Hanadama Akoya Pearl Collection

Independently Certified in Japan

The term "Hanadama" loosely translates to mean "Flower Pearl". These spectacular Akoya pearls have been named after the famous cherry blossoms that bloom every Spring in Japan. Traditional Hanadama Akoya pearls are famous for their intensely bright, mirror-like luster and shimmering pastel Rose Overtones. 

A Hanadama pearl necklace or pair of earrings from Pure Pearls is guaranteed to take her breath away ... 

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Shining with bright, mirror-like luster and dazzling iridescent Orient, Hanadama Akoya Pearls from Japan absolutely set the standard where it concerns the classic white pearl jewelry. Grown and nurtured in Japan, the birthplace of Akoya pearls, Hanadama pearls are the cream of each annual pearl harvest and  are placed aside during sorting as displaying the brightest, sharpest luster, the thickest nacre layers and best surface quality. The pearls are then sent to the PSL – the Pearl Science Laboratory – of Japan for testing and certification. Each Hanadama Necklace, Hanadama Pearl Earrings, perfectly matched Sets and fine Hanadama Bracelets is accompanied by its own individually numbered gemological certification guaranteeing that your new pearls are among the highest quality Akoya pearls in the world. Pure Pearls is proud to offer both Traditional and Untreated, Natural Color Hanadama pearls at a fraction of the price you would pay at Mikimoto’s or Tiffany’s. Learn more about these stunning and luxurious pearls by visiting our Ultimate Akoya Pearl Buyer’s Guide.


At PurePearls.com we create every piece of fine Hanadama Jewelry by hand, to order, here at our Southern California production offices. We use only the highest quality certified Hanadama pearls, matching silk and 14K Gold clasps and mountings to create our signature styles. The vast majority of Hanadama Necklaces are certified in the classic 18-Inch Princess Length Necklace, however customization of your pearls is available – simply contact the pearl experts at PurePearls.com to explore your options. To learn more about all the classic lengths and see which one is right for you, visit our Ultimate Guide to Pearl Necklace Lengths, which features our trademark real-life pearl on model photography so you know exactly what to expect when purchasing pearls. Visit the #1 customer ranked Ultimate Guide to Pearl Sizes featuring every popular size of pearl modeled just for you – so you make the perfect pearl earring purchase on your first try. Our commitment to luxury craftsmanship and customer service ensures that any Hanadama Pearl purchase from PurePearls.com will be a family treasure passed down through the generations in the years to come.

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