July 30, 2021

Pure Pearls Weekly News Updates: Anniversary Pearls - Celebrating LOVE in the Summertime


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"We follow a path of discovery, strung like pearls on a thread of curiosity, lending richness to our work." – James Krenov

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Pure Inspiration: "Raindrop" Graduated Japanese Akoya Pearl and Diamond Necklace - Jewelry by Yoko London



"Raindrop" Graduated Japanese Akoya Pearl and Diamond Necklace

Pure says: Breathtaking!

Jewelry by Yoko London


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Summer is possibly the most popular time of year to get married, so it's no surprise that Summer is also an Anniversary gift-giving hot spot. I am no exception - my own Anniversary was this past week! 

The Pearl Anniversary is the 30th Anniversary celebration officially. Pearls represent Love, Purity, Loyalty and are a symbol of the strengthening and enduring bond created over 3 decades of marriage.

Because pearls are so heavily imbued with symbolism, these gems really are perfect for ANY wedding anniversary, not just the 30th ... so definitely no need to wait on that specific year to gift these timeless gemstones to your spouse.

While white pearls are the most obvious choice, rare black pearls run a close 2nd favorite. The next most popular pearl colors to choose for Anniversary gifts are Pink / Peach, Lavender and Blue. 

Click below to read more about the Pearl Anniversary and see our best recommendations for gift giving ideas, explore the origins of the Anniversary in history and our entire list of each Anniversary's symbols and meanings ... 


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Product Spotlight: Monogrammed Akoya Pearl and Diamond Double-Strand Bracelet



A keepsake that will be treasured forever, this beautiful and elegant cultured Akoya pearl bracelet features a double row of bright, lustrous pearls measuring your choice of 6.5-7.0mm or 7.0-7.5mm.

The original double-strand Japanese Akoya pearl bracelet features two diamond-accented spacers located on either side of the wrist, reinforcing the bracelet's form while adding the perfect touch of sparkle - please contact us for special ordering instructions if you want to add these accents. 

The pearls are carefully selected for their incredibly lustrous surfaces, perfect matching and sparkling selection of overtones. Each bracelet measures a standard 7.5-inches, but we will customize to fit any wrist. Customize the pearl bracelet with the engraved initials of your choice!

Once you place your order, contact ashley@purepearls.com with the intended wearer's initials, and a custom-designed monogram will be created and emailed to you for approval. ***Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery, as additional labor is involved in creating the engraving. For faster delivery, please contact us for an updated timeline. Monogrammed Bracelets are final sale, and not returnable, however we will do all we can to ensure your complete satisfaction of the engraving design prior to delivery. ***


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