March 24, 2023

Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter: Spring Pearl Colors and Their Meanings


Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter


"Of what use are the memories if not to grow flowers ... on the barren fields. Of what use are the falling tears, if not to weave the string of pearls in the hardest hours?" –  Jayita Bhattacharjee

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Pure Inspiration: "Sky and Clouds" Ring, with Violane, Diamonds and Blue and White Japanese Akoya Pearls and White South Sea Pearls, 18K Gold, Jewelry by Assael


"Sky and Clouds" Ring, with Violane, Diamonds and Blue and White Japanese Akoya Pearls and White South Sea Pearls, 18K Gold

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Jewelry by Assael


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Spring Pearl Colors and Their Meanings


It's OFFICIAL: Happy Spring!!! It may not feel like it for most of us, with the cold, cloudy, wet days of Winter still lingering on, but as of March 21st, we have officially entered into Spring.

Spring always has us turning our eyes toward soft pastel colors, new blooms opening their bright petals after a long Winter's sleep, frilly, flirty dresses and lots of luminescent pearls! 

Traditional Spring pearl colors are often found in the Freshwater pearl type; these include the natural pastel shades of Pink, Peach, Apricot, Lavender and Lilac, shades of White and pinkish-gold Champagne hues. But we would be remiss if we didn't include the Baby Blue hues of the Blue Akoya pearls and the sunny Golden South Sea pearls in this list!  Any of these fabulous (and natural!) pearl colors is a perfect fit for a Spring palette. 

But what do these colors mean? What are they symbolizing?? Much like how flowers each have a special meaning and message for a giver and recipient, pearl colors can also be used to convey a meaning or enhance an aesthetic if you know what to look for. Let's take a moment to decode what our Spring pearls are trying to say ... 



Spring Pearl Colors: Pink Pearls


A combination of red (passion) and white (peace), Pink is the color of romance and youthfulness. Depending on the shade or saturation of the Pink color (think Baby Pink vs darker Magenta), these pearls can represent an intensification or a softening of the meanings. Think soft and flirty versus passionate and even lustful. 


Pink pearls represent:

  • Romance

  • Femininity

  • Love

  • Caring and Nurturing

  • Playfulness

  • Youth

  • Good Health (think "in the pink!")

  • Kindness

Wearing Pink pearls invites people to confide in you because it signifies you're a caring, nurturing person who can empathize with others easily. The calming effects of pink radiate to those around you, and helps everyone relax and smile a little more.

To learn more about the vast array of shades of Pink pearls, visit a recent post I wrote: 50 Shades of Pink - Understanding Pink Pearl Colors


Spring Pearl Colors: Lavender Pearls


Lavender pearls are the more "grown up" version of Pink. Deeper, cooler in tone and a bit more sedate, the Lavender pearl color is our most popular pearl color between Pink and Peach, and it is synonymous with the Spring season. 

Lavender pearls represent:


  • Wisdom

  • Tranquility

  • Gentleness

  • Femininity

  • Grace

  • Dignity

  • Elegance

Lavender is also spiritually associated with holiness and healing, and is a very powerful color. Keeping Lavender colors around you can induce calmness, tranquility and peace. Additionally, since Lavender is so strongly associated with Springtime, this color is also highly suggestive of youthfulness and new beginnings. 

Wearing a pair of Lavender Freshwater Pearl Earrings or a shimmering Lavender Pearl Necklace conveys a quiet dignity and grace to those around you, and can help induce an aura of peace and serenity this Spring. 



Spring Pearl Colors: Peach Pearls


Peach to Apricot Pearls are another pearl color synonymous with the bright, sunny days of Spring. So-called "Peach" pearls, really run the gamut from pale yellowish hues to a pinky-peach to taking on more orange shades and becoming a vibrant Apricot. These pastels are all derivatives of the color Orange, and as such have their own particular meanings. 

Peach pearls represent: 

  • Vitality

  • Fun

  • Optimism

  • Creativity

  • Adventure 

  • Spontaneity

  • Artistic

  • Open-Mindedness

When you wear a Peach Pearl Necklace, you enliven a room with a spark of newness and fun. These pearls will open a room, start a conversation and energize yourself and those around you.

Their vibrant, vivacious colors draw the eye, and fire the imagination - literally! Since Peach is a pastel version of Orange, these colors evoke the warmth and comfort of fire, along with an energetic vitality. 



Spring Pearl Colors: Gold Pearls


Gold is a derivative of Yellow, one of the happiest colors on the spectrum, representing sunshiny days, smiles, openness and new life. Cultures around the world traditionally associate Gold with longevity, wealth, wisdom and luck. Golden South Sea pearls are the most famous naturally Golden pearls in the world - and some of the most expensive!  

Gold pearls represent:


  • Wealth

  • Happiness

  • Wisdom

  • Luck

  • Intelligence

  • Innovation

  • Practicality


The hues of Yellow and Gold are often associated with royalty and even holiness, and is often thought of as a color of spiritual oneness or attainment. People with Golden auras for example, are considered to have achieved the highest levels of intellectual and spiritual enlightenment.

Golden pearl lovers subtly communicate these traits to those around them too! Wearing a pair of Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings, or a stunning Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace makes an instant statement (and a confident one at that!) conveying that you are a person who knows exactly what they want - and are going to get. 



Spring Pearl Colors: Sky Blue Pearls


The soft, pastel shades of Sky Blue seen in Blue Akoya pearls and Silver-Blue South Sea pearls (and sometimes even Tahitians!) are a PERFECT fit for Spring. 

Blue pearls represent:

  • Trust

  • Confidence

  • Achievement

  • Loyalty

  • Calm

  • Wisdom

  • Honesty

  • Serenity

Sky Blue is often associated with the Virgin Mary, and to many, the color Blue is strongly correlated with the Heavens in many cultures. For example, Krishna is most often depicted with blue skin.

Wearing Blue Pearls signifies to all that you are a trustworthy person who displays loyalty, responsibility, level-headedness and calm in the face of making difficult decisions. The pastel colors of Blue Akoya pearls signify openness, relaxation, tranquility and peace. 



Spring Pearl Colors: White Pearls


The "pearlfect" color for Spring, White has long been associated with new beginnings. White is the most ubiquitous color for pearls, and we can find White Pearls in nearly every cultured pearl type: Akoya, Freshwater, and White South Sea pearls.

White pearls represent:

  • Purity

  • Innocence

  • Virtue

  • Simplicity

  • Elegance

  • Virtue

  • Cleanliness

  • Clarity

The color white is actually the result of the combination of all colors in the spectrum, making it the perfect balance of all colors, giving the impression of impartiality and neutrality. White in all cultures signifies spirituality and holiness: whether in Western cultures with its association with angels and purity, or Eastern cultures with its association with death and passing beyond the veil. It is a very spiritually significant color. 

Wearing White Pearl NecklacesEarringsPendants or Bracelets signifies that you are a traditional person who values subtlety, elegance and grace. Whereas black represents the absorption of all light, white is its polar opposite ... white is a reflection of light, and offers all who view it, illumination and clarity in their lives. 

So that's it for my decoding on Spring's Pearl Colors, Pink, Peach, Lavender, Gold, Blue and White. Which one is your favorite??





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