June 18, 2019

What's Inspiring PurePearls.com this Week

"Pearls are like snowflakes ... No two are exactly alike." 

- unknown author

Pure's Weekly Digest - Read the Latest Pearl News, Science and Fashion Trends

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Yoko London Caged Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Caged Lavender Metallic Pearls in Diamond and Pink Sapphire Dangle Earrings 
Pure says: "They're Making Cages Great Again!"
Jewelry by Yoko London
We have stunning Diamond and Pearl earrings that you will absolutley love matched with a Diamond and Pearl pendant!


Pearl News: FAQs and Science


What Causes Luster in a Pearl?

A:  Luster quantifies the amount of, brightness and sharpness of light being reflected from the surface of the pearl ...

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The Wish List - PurePearls.com Product Spotlight

TRN-3421-PURE True Blue Tahitian Pearl Necklace on Wishlist 1000x500


One of the most rare and intriguing overtones for Tahitian pearls is a natural, true blue.
This Tahitian pearl necklace is saturated with Teal Blue-Green, Indigo, Aquamarine and Cerulean shades of Blue, each as beautiful as the last.


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PurePearls.com Customer Reviews Selfie Pics

Analisa R. is sittin' pretty in our 52-Inch Black Freshwater Pearl Rope Necklace - a definite favorite of ours. Thanks, Analisa! 
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