November 04, 2018

Natural Blue Akoya Pearl Collection!

Blue Akoya Collections


Just in time for the Holiday Season, we’ve put together a brand new pearl collection: Natural-Color Blue Akoya pearls! We recently had a monthly special featuring a blue Akoya pearl and diamond pendant called the ‘Aurora’ and it went over so well that we decided to flesh out the selection and include new necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings for everyone as well.

Aurora Blue Akoya

Our Natural-Color Blue Akoya 'Aurora' pendant; our Facebook fans named this one, and totally nailed it!


The new collection is still a bit limited in size and designs; these pearls are pretty rare. But I know you’ll love these pearls, and their unusual gorgeous Sky Blue colors!
Blue Akoya Shell
Blue Akoya Pearls come from the same oyster that produces White Akoya pearls: the pinctada fucata martensii, shown here.


Speaking of the colors, blue Akoya pearls are not enhanced in any way – their colors are completely, 100% natural! Typically Akoya pearls go through a process after harvest called “bleaching and pinking”. This is considered a standard practice, as it was thought by the pearl industry that pearl lovers always preferred their pearls one way: white. Now, we know that definitely isn’t true, but the world of pearls is forever changing and evolving to include a rainbow of color.


Anyways, since most Akoya pearls have a distinct undertone of green or blue when harvested, the “bleaching and pinking” process was instituted to give the pearls a bright white color, and then replace some of the color-play that was lost in the bleaching process by submerging the pearls in a red/pink solution to give them their trademark “rosé” overtones. These pearls skip all that, and are cultivated specifically for their Sky Blue and Silvery-Blue hues.

Blue Akoya Conch

I draped this single-strand Blue Akoya baroque pearl necklace over a Queen Conch shell for a fun 'glamour' shot.


This collection is still new, and so fairly limited in sizes – our blue Akoya pearls range from 7.0-7.5mm up to 8.5-9.0mm only at this time. Their nacre is incredibly thick, which gives the pearls a beautiful AAA Quality luster and shine! What I love the most about these pearls is their strong, iridescent overtones that shimmer with shades of Aquamarine, Green, Violet and Rose – just gorgeous, and so eye-catching!

Blue Akoya Bust

Throughout November, this brand new collection will be featured at 25% Off, which is our going Monthly Special Discount. The even better news is that you’ll still be able to get an amazing deal on some of the most unique and lovely pearls ever seen, as our Annual Holiday Sale begins on Black Friday and continues throughout December!


As always, if you have any questions about these one in a million pearls, leave me a comment below, or email me directly at: ashley@purepearls.com!

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