March 28, 2023

Men Wearing Pearls: 2023's Hot Jewelry Trend


Men in Pearls: 2023's Hottest Jewelry Trend

Photo: Timothée Chalamet wearing a Vivienne Westwood pearl choker and sweater at "Bones and All" photocall in Rome. Mondadori Portfolio


Pearls Reign Supreme for Men

Lucky for us pearl lovers, the pearls’ popularity in 2023 is bigger and more mainstream than ever. 

Although 2022’s Pearlcore trend isn’t exactly passé, pearls’ role has evolved into a gem that, according to some sources, is practically more popular than diamonds right now!   

But the evolution of how pearls are worn and by whom is what is so exciting! 

Case in point – The RealReal detailed in their 2023 Luxury Consignment Report that shoppers’ interest in pearls, especially pearl bracelets, more than doubled from the third to the fourth quarter of 2022.  

The buy now – pay later giant Klarna also found pearl jewelry trending as they reported an online uptick of pearl necklace sales by +32% compared to an average month in 2021, with pearl earrings as the third top-trending Regencycore item of 2022. 

And according to a survey conducted by the Cultured Pearl Association of America in 2021, 44% of men aged 18-35 and 33% of men aged 35-54 are interested in purchasing pearl jewelry. Those are not small numbers!

Why is There a Surge in Men Wearing Pearls?

The evolution of men's pearl jewelry is a fascinating journey spanning centuries. And while it's true that pearls have long been worn by kings and queens alike, the seemingly feminine pearl strand necklace has blossomed into a trend for men in recent years. 


Men Wearing Pearls: Sir Walter Raleigh Wearing Pearl Earring

Sir Walter Raleigh, lover and consort to Queen Elizabeth I, pictured in his court portrait wearing a large drop-shaped natural pearl earring, with pearl embellished buttons, cape and pearl embellished pants. Photo: National Portrait Gallery


Gen Z men are some of the biggest fans of pearls and they're helping push the boundaries of how people view and wear pearl jewelry.


Men Wearing Pearls 2023: Shaun Mendez Pearl Necklace Photo: Singer Shaun Mendez wearing a keshi pearl necklace. Getty


Even though Gen Z males seem to have cornered the market on the essential strand of pearly whites, we're seeing variations of pearl necklaces on men of all ages, with individualized pearl necklaces of varied designs popping up all over. 

The recent popularity of men wearing pearls can primarily be attributed to cultural shifts, fashion trends, and social media influence. Pearl jewelry can be seen daily being worn by many athletes, musicians, movie stars, and T.V. personalities. 

Join me as we explore current men's pearl jewelry trends, including popular styles and how to wear them.


Men Wearing Pearls Trend 2023: Alex Sanchez Malorca Pearls

Photo credit: Malorca pearls. Alex Sanchez shows off his casual yet refined Malorca pearls. 


Cultural Shifts

Cultural shifts are playing a significant role in the rise of men's pearl jewelry lately. Gender norms and stereotypes are changing, and more men are embracing traditionally feminine styles of clothing and accessories. Men are becoming more comfortable expressing their individuality and personal style, and pearls are a perfect addition to this trend.

Fashion Trends

Fashion designers are incorporating more pearls into their collections and featuring them in unique and modern ways. From Dior to Chanel, Saint Laurent to AMIRI, designers were eager to drape male models in glowing pearls on runways the world over this year. This change in fashion trends contributes to the recent rise of men wearing pearl jewelry and has helped shift the perception of pearls as stuffy or outdated, making them more appealing to everyone wearing jewelry.

Social Media

And then, of course, there's the social media factor. Platforms like Instagram, for example, have allowed for a broader and more diverse representation of fashion and style, breaking down traditional gender barriers. Men's fashion bloggers and influencers promote pearls as a stylish and fashionable accessory for men, making them more accessible and approachable.


Men Wearing Pearls Trend 2023: Pharrell Williams Pearl Necklaces

Pharrell Williams has been spotted repeatedly rocking strands of pearls on his travels since 2014 - an early adopter of the pearl trend, and maybe even the catalyst for this renaissance himself! Photo credit: PriceScope


Big-name celebs and T.V. stars of all ages can be seen wearing pearls, and it's been a significant factor in the rise of men's pearl jewelry. Top male celebrities and athletes such as Harry Styles, A$AP Rocky, Pharrell Williams, and LeBron James have been seen sporting pearls, making them a go-to choice for those who want to keep up with the latest trends in men's fashion. This trend helps promote the idea that pearls are not just for women but that they can be a stylish and versatile accessory for men, too.


