December 16, 2022

Party Pearls: Your Guide to What Pearls to Wear for Every Occasion This Festive Season



It’s time to gather, be grateful and put on your party pearls!

This time of year, many people gather with friends, family and co-workers to celebrate all the seasonal fun the end of the year brings! 


Holiday Pearls Dinner Party


Are you attending any festive parties or have special holiday plans this season?

Do you have your pearls picked out yet?

Whether you’re staying in and partying by the fireplace or going to the poshest restaurant in the city, I’ve got some pearl jewelry tips to add a little glow-ful fun to your holiday gatherings this year! 

And if you haven’t finished - or even started - your holiday shopping yet, I’ve got plenty of ideas to help you check those names off your list and have a special pearly gift under the tree before you know it!

Do your plans include any of these fun activities?

  • A few football tailgate parties with friends and family
  • Holiday-themed movie night with the kiddos that includes lots of popcorn and laughter
  • Friendsgiving dinner filled with great food, music, and holiday gratitude gifts
  • Dashing through the snow to spend time with your family and loved ones
  • Attending a few festive holiday celebrations with colleagues or co-workers
  • Hosting an ultra-chic, black-tie New Year’s Eve party (the one everyone in the neighborhood looks forward to each year!) 


No matter your plans - there’s a pearl for that! 


What Pearls to Wear When — 3 fresh ways to elevate your holiday style now through the New Year!


Pearls Go Casual

Whether attending your favorite football team's tailgate party, popping popcorn with the kiddos or attending movie night with your girlfriends - here's a few tips to casually steal the scene!

Freshwater pearls are ideal for casual daily wear because their durability and wide range of colors, shapes and sizes give them the (slight) leading edge in the relaxed, casual vibe category. 


Cozy Pearl Jewelry During the Holidays


How the majority of Freshwater pearls are cultured gives them a nearly 100% solid crystalline nacre, making them very durable. Perfect for daily wear - and all those football games to watch or attend between now and the new year!  

From pearl earrings to stackable bracelets and single-pearl necklaces - Freshwater pearls can elevate casual to a whole new level of stylish fun!


3 Reasons Why Freshwater Pearls Are Great For Daily Wear

First up - size options. Freshwater pearls range from 2.0-3.0mm through 11.0-12.0mm, with new experimental varieties attaining sizes up to 14.0-15.0mm. This gives you lots of options to choose from. Whether doing movie night in jeans and a sweater or hanging at home in your comfies, having the right size pearl is always a good thing!

Freshwater pearls come in a variety of shapes, too. While the most valuable Freshwater pearl shape is as close to a true round as possible, the unique baroque shapes in which Freshwater pearls are available make them sought-after gems for today's top trending styles.

Cool Colors = Cool Choices! Freshwater's luscious colors make them an excellent choice for daily casual wear. Dyed black Freshwater pearls are commonly referred to as Peacock due to their highly iridescent blue-green and violet hues. Other dyed Freshwater pearl colors include red, gold, green, purple, blue and pink.


Freshwater Pearl Necklace

While this means you will be hard-pressed to run out of colorful pearls to wear that compliment your outfit, it also means choosing your new favorite pearl color just reached new heights!! 

And price-wise, these irresistible gems won't break your bank account, either. Freshwater pearls can be the most economical of the pearl types. 

But don't let that fool you into thinking you can't have valuable, top-quality pearls. Check out our Freshwater pearls and see for yourself! 


Pearls Perfect for Your Elevated Casual and Business Attire Parties

Attending a few festive holiday celebrations with colleagues or coworkers anytime soon? 

For starters, I'd like to suggest Black Pearls for these occasions. Tahitian pearls and Black Akoya pearls have been wowing pearl lovers worldwide for decades.

Both are popular choices for pearl lovers who want the extra element that elevated casual and business attire looks require - but want to spice it up with a little bit of surprise.

Striking Black Akoya pearls are color-treated. 99% are treated using an organic aniline dye, while the dark, exotically colored Tahitian pearls are known as the first naturally colored black pearls in existence. 

Black Akoya pearls are extremely dark colored, sometimes entirely Jet Black, and almost perfectly uniform in color, shape, size and luster, giving you a very put-together look.


Party Pearls: Black Akoya Pearl Jewelry for Holiday Events


These black pearl beauties really pack a punch and are great for those with an eye for the dramatic. Perfect for a holiday outing or business dinner where you're feeling a bit powerful! 

