November 04, 2018

The Sea of Cortez "Unicorn" Strand

The Unicorn Sea of Cortez 2016 Pearl Necklace

The Sea of Cortez "Unicorn" Necklace


It finally arrived, but definitely … hmm … um …

Not the way I expected!

It came without clasp.

It came without string!

It came without flair, trumpets or even an angel singing!

Ok, ok, enough with the Seuss.

It actually came totally UNDRILLED.

And Loose.

In numbered bags.

But when you think about it, this way of keeping the pearls makes total sense – you don’t just drill pearls of this rarity and color! That’s for pearls you know you have MORE of.

These – these are one in a million.

A True Aubergine Colored Pearl
A true Aubergine pearl – you don’t see this color every day! Or even every year!!

Sea Foam and Aubergine Sea of Cortez Pearls in Shell
Shimmering pastels of Sea Foam Green and Aubergine. Total Delight.

Purple and Midnight Blue Sea of Cortez Pearls
Purple and Midnight Blue!

Multi-Colored Sea of Cortez Pearls
The perfectly round pearls are a real treat to see for Sea of Cortez. I’m so excited about this necklace’s AAA Quality rating! I mean LOOK at the surface quality and luster here!!

Left Ending Section of the Sea of Cortez Unicorn Necklace
Right Side Ending Section of the Sea of Cortez Unicorn Necklace
Ok – this is the last picture I took of some of the pearls in the layout:

Center Section Close-Up of the Sea of Cortez Unicorn Necklace
Ouch! They’re so pretty it actually hurts a little!

Douglas was kind enough to send some polished Pteria shells for me to keep to use for pictures (thank you Douglas!!), which was very generous.

Normally, this necklace retails for $65,000.00 USD but as it is being featured as part of the Exotic Strand Sale, I’m allowing it to also receive the 20% discount.

And I have to say, these pearls are worth every penny!

Remember the Bocachibampo Necklace?

The Bocachibampo Sea of Cortez Pearl Necklace

This amazing pearl necklace is the result of three years of harvests!

The "Stella Maris" (Stars of the Sea – isn’t that a gorgeous name?) is a similar strand from 2009 – also a painstakingly collected layout of Sea of Cortez pearls that was created from pearls gathered over 3 pearl harvests. It now resides with a private owner in Monterrey, Mexico.

Stella Maris Stars of the Sea Cortez Pearl Necklace
The Sea of Cortez pearl farm only creates ONE necklace in these colors and qualities a year.

What will you name this one?

Inquiries for the 2016 Sea of Cortez Unicorn should be sent to me: Ashley@purepearls.com

I’m happy to assemble the layout and take as many pictures as needed to showcase this once in a lifetime treasure.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures – I know I enjoyed taking them!!

Until then, happy pearling and:

Long Live Color!





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