November 04, 2018

How Do You Use A Pearl Clip

Ask Ashley
Great question! I get this all the time, so I’m happy to post this (this time, with pictures!) on Ask Ashley.
Pearl Clip is an oval or round-shaped accessory for pearls, generally measuring about 25mm in length or so, by 19.0mm wide to accomodate multiple rows of pearls. 
It’s used to clip up two ends of a single strand of pearls in the back to create double or triple row of pearls on the wearer, depending on the length and size of the pearls used.
Pearl Clip
In the picture below, I’ve used a single 54-inch Freshwater Pearl Rope to create a double-strand look in the front. The cool thing about a Pearl Clip is that it essentially anchors the precise length layout you want so that the pearls aren’t slipping around.
Pearl Clip Example
So you can take a 36-inch length of pearls, and have one loop set at 16-inches, and the other at 20 for example. With my rope, I created a 25/29-inch staggered double-strand that I was able to wear comfortably all day!
Double Strand Front View
A Pearl Clip is definitely one of the little accessories to have if you have a love affair with longer pearl strands like me. It keeps things fun and versatile!

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