönborn Buchheim (1867-1948), this delicate and delectable tiara was designed to be convertible into 5 (!) different pieces.

The Furstenberg princesses attended numerous social functions throughout the year, and especially during the "Season" which occurred from New Year's through May and included events such as balls, dinners, operas, and private concerts (among many other occasions). 


Pearl and Diamond Tiara Close Up Christie's Auctions

Close-up photo of the details on the Furstenberg tiara showcasing the smooth, lustrous quality of the pearls, and the diamond work. Notice the missing culets and very large table facets in the Old-Cut diamonds ... I bet those glimmer like stars in the candlelight. Photo courtesy of Christies


As I mentioned, this gorgeous tiara is convertible - there are actually five different ways to wear this dazzling headpiece. 

  • Wear the tiara as-is, with the pearls adorning the peaks of the diamond medallions.
  • Remove the smaller pearls, leaving the 3 largest pearls in the center to remain. 
  • Remove the diamond medallions from the tiara, and just wear that diamond-accented frame with the pearls appearing to float in your hair. 
  • Replace the pearls (sacrilege, I know!) with other precious colored  gemstones or diamonds. 
  • Remove all the pearls, and wear the tiara with just the diamond medallions in place. 

When the princess Furstenberg wore the tiara for a portrait painted by Laszlo, she opted to replace the center pearl with an Emerald drop. Which, despite the sacrilege, does sound extremely striking.


Pearl and Diamond Tiara with Jeweler's Letter Christie's Auctions

Photo courtesy of Christies Auctions


The entire suite will be included in the sale, and includes the personal letter from the jewelers to the princess detailing the many ways that the tiara could be worn.

What an incredible piece of history to own ... and one that ensures the provenance of the tiara is intact and can never be questioned! 

The extraordinary pearl and diamond tiara is set to debut on the auction block just the other day: May 11, 2022 ... I wonder who won?  ;) 

Till next time pearl lovers. 





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Akoya Pearl and Diamond Lariat Necklace


Simply stunning, this Japanese Akoya Pearl and Diamond Necklace is sure to take her breath away ...

Composed of AAA Quality Japanese Akoya pearls measuring 8.0-8.5mm, our Akoya pearls are as lustrous as the full moon, and are available in a shimmering array of pastel overtones, complimentary to every complexion.

This unique and lovely necklace will be a show stopping addition to any jewelry collection, with a sparkling 14K Gold and Diamond Clasp sparkling like a constellation of stars in the sky. 

Every pearl necklace is made by hand, to order here at our Los Angeles, CA workshop using only the finest materials. Each pearl necklace is individually double-knotted on white silk, and finished in your choice of 14K White or Yellow Gold.

Your stunning Diamond and Akoya Pearl Necklace arrives in a pretty Presentation Box for you to keep, and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and Pearl Care Instructions.


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