Men Wearing Pearls Trend 2023: Love Island

The men of Love Island, Australia, definitely made a steamy splash during the 2023 season, with many dudes sporting pearl necklaces and slim pearl bracelets. This trend may be growing on me! 


For instance, the men of Love Island – pretty much all the men on the show – were spotted wearing white pearl necklace strands. Each necklace was slightly different from the others in not only design aesthetic but also the way they were styled. 

You see, that's the great thing about pearls. You can style them with gold and silver chains, necklaces with multiple-colored beads or gemstones and even layer them with oversized or petite pearl necklaces, depending on your desired style.

The signature design of a classic strand of white pearls knotted on silk reigns supreme. The iconic pearl necklace has definitely returned to its rightful place – the glowing spotlight!


Men Wearing Pearls Trend 2023: Harry Styles Pearl NecklacePearls with an edge - Harry Styles is famous for rocking his pearl necklaces. Photo credit: Vogue 


But let's not forget all the other pieces of pearl jewelry out there. Men's pearl jewelry is no longer limited to just one style or design. As the trend of men's pearl jewelry continues to grow, jewelry designers worldwide are creating new and exciting styles – giving us all more choices!  

Men have many choices when it comes to wearing pearl jewelry, whether necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings or cufflinks. Let me give you a little info to help you out.


Men’s Pearl Jewelry Style Guide



  • A touch of Sophistication – Pearl necklaces are a popular choice for guys looking to add a touch of sophistication to their look. This look can be casual, too. A T-shirt and pearls are always perfect together.


  • Classic and Minimalistic – Pearl necklaces with a single pearl on a leather cord are a great go-to look for a casual or minimalistic vibe. 


  • Modern and Edgy - Modern pearl necklace designs incorporating multiple pearls of different sizes and colors are great for the man who isn’t afraid to start the next must-have trend!


  • Flaunt It! - Longer pearl necklace arrangements featuring multiple strands of pearls for a layered look are something more men are embracing. We’re here to tell you – it’s a hot look!

 Men Wearing Pearls Trend 2023: Pharrell Williams Layered Pearl Ropes

Photo credit: Daily Mail




  • Stacked – Stacking bracelets of pearls, beads, chains, or diamonds can be a fashion statement as individual as the wearer. Be YOU!


  • Classic – A Single pearl on leather or a metal band is classic and never out of style.


  • Modern – Multiple pearls on elastic cords with gemstone charms, diamonds or metal cutouts have glowing, modern vibes!




  • Luxury – Pearl and diamond earrings always add a touch of elevated luxury.



  • Modern – Designs with multiple pearls in unique shapes and sizes add an edge to your look.





  • Modern – Think multiple pearls of various shapes mixed with colorful gemstones. YES!


  • Luxury – A large, center-set pearl ring with a few diamonds has that black-tie look you need.




  • Classic, Modern and Luxurious! - Cufflinks are the bomb for covering all your bases at once. From a single pearl design to cufflinks with multiple pearls and gemstones, put a pair on, and instantly, you’ll look stylish, fresh and modern!



Men Wearing Pearls Trend 2023

Mix and match a single strand pearl necklace with Sterling Silver and Gold chains for an edgy rocker aesthetic.


4 Tips on How to Start Wearing Men’s Pearl Jewelry 


Start Small: If you're new to wearing men's pearl jewelry, start with a small piece like a single pearl stud earring or a simple pearl bracelet. This will help you get comfortable with the look and feel of the jewelry. 

Mix and Match: Feel free to mix and match different types of men's pearl jewelry, such as a pearl necklace and a pearl bracelet. Just make sure they complement each other in terms of size, color and design. 

When in Doubt - Keep it Simple: Less is often more if you're not used to wearing pearl jewelry. Stick to one or two pieces at a time to avoid looking overdone. 

Consider the Occasion: Men's pearl jewelry can be appropriate for casual and formal occasions, but make sure to choose suitable pieces for the occasion or special event you attend.


Pearls of Wisdom


  • Do - Experiment with different styles of pearl jewelry to find what works best for you.
  • Do - Wear men's pearl jewelry with confidence. If you feel good about what you're wearing, it will show.
  • Do - Choose high-quality pearls to ensure that your jewelry will last for years to come.


Pearls are no longer seen as exclusively feminine. They're also a unique and sophisticated accessory for the modern man. They're a gem for all genders, and pearls' versatility and timeless appeal make them the best go-to choice for jewelry in general.  

No matter who you are, what you're wearing, or where you're going – pearls are where it's at! 

Until Next Time,




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