Tahitian pearls range in color from pale Dove Grey to Near Jet Black and shimmer with a rainbow of famous overtones such as Peacock, Green, Rose, Aquamarine, Silver/Steel and Copper. People can't help but be mesmerized by their iridescent glow, which puts them in the lead when you're looking to level up your party attire with a little slice of mystery.  


Holiday Party Pearls Tahitian Pearl Necklace


Even though Black Akoya and Tahitian pearls have that unexpected something extra, don't be afraid to put on your pearly white Akoya pearls and layer in some chains or a fun pearl tin-cup style necklace to keep your business holiday gathering fun and stylish!

 Holiday Party Pearl Jewelry Akoya Pearls


3 Pearls Guaranteed to Elevate Your Black Tie Attire

Whether hosting a black-tie affair or attending one between now and the end of the year, one thing is certain — you MUST look your best! 

Cue Tux, Tails and Tiaras!  Okay, maybe not the tiara - unless, of course, it’s loaded with pearls.

But admit it, it’s fun getting dressed to the nines for a festive holiday party, am I right?


Formal Holiday Party South Sea Pearl Jewelry

 Photo courtesy of Vogue


Instead of finding your perfect party apparel first, get your jewelry in order — pearls, of course —- and then find the dress, or tux, to match!

The first piece of advice when attending any luxury event — less is more — so never underestimate a classic. From pearl stud earrings to a triple-strand pearl bracelet, or an opera-length rope pearl necklace, pearls can elevate any style to new heights while not taking the attention away from your or your elegant attire!


Holiday Party Pearls: Long Pearl Rope Necklaces


Here’s our top pearl picks, which are sure to make everyone’s head turn as you arrive at the party!

Enter lustrous, glamorous South Sea Pearls. Coveted the world over, the glow and irresistible silky feel and weight of a White or Golden South Sea pearl are incomparable. The undisputed Queens of the Pearl World, naturally colored White or Golden South Sea Pearls feature exceptionally thick nacre and a bright, glowing luster with a soft, iridescent shimmer that gives off an air of mesmerizing luxury. 


Holiday Party Pearls: White South Sea Pearls


Whether going for the gold with Golden South Sea pearls or donning White South Sea Pearls, either one is a stunning choice to give you the elegant glow you’re looking for.

Another hit for holiday highness – the Japanese Akoya Hanadama pearls capture the lap of luxury with glowing grace! In a recent blog post, I featured these highly lustrous pearls for the holidays with Hanadama for the Holidays


Holiday Party Pearls: Hanadama Akoya Pearl Earrings


Famous for their intensely bright, mirror-like luster and shimmering light to deep rose overtones, Japanese Akoya Hanadama pearls are cultured in Japan, the birthplace of Akoya pearls.

The term "Hanadama" loosely translates to "Flower Pearl" and they are named after the famous cherry blossoms that bloom every Spring in Japan. During harvest, they are set aside for having the highest luster, cleanest surfaces and thickest crystalline nacre layers. They are then sent to the Pearl Science Laboratory of Tokyo, Japan, to be officially certified as "Hanadama". 


Holiday Party Pearls: Hanadama Akoya Pearl Necklaces 

Holiday Gift Hint: A strand of Hanadama Akoya pearls is the perfect gift when you want to take their breath away! A Japanese Hanadama Akoya Pearl Necklace sets the standard for luxury quality white pearl necklaces. Each Hanadama necklace, both our traditional and natural color, untreated pearls, are guaranteed to be the best of each yearly harvest.

Discover more about these lustrous pearls by reading the Ultimate Guide to Hanadama Pearls.

Pearls can elevate your style and your mood if you ask me, whatever the season brings your way!


Holiday Party Pearls Pearl Necklaces


Purchasing high-quality, affordably priced pearls is easy here at Pure Pearls.

With over 20+ years of knowledge and experience in the pearl industry alongside our radically different business model, we’re able to skip the middlemen and pass the savings on to you. 

We also specialize in giving you some free time! With our free 2-day FedEx and free 90-day returns, we’ve got you covered for hassle-free holiday gifts everyone will love! (Pearls aren’t just for girls, ya know!).

So as the year starts to wind down, share your blessings and gratitude with those you love - give them the gift of you! (and pearls, of course!).

It’s time to go create some magic!

Until next time,






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