November 04, 2018

Custom Natural Blue Akoya Hanadama Double Strand Necklace from Pure

Akoya Blue Necklaces

This past March, we decided to run a Pure Monthly Special on our inventory of Natural Blue Color Japanese Akoya Pearls at 25% Off. Little did I realize at the time that our little vault would get completely WIPED OUT of stock of our Super Popular Blue Akoya pearls! Wow! 

I am currently waiting for the newest batches of matched Round Blue Akoya pairs in 7.0-7.5mm, 7.5-8.0mm, 8.0-8.5mm and 8.5-9.0mm to come in from suppliers in Japan. For those of you on my mailing list, keep an eye out because I’ll definitely be sending out a special email alert … we actually ended up having to cancel an order or two due to the overwhelming demand for specific sizes. 
That said, earlier on in the March Blue Akoya Sale I received a VERY special request that turned out so beautifully that I just had to share the finished creation with everyone! A long-time client that’s been with Pure for many years contacted me about creating a true one of a kind: a Double-Strand Natural-Color Blue Japanese Hanadama Akoya Pearl Necklace
Knowing how RARE fully-matched, high-quality certified Blue Hanadamas are, this was going to be a TALL order, but I was absolutely enticed by the idea, so I began making some calls … what I found set my little Color Junkie’s heart racing! Check out these initial sample Blue Hana matched hanks that we got to choose from:
Double Strand Akoya
Blue Akoya Strands
The Double-Strand Blue Japanese Akoya hanks above were in the 7.0-7.5mm range, and had that saturated, Sky Blue with Rose Overtone that I just go absolutely NUTS over, but my client wanted to go BIGGER. 
AND! She wanted matching Blue Akoya Pearl Earrings, to boot! Back to the drawing board ... 
Matched Blue Akoya
Matched Akoya Raw
We found this set of matched strands of incredibly large 8.5-9.0mm Natural Color Blue Akoya Hanadamas that were pretty much close to PERFECT. From the vault, we created 3 matched pairs of 9.0-9.5mm Blue Akoya Rounds to choose from as matching earrings. She chose Pair #1 at the top ... but honestly, I don't know how she could actually make a choice! They're ALL gorgeous ... 
Once the strands were chosen and approved, it only took us 2 days to knot the necklace on fine grey silk and finished the pearls off with a high-polish 14K White Gold Double Strand Clasp. Here are some pics of the finished necklace:
Blue Akoya Double
Akoya Natural Blue Close Shot
Akoya Natural Blue
For myself, this is a delectable confection of colors! I could look at these pictures all day, lol. 
Remember, if you have a Custom Design idea that you've been dreaming of, feel free to email me ANYTIME! I absolutely adore creating Custom Pearl Jewelry (wait'll I show you what else is in the works right now!), and am happy to give you my undivided, personal attention in bringing your creation to life. 
See you guys soon! Till then: Long Live Color!!
~ Ashley

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