June 14, 2019

Untreated Natural Color Hanadama Pearls: Your Official Primer

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Psst: Ever Heard About Untreated Hanadama Pearls?

I get questions about my Natural Color Hanadama pearls almost every day from the curious and more serious collectors, so I thought I’d write a bit today to clear up some misconceptions on these extraordinary and rare pearls.

“Traditional” vs “Untreated, Natural Color” Hanadama Pearls

The vast majority of saltwater Akoya pearls undergo a process called "Bleaching & Pinking" almost immediately after harvest.

When I say "vast", I mean that figure is around 99%.

Yes, you read that right.

Let me fill you in a little about the Bleaching & Pinking procedure:

Freshly harvested Akoya pearls are called "hamage".

Many of these pearls feature a creamy coloring or a grey-blue or greenish tinge to them that the traditional jewelry market in the US and Europe found ... not optimal.

Only the finest "hamage" with the thickest nacre layers were able to overcome this coloring.

Akoya pearls before bleaching and pinking

Freshly harvested Akoya pearls, before the “B&P” procedure.

Bleaching submerges the pearls in a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution and bombards them with UV light. This brightens up the outer surface layers of crystal, giving the pearl a "bright white" appearance.

Pinking involves submerging the pearls for a few days in a reddish solution (the exact composition of which is a closely guarded secret!), to return some of the pearl's color, warmth and sparkle.

Japanese Hanadama Pearls After Bleaching and Pinking Procedure

Hanadama Akoya pearls after “B&P” procedure - Bellissima! 

Natural Color Hanadama Akoya pearls are treated like fine South Sea pearls and are simply washed and polished, and skip the B&P altogether.

Natural Color Untreated Hanadama Akoya Pearl NecklaceCertified Untreated, Natural Color Hanadama Akoya Pearl Necklace from Pure's Vault

Untreated, natural color Hanadama pearls are extremely lovely, with an intense rainbow Orient iridescent "soap bubble" effect.

The pearls are decidedly on the "cool" spectrum of bright white, with light undertones of green and/or blue hues ...

What That Looks Like on the PSL Certification:

Hanadama Certification Close Up for Natural Color Pearls

The Untreated, Natural Color Hanadama Akoya pearls are truly the best of the Best of the BEST, and extremely RARE.

PurePearls.com is one of a few sellers in entire world, with the connections and expertise to be able to offer these rare pearls.

Pure's Untreated Natural Color Hanadama Akoya Pearl Jewelry Collection features:

  • Full Strand Necklaces
  • Matched Pairs for Earrings
  • Matched Necklace and Earring Sets

For those curious to know more about Pure's Hanadama pearl collections, I have GREAT NEWS! 

You can click over to check out my Buyer's Guide to Hanadama Pearls which:

  1. Totally explains the grading standards for Hanadama pearls
  2. Features a complete breakdown of a PSL Certificate
  3. Compares Hanadama pearls vs AAA Quality Akoya pearls
  4. Compares Pure's Hanadama pearls vs our competitors

As always, I feature plenty of real-life pictures of my Hanadama pearls, so you get a great visual idea of what to expect, and what makes Hanadama pearls special.

I think you'll love this article ... and I'm pretty sure my other competitors aren't exactly thrilled about it either. ;) 

Of course, feel free to bypass the pearl science lessons if you just want to get to the fun part: Shopping! you can start by checking out my Hanadama Pearl Collections by clicking here:

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