January 06, 2023

Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter: Happy New Year's! 🎇 🍾 Let's Explore 2023's Top Jewelry Trends


Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter


"There is just one piece of jewelry that is equally becoming to everybody, lovely with almost every ensemble, appropriate for almost any occasion, and indispensable in every woman’s wardrobe … long live the pearl necklace, true or false, from our first date until our last breath!" – Genevieve Antoine Dariaux

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Pure Inspiration: Tahitian Pearl and Kunzite Briollette Statement Necklace, 18K Rose Gold, Jewelry by Paul Syjuco


Tahitian Pearl and Kunzite Briollette Statement Necklace, 18K Rose Gold

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Jewelry by Paul Syjuco


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2023 Jewelry Trends


Happy New Year everyone! 2023 is finally here, and with it, new opportunities, a fresh outlook and brand new jewelry trends. 

I did a deep dive to source all the images, check out the hottest trending styles, colors and looks, and am here with a quick photo-rich guide on 2023's Jewelry Trends.

The Pearl Core Trend is still holding strong, but has made room for some other chic Core trends, and ends up getting combined with new takes in some really cool and beautiful ways. Enjoy! 


Bold, Chunky Pearls

2023 Jewelry Trend: Bold Chunky Earrings

Photo courtesy of deavita fashion blog


2023 Jewelry Trend: Bold Large Pearl Necklaces


Wear It: Extravagantly large, bold pearls still very much rule the fashion world right now. While many of us tend to prefer daintier, more minimalist pearl styles, I think there's really something to be said for wearing a single pair of outsized pearl earrings or large Freshwater Baroque Pearl Necklace and really let your inner rock star out! 

Shoulder Duster Earrings

2023 Jewelry Trend: Shoulder Duster Earrings

Photo courtesy of Free People


The long, swanky Shoulder Duster Earring is BACK, baby! Depending on how the earring style is worn, then I'm all for it. Shoulder Duster Earrings should be slimmer and wispy (don't tell the fashion designers I said that though, haha! Many of the current designs on display got much chunkier.), they should be slim ... yet also make a statement. 


Akoya Pearl and Diamond Tassle Earrings


Wear It: Akoya Pearl and Diamond Tassle Earrings by Pure may not get the ultra-long length of Shoulder Dusters, but these definitely will communicate the spirit of the trend with their delicate, ephemeral tassled chains with diamond accents (and pearls, of course!).


Mis-Matched Pearl Earrings

2023 Jewelry Trend: Mis-Matched Earrings


Something to keep an eye on for Spring/Summer 2023 is mis-matched earrings with an emphasis on designs inspired by Nature. I noticed tons of mossy green colors, florals, translucent laces and chiffons mixed with stark contrasts like steel, and futuristic vibes. Overall the feminine energy of Spring continues to shine through. 

How to Wear It: The inner artist in me is totally intrigued by the Mis-Matched Earring idea; I think the best way to indulge in this 2023 jewelry trend is to mimic the aesthetic above, which fashion designer Yuhal Wang absolutely nailed here ... The key is you're not just mis-matching ANY old earring set, you are creating degrees of an idea i.e., fauna vs flora, and still maintaining a consistency of storyline. Kudos to any of you all that can pull this off! 


Bold Statement Necklaces and Gold Chain Chokers

2023 Jewelry Trend: Gemstone Statement Necklaces

Photo courtesy of Forbes, jewelry by Oscar de la Renta


Anyone who knows me knows that I ADORE mixing pearls with precious and semi-precious colored gemstones. Honestly, this combo just doesn't get enough attention! 


2023 Jewelry Trend: Large Chain Chokers and Pearl Punk


Large, chunky gold chain chokers are absolutely everywhere for 2023, and for good reason! Sleek, chic and brilliantly modern with a punk rock edge, these large chain chokers can go with nearly any ensemble and look sophisticated yet edgy.

How to Wear It: Soften the look by wearing an iconic pair of White Akoya Stud Earrings, or up the ante by adding pearl eye embellishments like the model above.

