May 20, 2022

Pure Pearls Weekly News Updates: Our Ode to Brides and Their Pearls 💐 🥂 Friday, May 20th


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"All great enterprises have a pearl of faith at their core ..." – Mitch Daniels

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Pure Inspiration: Natural Pearl and Old Mine Cut Diamond Wreath Necklace, Edwardian Era 1900-1909

Natural Pearl and Old Mine Cut Diamond Wreath Necklace, Edwardian Era 1900-1909

Pure says: Everything about this necklace is incredible. The color of these natural pearls is ... utterly exquisite.

Pearls by Unknown Artist via 1st Dibs


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Bridal Pearls


Summer is almost here and that means Wedding Season is coming!! And where there's a wedding, there's pearls.

Brides and pearls go together like peanut butter and jelly ... The love story between brides and their pearls goes back centuries, stretching back to Roman times, and ALL around the world. 

This post is a celebration of brides from all cultures and traditions, and it goes without saying, but their pearls too. How women everywhere have incorporated the incomparable pearl into their bridal attire and ceremonies.


American Brides and Pearls


Pearls represent purity, chastity, love and truth to cultures everywhere.

American and European brides often incorporate pearls in a myriad of ways into their wedding attire. Whether it is a pearl-embellished wedding dress, a pearl and crystal hair piece, a simple pendant and earrings or more formal Single or Double-Strand Akoya Pearl Necklace, pearls are a mainstay for the modern Western bride.


African Brides and Pearls


African brides also have very diverse traditional garb worn on their wedding day depending on the country. Many brides traditionally wear a hair-covering turban, bright, colorful jewelry made of corals and other precious materials and colorful gowns.

Modern brides are also incorporating the white wedding dress to beautiful effect. I am adoring her pearl accented flower crown. 


Indian Bride Pearl Jewelry


Traditional Indian jewelry is very ornate and elaborate, with pearls, precious colored gemstones, diamonds and intricately wrought 24K Gold settings. Pearls can be worn as NecklacesEarrings, pearl-embellished clothing, Bracelets and more.


Asian Brides and Pearls


Brides in China often wear a red dress (said to bring good luck) embroidered with a Phoenix and a Dragon in gold thread. Pearls are generally worn in elaborate hair pieces and combs.

Click through to the rest of the post - it's definitely worth a read! I did a deep dive on the history of brides and pearls, and have even more gorgeous photos of brides from around the world incorporating pearls into their wedding day ceremonies.





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Weekly Featured Product Spotlight: Akoya Pearl Jewelry Set 8.0-8.5mm


Absolutely iconic, this Japanese Akoya Pearl Jewelry Set is sure to take her breath away ... 

Composed of lustrous Japanese Akoya pearls measuring 8.0-8.5mm, our Akoya pearls are as lustrous as the full moon, and are available in a shimmering array of pastel overtones, complimentary to every complexion.

Set includes your choice of a 16, 18, 20, 24, 36 and even 51-inch necklace, 7.5-inch bracelet and matching pearl stud earrings. 

Every pearl strand is made by hand, to order here at our Los Angeles, CA workshop using only the finest materials. Each pearl necklace is individually double-knotted on white silk, and finished in your choice of 14K White or Yellow Gold.

Your stunning Akoya Pearl Jewelry Set arrives in a pretty Presentation Box for you to keep, and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and Pearl Care Instructions.


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