December 21, 2022

National Wear Your Pearls Day

National Wear Your Pearls Day is a national depression and anxiety awareness campaign celebrated annually on December 15th.

Founded by best-selling author and motivational speaker DeAnna Bookert, National Wear Your Pearls Day represents the story of her life and how she struggled with depression. "I wear pearls as a reminder that I have purpose and value." 

We often hide our feelings or thoughts and suffer in silence through many of life's most challenging moments. Sometimes we may even fail to realize that those closest to us are struggling with emotional lows or anxiety, too.  

National Wear Your Pearls Day is a lovely reminder of the importance of being aware of our mental state and that it's okay to reach out for help. It's also a reminder to be there for those who may need our love and support in the wake of depression, anxiety and other emotions that stem from the devastating hurdles they may be experiencing.


National Wear Your Pearls Day


Symbolically associated with purity and protection as well as healing and hope, Pearls are the perfect gemstones to raise awareness for mental health. 

Pearls represent how we can overcome even the toughest obstacles and irritants in our lives and grow into radiant, glowing and iridescent beings capable of helping others and ourselves heal and triumph over obstacles. 

Although pearls, in general, are closely associated with such properties as puritywisdomguidance and protection, each pearl type is also associated with its own individual symbols and meanings. Click here to learn more about the pearl's ancient and modern meanings and symbiology.


Below is a list of each pearl type's most referenced connotation






I also mention Pearl's association with HopeTransformation and Love in this recentPure Pearls blog post: 3 Pearl Gift Ideas She'll Love.

With pearls' rich history, fascinating folklore and coveted iconic place in the jewelry and fashion industry, it's no wonder why so many people turn to pearls as their go-to gem to wear both daily and for special occasions. 

It's also not surprising that people list pearls as their most coveted heirloom jewelry to pass down to family members, generation after generation. 

Wearing pearls as a reminder that, like the pearl, we too can transform ourselves to rise above the challenges life throws at us and build upon our strengths to create a beautiful gem - a pearl like no other - unique, special and coveted.

So, #WearYourPearls everyday to show your strength, courage and commitment to creating a better you and being there for those you love!



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