November 04, 2018

Custom Tahitian Rope Pearl Necklace From Pure

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Hi Everyone! 
A client with absolutely FABULOUS taste asked if I could combine two of the Round Multi-Color Tahitian Pearl Necklaces she saw on the Pure site into one long, colorful, gorgeous Pearl Rope week before last … of course, even though it was in the middle of the Mother’s Day Rush, you know I couldn’t say No! I am a die-hard fan of Pearl Ropes. 
She selected TRN-1587 and TRN-1588 as her favorites: 
Tahitian Necklace Strand
Tahitian Choker
And we set to work reconfiguring and recombining these two gorgeous Tahitian necklaces into one long strand of STUNNING! 
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any “glamour” or temp-shots done because my entire team was a bit under the gun two days before Mother’s Day weekend (we’d guaranteed delivery on all orders, so it was GO! GO! GO! over here that week). 
My new friend was gracious enough to take some pictures of her own and email them over. Thank you, LD!! Here are the pics:
18 Inch Tahitian Rope
Tahitian Rope Dark
Tahitian Rope
Woman Wearing Tahitians
We bonded over a shared love of Pearl Ropes and unique Tahitian pearl colors … get a load of her next project idea (seen on the Forum):
Tahitian Rope
This reminds me SO MUCH of a photo I saw years ago – a model in a jean jacket at the beach, with ropes and ropes of Tahitian and South Sea pearls around her neck. I guess it made an impression!
Tahitian Long Strands
I can’t wait to get started on her next project! There’s nothing like sleek Tahitian Pearls to make you feel just gorgeous. Till next time! 
Long Live Color!! 

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