Hanadama Pearls are easily my #1 favorite when it comes to wearing pearl stud earrings. Their electric, glossy luster and shifting rainbow iridescence is always eye-catching no matter what outfit you're wearing! 


Blazers and Pearls

2023 Jewelry Trends: Blazers and Pearls

Photo via Dresscodeoren 


Those urban-chic chain chokers and glam Shoulder Duster Earrings work especially well worn with another hot trend this year: the tailored blazer worn over t-shirts, midriff tops and lace bandeaus. Add in some pearls - whether they be Pearl Earrings, a pretty pearl-embellished bag, or a delicate Pearl Solitaire Pendant worn layered under your choker and voila: Instant dressed for success style!


2023 Jewelry Trends: Blazers and Pearl Core 

Photo via PinterestingPlans Lifestyle Blog


Or you can swap out the chain and don a lustrous pearl choker instead for a more feminine, romantic look. Model Heart Evangelista (pictured below) was photographed in Paris during Fashion Week wearing an oversized pinstripe blazer, lace bralette and large pearl choker hung with playful charms. Bold statement style earrings completed her look.


2023 Jewelry Trends: Blazers and Pearl Chokers

Photo via Heart Evangelista's Facebook page


Cargo Pants and Pearls


2023 Jewelry Trend: Cargo Pants and Pearls

Photo credit Uptown Girl


Beloved baggy cargo pants are back on the scene in 2023 and I couldn't be happier ... who else hated skinny jeans as much me? Nobody. That's who.

With multiple pockets, a hippiesh wide-leg profile and a go-anywhere and conquer anything vibe, the utilitarian cargo is super comfy and laid back which is always a style I can get behind. 

How to Wear It: Keep it simple! Cargo pants have a lot of visual weight on your lower torso, so hype up that contrast by keeping your jewelry choices minimalist and dainty. Pair your urban comfy cargos with a tank top, a simple pair of Pearl Studs, glimmering gold hoops, or a Pearl Pendant layered with other delicate chains. 


2023 Jewelry Trends: Cargo Pants and Pearls 

Photo courtesy of Who What Wear

I found this photo of Hailey Bieber stepping out wearing baggy cargo pants, a men's blazer and tiny tank top ... I think what pulls this all together for me are the multiple necklace chains with a simple pendant and the closed-toe shiny black heels, which keeps the entire ensemble low-key and feminine.

2023 Trends Wrap Up

Other coming trends include: large cocktail rings, moss and olive green colors, transparent and/or sheer clothing items and chunky cuff bracelets, but I had to cut this short for the sake of all our eyes.

What I love about each of these forecasted trends is that they're all so ... mix and match and easy to wear. Blending one trend into the next to create a put-together and fashionable look is easy breezy, and of course I especially love that incorporating pearl jewelry into any and all of these style ideas is practically effortless.

Truly pearls are the one timeless gemstone that tracks across all fads and all styles. 

So that's what we can expect to see for the coming year, and I couldn't be happier - all these ideas look like fun to play with, and hopefully we're beginning to ditch the sloppy pjs and weird skinny jeans, lol! Which one of these 2023 trends is your favorite? 

Until next time ...



Ashley M.


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 Pure Pearls Weekly Product Spotlight: White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Hazakura Cocktail Ring



  • The name "Hazakura" is Japanese for cherry tree leaves - the sign that Summer is finally on its way after the Spring's cherry blossoms fall from the trees.
  • This exquisite ring features a 9.0-10.0mm White South Sea Pearl from the famous pearl farms of Western Australia, hand-selected for its sharp, crisp luster and colorful natural Overtones. Choose your preferred pearl quality: AAA Quality or upgrade to AAAA.
  • The pearl is mounted on a solid 18K Gold ring crafted with a graceful leaf motif, accented with dazzling SI clarity diamonds weighing 0.25cttw approximately.
  • This item is packaged in a beautiful jewelry box for presentation.


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