November 30, 2022

3 Tips To Give Gifts That Surprise and Delight!



Man Giving His Wife a Pearl Necklace


Got Meaningful Gifts?

As we gather with friends and family for different holiday celebrations to share meaningful moments this season, our thoughts turn to gratitude and what we're most thankful for.  

As the end of the year draws near, we also find ourselves in the middle of what many call the 'gift-giving' season. 

For centuries throughout history - probably longer than you may guess - giving gifts has been a tradition in all cultures. Thankfully it's evolved over the years from offerings of teeth, rocks, carved bones and animal carcasses to more refined beauty. 

Gift-giving is symbolic in nature. As a means of expressing our feelings, it was, and still is, a way for us to cultivate relationships and social connections.

This display of symbolism has the recipient showcasing the item to let everyone know they are loved. In return, it grants the gift-giver satisfaction and joy in knowing their gift is warmly received and treasured. It's a win-win for both parties.

Searching for the perfect gift to give a loved one this season is high on the to-do list, but finding gifts that feel personal and have special meaning can sometimes pose a challenge.

So what makes a gift meaningful? This depends on the person you are gifting, but for starters, gifts with thoughtful sentiments are usually the most cherished.

Christmas Gift History

3 questions to ask yourself when shopping for meaningful holiday gifts this season…

  • What do I enjoy most about the person I’m shopping for? How can I incorporate this into my gift? 
  • What unique gift can I give a loved one that will create a special bond between us? 
  • What do I want this person to remember most about the special gift I give them?

The three questions above incorporate emotions, sentiment and unique experiences into the gift-giving process.  Once you answer these questions, you’ll have more clarity when shopping.

Jewelry is always high on the list of sentimental and meaningful gifts to give due to the emotional connection it creates between the giver and the receiver. And, unexpected gifts that come with an element of surprise offer the wonderfully memorable moment you’re looking to capture (a.ka.a. the experience). 


Christmas Gift Giving


3 Things That Make Holiday Gifts Meaningful and Special

  • The emotions the gift evokes 

  • The sentiment behind the gift

  • The unique experience the gift brings to the recipient

With this in mind, here are a few reasons why pearl jewelry may be precisely what you want in a meaningful gift to give this holiday season.


Pearls Bring To Mind…


Organically grown into something unique and beautiful, what other gemstone exemplifies the essence of hope like the pearl? From meek beginnings to lustrous emergence - pearls embody the very meaning of hope. 


No matter our beginnings, just like a pearl, we can transform our lives. With the right mindset, we can grow into whatever we strive to become. The pearl is the unmistakable symbol of transformation. 


The ultimate symbol of love is caring for those we want to see grow and become great. With guidance, proper care, and a little nurturing, love grows - like a pearl. The ultimate love story, if you ask me!


Like Holiday Traditions ~ 

Pearls are Timeless, Meaningful and Coveted

Most of us are aware that pearls are timeless and coveted to own. So, what better gift to give someone than a valuable treasure that symbolizes your feelings while aligning with your values and, of course, one that is certain to become a prized heirloom?

Many believe that gemstones hold specific meanings, which is why they are often gifted for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. 

In many cultures, pearls have long held special significance and association with purity, integrity and fertility. No wonder many brides-to-be have been proposed to with a pearl engagement ring and ultimately wear pearls on their wedding day, too.


Giving a Woman a Pearl Necklace


Pearls are a deeply meaningful gift to give during this magical time of year.

With their soft, iridescent glow and depth of meaning, pearls perfectly embody the season of gratitude and celebrations of life and love.

As each year comes to a close, we start planning for the New Year. No matter how good or bad the current year has been, we’re always hopeful for a better year ahead. And, regardless of what goals we reached or didn’t, we focus on transforming ourselves into what we want to become in the future. 

We often reflect on love at the end of the year, with thoughts turning to those we love, present and past, during the holidays.


Thankful - Grateful - Blessed

Everyone here at Pure Pearls is thankful for you - our valued customer. 

We enjoy hearing your heartfelt stories. We're grateful that our pearl jewelry brings special meaning to many of your most celebratory moments. 

We're happy to offer you a large selection of pearl jewelry. You can be confident shopping with us, knowing we've selected the best quality pearls for you at the lowest possible price. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me to learn more about how we can make your holidays glow a little brighter with a gift of pearls. 


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