August 25, 2023

Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter: The Art of Making a Pearl Necklace

Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter"The pearls weren't really white, they were a warm oyster beige, with little knots in between so if they broke, you only lost one. I wished my life could be like that, knotted up so that even if something broke, the whole thing wouldn't come apart." – Janet Fitch

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Rose Garden High Jewellery Pearl Necklace, 190 Freshwater Pearls, 27cttw Diamonds, 18K White Gold

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Jewelry by Garrard


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The Art of Making a Pearl Necklace



We usually purchase Tahitian Pearl Necklaces in lots as pre-matched hanks and string them whenever they are ordered with a clasp of your choice. 
Occasionally though, I enjoy sorting through our loose Tahitian pearls and creating a colorful Tahitian Necklace from scratch! I'm going to take you behind the scenes of the creation of one of my favorite strands: the Silvery-Blue Tahitian Pearl Necklace.

Loose Tahitian Pearls

We had a mixed lot of loose Tahitian pearls in Silver, Silvery-Blue, Aquamarine, Sky Blue, Green, Blue-Green and Dark Midnight Blue pearls that I was itching to get my hands on. I used an assortment of AA+ and AAA Quality pearls ranging in size from 8.0-11.0mm.  

Tahitian Pearl Necklace Layout

I started out by creating a subtly graduated layout in smaller, color-coordinated sections on a sorting tray. 

Creating a Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Once I had selected all the pearls that I wanted to use - a process that took several days, picking some, discarding others, replacing a few with other pearls that I thought fit better with the layout, etc. - and was happy with the order of the pearls, I transferred the pearls to a sticky necklace layout card to hold them in place in the correct order.

Marking a Tahitian Pearl for Drilling

Next it's time to mark the pearls for drilling. This involves carefully inspecting each and every pearl and locating the ideal spot to drill the pearls for stringing.

This usually involves locating an inclusion or blemish that the drilling process can successfully "hide", thereby improving the overall quality of the pearl. Alternatively, we can identify the areas of the pearl with the deepest rate of color concentration, highest areas of Orient or an area with better luster that we'd like to showcase/highlight.  
Marks are made on the pearls using a regular old Sharpie marker. 

How to Drill Pearls


Now we get to the trickiest and most nerve wracking part of the process: DRILLING.

The pearls are held in place using two clamps (not too tightly! We wouldn't want to dent or scratch the nacre!) with the marked areas of the pearl oriented towards the slim drill bit. When we're ready we get that drill revving up at a high revolution, spinning fast enough to pierce the tough outer nacre layers of the pearl. 

The process must be done gently, without forcing the drill bit into the pearl too quickly or too hard. Going too quickly, or using too much force in a hard spot can cause the pearl to overheat and even crack! 


How to Drill Pearls  

Thankfully, I was able to drill all the pearls of this layout without causing any damage to my beauties.

Practice makes perfect! ;)

As I drill each pearl, I replace it in the layout exactly where I found it so I don't have to re-sort the pearls.


Cleaning Pearls 

Next the pearls have to be cleaned. Not only are the pearls coated with nacre/pearl dust from the drilling process, but those pesky marks from the Sharpie have GOT to come off. Thankfully, the marker is easy to remove with a Q-Tip soaked in nail polish remover.


Stringing a Pearl NecklaceStringing a Pearl Necklace  

Lastly I use a flexible, thin stringing needle to put the pearls on a temporary hank so they're all in the correct order when the stringer gets to do her amazing job. I tied some sturdy knots into the ends so the pearls don't slip off and get lost.


Temporary Stringing of a Pearl Necklace 

Voila! The new Tahitian Pearl Necklace temp hank is done!


Wear a Tahitian Pearl Necklace 


When the pearls have been purchased, our stringer is ready to do her magic by carefully knotting the pearls with matching silk (in this case black) in between each pearl and finishing the ends with 14K Gold french wire-wrapping to protect the strings from wear and fraying. A clasp is added along with a touch of 14K Gold solder to keep everything place for years to come. 
Until next time ...



Ashley M.



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 Pure Pearls Weekly Product Spotlight: Tahitian Pearl & Diamond Kiara Earrings



Our new Kiara Collection Diamond Earrings gets an exotic, colorful twist paired with our romantic black Tahitian saltwater pearls. The sparkling diamonds add a gorgeous amount of sparkle, and each pair of Tahitian pearls is hand-selected and matched to perfection!

Mounted on your choice of 14K White or Yellow Gold, our AAA/AAAA Quality Black Tahitian pearls feature sharp, highly reflective luster and smooth, unblemished surfaces, shimmering with colorful overtones like Peacock, Green, Aquamarine and Silver.

Earrings features 0.32ct diamonds, round-brilliant cut, S1-GH Quality diamond accents.

Each Tahitian pearl is as unique as its owner, so expect to see variations in color and overtone from the pearls pictured. Each pair of pearls arrives in our Signature Little Black Gift Box with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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