September 16, 2022

Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter: Find Your PERFECT Pearl Earring Size

Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter

"I favor pearls on screen and in my private life." – Grace Kelly

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​Pearl size is one of the key factors affecting the value of pearls and also one of the first things to be noticed.

While there is no definitive answer to this question, I believe this short blog post can help you find the perfect size of pearl earring for you and your budget.


Pearl Earring Size Guide: 6.0-7.0mm Pearl Earrings


6.0-7.0mm Pearl Earrings

These are ideal for young ladies from 6 years old up to 16 years old, and women with petite builds.


Pearl Earring Size Guide: 7.0-8.0mm Pearl Earrings


7.0-8.0mm Pearl Earring Size Range

The most popular and versatile pearl stud size for ladies aged 18 to 60. The 7.0-8.0mm size range is the epitome of "Classic Pearls", and is sure to be appropriate and beautiful no matter when or where they're worn.


Pearl Earring Size Guide: 8.0-9.0mm Pearl Earrings


8.0-9.0mm Pearl Earring Size Range 

Easily our second most popular pearl earring size range, the 8.0-9.0mm pearls are for ladies wanting one step up from "normal". A touch more glamorous without being too dramatic, and still comfortable on the ear.


Pearl Earring Size Guide: 9.0-10.0mm Pearl Earrings


9.0-10.0mm Pearl Earring Size Range

The 9.0-10.0mm is the largest size for our Japanese Akoya pearls, and generally our smallest for South Sea pearls. This size is elegant and beautiful, and also stays within a demure range without getting overly dramatic.


Pearl Earring Size Guide: 10.0-11.0mm Pearl Earrings


10.0-11.0mm Pearl Earring Size Range 

The 10.0-11.0mm pearls are right in the "sweet spot" for luxury pearl earring sizes. You'll find very large Freshwater pearls and smaller Tahitian and South Sea pearls in this size range. These pearls still have a moderate feel and weight, and won't fall forward off the ear.


Pearl Earring Size Guide: 11.0-12.0mm Pearl Earrings


11.0-12.0mm Pearl Earring Size Range 

What women love about 11.0-12.0mm size pearls is that they are unmistakably high-end, luxury pearls. Luminous and luxurious, Angelina Jolie is known for sporting this stud size (and larger!) to many of her red carpet events.


Pearl Earring Size Guide: 12.0-13.0mm Pearl Earrings


12.0-13.0mm Pearl Earring Size Range

The 12.0-13.0mm pearl size is one of our largest available, and the largest stud size we recommend for women. Consider dangle earring styles for pearls measuring over 13.0mm due to weight issues. The 12.0-13.0mm size range consists of larger, exotic pearl types like the White and Golden South Sea pearls, black Tahitian pearls and in rare cases, Freshwater pearl types.


Pearl Earring Size Guide: 13.0-14..0mm Pearl Sizes and UP


13.0-14.0mm Pearl Sizes and Up

Over-sized South Sea Pearl Earrings we generally recommend to be worn as Dangle Earrings. That way, the weight of the pearls does not pull forward on the earlobe. 


Pearl Earring Size Guide: Large Baroque Pearl Earrings


Large Baroque Pearl Sizes

Due to their Free-Form, Assymetrical shapes, baroque pearls tend to be worn as Dangle Earrings as well. We say "the bigger the better!" as you will want the large sizes of the pearls to attract attention when they're dangling from the earlobes and partially hidden by hair. 


The PurePearls.com Wishlist: Weekly Pearl Jewelry Spotlight



Weekly Pearl Jewelry Spotlight: White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Earrings



  • These classic earrings feature two White South Sea pearls, handpicked for their radiant luster
  • The pearls are mounted on the finest 14K gold with dazzling SI clarity diamonds
  • These earrings are packaged in a beautiful jewelry gift box


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