September 09, 2022

Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter: Summer is Ending ... But We've Got FALL Style! 🍂🍂



Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter


"But the pearls were accidents, and the finding of one was luck, a little pat on the back by God or the gods both." – John Steinbeck

See What's Inspiring Pure Pearls This WeekPure Inspiration: Fijian Pearls with Natural Multi-Colored Zircons in 18K Yellow Gold Necklace, Jewelry by Assael, Pearls by J. Hunter Pearls 

Fijian Pearls with Natural Multi-Colored Zircons in 18K Yellow Gold Necklace

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Jewelry by Assael - Pearls by J. Hunter Pearls


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​After the last two weeks of a blistering heatwave out here (I am not kidding we've been hitting 107 degrees outside - it's like stepping into a blast furnace going outdoors.), we are soooooo ready for Fall to start already!

The good news is, the heatwave is breaking this weekend and the official start of Autumn is right around the corner. And with the start of the cooler pumpkin-spice-everything Season, comes some of my favorite fashions: cozy sweaters, long, flowy sleeves, oversize coats, knee high boots and of course: pearl jewelry.

Judging from the looks of Vogue and the various runway shows, the "pearlcore" fashion trend of 2022 is still holding strong, with pearl embellished eyes, bags, shoes, clothes and more all in the spotlight. The emphasis of bold, chunky jewelry and textures rule the Season, which seems like fun to me!! I thought I'd share some of my favorite Fall Fashion looks incorporating pearls - real and fake - into more toned-down, every day fashion we all can enjoy ... because let's face it: professional fashion shows are ridiculous. 

At any rate: Enjoy! 


Fall 2022 Pearl Jewelry Fashion Trends: Double-Sided Pearl Stud Earrings by Dior 

The Double-Pearl Stud Earring trend started in 2019 is still holding strong as a must-have jewelry style for Fall. Earrings by Dior.


Fall 2022 Pearl Jewelry Fashion Trends: Oversized Baroque Pearl Earrings


Bold, chunky Baroque Pearl Earrings are a huge Fall/Winter 2022 jewelry trend ... whether you choose a minimalist Dangle Earring (shown above), or you want to glam it up with multiple layers of dangles, chains, gemstones and pearls, one thing is clear: Bigger is Better this Fall. 

Another gorgeous trend we are loving are Statement Choker necklaces - we adore this mixed pearl, gemstone and gold choker featuring cut-outs of swans, horses, leaves and silhouettes ... reminds me of a charm bracelet. 

P.S. - Somehow I missed attribution for the jewelry and photo - if anyone knows, feel free to contact me, and I'll add it!


Fall 2022 Pearl Jewelry Fashion Trends: Oversized Baroque Pearl Necklaces


Very large, Baroque Pearl Necklaces make a bold, funky statement. Paired with sweaters or button-down office shirts, these unique Baroque pearls are totally hot for a cool Autumn.


Fall 2022 Pearl Jewelry Fashion Trends: Long, Multi-Pearl Dangle Earrings 

Long, multi-pearl dangle earrings were also spotted all over the runways this Season. What I love about this is combining the "Roaring 20's" fashion trends that are steadily making their way back into the limelight. Photo by Gabb Tapic from Pexa.


 Fall 2022 Pearl Jewelry Fashion Trends: Pearl Embellished Eye Jewelry


Pearl embellished eye jewelry is still hot this Fall. Using faux pearls and other crystal stick-on gems, I think this can be a glamorous, exotic fashion trend to indulge in. Photo courtesy of House of Lashes

 Fall 2022 Pearl Jewelry Fashion Trends: Pearl Embellished Sweaters


Pearl embellished clothing is on point for Fall and Winter 2022. The classic pearl buttons on your sweater is a sweet, feminine way to add pearls to everyday Autumn classics. Photo courtesy of Yahoo News.

 Fall 2022 Pearl Jewelry Fashion Trends: Pearl Button Trousers by Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton is echoing the Roaring Twenties fashion trend with stovepipe, pinstriped trousers accented with faux-pearl buttons. An oversize leather jacket and loose tie complete the look. Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton.


Fall 2022 Pearl Jewelry Fashion Trends: Pearl Embellished Sunglasses by Gucci


Gucci is playing around with the pearlcore trend this year too. Sleek cat-eye sunglasses are studded with faux pearl accents. Photo courtesy of Gucci


Fall 2022 Pearl Jewelry Fashion Trends: Layered Pearl Necklaces 

Of course, with long sleeves and turtlenecks, layering your pearl necklaces is a Go-To Look to try. Oscar de la Renta showed up on the runways with a mild Roaring Twenties homage and didn't fail to include plenty of pearl jewelry! We're loving the over-sized pearl statement rings, mixed with crystal bracelets for a bold, eye-catching style. Photo courtesy of Oscar de la Renta


So that's all for now on Pearl Fashion Trends for Fall 2022, otherwise this post will go on forever! Seems like certain classic Autumn styles will always be in style (cozy sweaters, scarves, and plenty of knee-high or thigh-high boots), while some older classics we'd almost forgotten are making a comeback, like pinstripes and wide-leg trousers. Nice. 

Which look is your favorite? 

- Ashley


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