Lavender Pearl Pendants


Representing love at first sight, royal bearing and grace, a Lavender Freshwater Pearl Pendant is the perfect way to tell that special someone how much you admire and care for them. Natural-color Lavender Pearl Pendants are quite the rare find at traditional jewelry stores, but PurePearls.com stocks the entire compliment of hues and shades from the palest lilac to deep violets, with sparkling overtones of rose, aquamarine and metallic golds and greens.


The color Lavender is said to represent faithfulness and royalty. Lavender Freshwater pearls from China are famous for their natural pastel hues of Lilac to Lavender and deeper Purple hues that shine with iridescent Rose, Green, Aquamarine and Gold Overtones. To view these fabulous color combinations as they’ll appear in person, read Pure’s Ultimate Guide to Pearl Colors. Every Freshwater Pearl Pendant created by PurePearls.com has been hand-selected for its smooth shapes, highly reflective luster and unblemished surfaces. Created by hand to order at our Los Angeles, California workshop, we make each pearl pendant with only the highest quality Lavender Freshwater pearls, VS1 Diamonds and 14K Gold mountings. Our ‘AAA Quality ONLY’ policy is a long-standing pledge to use only the finest, most lustrous Freshwater pearls for our pendants. To learn what that means for you, read the Pure Pearls Expert’s Guide to Freshwater Pearl Grading. If you’d like to dig deeper into the colorful world of Freshwater pearls, visit the Ultimate Freshwater Pearl Buyer’s Guide, and we cover everything Freshwater pearl related, from history and origins, to pearliculture techniques, the farms and modern jewelry styles. Our Collection offers everything from elegant Solitaire Pendants, Pearl and Diamond Pendants, Drop-Shaped Baroque Pearl Pendants and more.

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