August 11, 2023

Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter: Sultry Golden South Sea Summer



Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter


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White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Earrings

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Jewelry by Yoko London



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Learn About Golden South Sea Pearls


Did I ever tell you how much I adore South Sea Pearls?? White pearls, Golden pearls, Champagne pearls, Silver-Blue pearls ... let me count the ways! 
Known as the Queen of Cultured Pearls, and the Rolls Royce of Cultured Pearls these saltwater pearls are known for their exquisite natural colors, luxuriously large sizes and opulent luster.
These gorgeous pearls often display a softly glowing luster that begins to gently whisper to the beholder, disclosing its secrets long held locked under the depths of the blue waves. The longer and more lovingly the wearer observes their pearls, the louder the whisper becomes ... 

This week we're going to explore the mysterious world of the glowing, gorgeous, glamorous Golden South Sea Pearl.

South Sea Pearl Basics

White and Golden South Sea pearls have been cultured and regulars on the pearl jewelry market for decades. These opulent pearls with their large sizes, touchable luster and gorgeous natural shades of White and Gold have captivated pearl lovers around the world!

Today some of the most fabulous, glamorous and gorgeous couture jewelry is made using South Sea pearls.


South Sea Pearl Farm Map  

Cultured South Sea pearls come in two varieties or colors: White South Sea pearls and Golden South Sea pearls. The pearls on the map above show where the majority of the pearl farms are located that grow these cultured pearls.

Golden South Sea pearls are farmed primarily in the Philippine Islands; the largest and most famous Golden South Sea Pearl producer is Jewelmer located in the sparkling waters of Palawan.
An interesting fact to know about Jewelmer is that they are the official jewelers of the Miss Universe pageant, and create a new, glittering crown for the winner each year! 

Miss Universe Crown Jewelmer

The infamous Jewelmer Pearl Company was established in 1979 on Flower Island in Palawan, Philippines. Over the years, Jewelmer has grown into an internationally famous South Sea pearl producer and the largest farm in the island chain.

Pearl Farming at Jewelmer Golden South Sea Pearl Farm

Diver checking on Golden South Sea pearl oysters currently forming gorgeous Golden pearls. Courtesy of Jewelmer.

Golden South Sea pearls are nurtured within the shell of the Pinctada maxima, the Gold-Lipped saltwater oyster which can grow up to a foot in diameter at maturity. The yellow colored outer edge of the oyster, or lip, is where most pearlers and marine biologists believe that a pearl's body color will come from. 
Polished Golden South Sea Pearl Shell

Polished Gold-lipped oyster shell.

This produces a visually stunning range of Golden pearls that can range from a colorfully complex Champagne with flashes of Magenta and Violet, to Yellow to 10K, 14K, 18K and 24K Deep Golden hues (guess which is my favorite!).

The deeper and more saturated the Golden South Sea pearls are, the rarer and more valuable the pearls become. The most popular overtones are Rose, Neutral Gold, Silver and Bronze/Green (which is very striking visually but can be tricky to wear!). 

Golden South Sea Pearl Necklaces

Golden South Sea pearl necklaces showing variation in sizes and colors/overtones by Pure Pearls 

Golden and White South Sea Pearl Necklaces

We love this mix of Golden and White South Sea Pearls and their iridescent shells! The visual complexity is off the charts! Pearls by Pure Pearls

Largest Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace in the World
Golden South Sea pearl necklace by Jewelmer. Photo courtesy of Robb Report

South Sea pearls are the very largest cultured pearls in the world and can range from 8.0-9.0mm up to an average of 16.0-17.0mm, and even larger! The necklace above consists of 35 Gem Quality Golden South Sea Pearls that reportedly took Jewelmer nearly 40 years to assemble! The pearls measure 16.0-18.0mm in size. 

Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings and Pendants

While Golden South Sea pearls are amongst the largest, rarest and most luxurious of all cultured pearl types, owning these stunning pearls has never been easier or more affordable.
With a simple pair of Golden South Sea Earrings or a Golden South Sea Pearl Pendant starting at under $1,000.00 for fine, AAAA Quality pearls, what better way to luxuriate in wearing pearls than indulging in the "Rolls Royce of Pearls"?! 

Until next time ...



Ashley M.


The PurePearls.com Wishlist: Weekly Pearl Jewelry Spotlight 



Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace, 14.0-16.0mm, AAAA Quality 



A stunning treasure from the heart of the Pacific Ocean, this gorgeous Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace shines with brilliant luster and a lightly shimmering Champagne and Rose hues. The smooth, perfectly round pearls feature a shimmering iridescence that is the hallmark of a finely compacted crystalline structure.

The AAAA Quality necklace smoothly graduates from 14.0mm to 16.0mm in the center, giving the layout a classic, "Old-Hollywood" starlet aesthetic. 

The pearls are individually double-knotted on matching gold silk; finish the necklace with a clasp of your choice. The pearls will arrive in our Signature Little Black Box with a Certificate of Authenticity and Pearl Care Instructions. This strand is accompanied by an official appraisal by the GLA (Gemological Laboratory of America) detailing the specifics and retail value of the strand.


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