July 13, 2018

What Colors Do Metallic Freshwater Pearls Come In?

What Colors Do Metallic Freshwater Pearls Come In?



Our Metallic Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Infinity Pendants feature your choice of three natural colors: White, Lavender and Peach Freshwater pearls, with exotic overtones of electric green, teal, blue, copper, gold and bright rose.


Loose Metallic Freshwater Pearls in every color of the rainbow – which color is your favorite?


Each pearl features striking, metallic luster and all-natural color that has not been enhanced in any way. The metallic luster is incredibly sharp and bright, and adds an iridescent sheen to the pearls that we can’t stop staring at!


Lavender Metallic Freshwater Pearl with exotic Green, Gold and Rose Overtones.


I love the Silvery-Blue overtone visible on the White Metallics, but my favorite so far has been the rainbow of overtones seen on our ‘Wild Orchid’ Lavender Metallic pearls like this one above. The colors are just out of this world amazing!

 What is so special about these pearls is that they are so rare! Out of every harvest, Metallics make up for less than 1% of the total harvest - can you imagine sorting through a barrel of thousands of loose pearls to find just 5 or 10 Metallic pearls?


Sorting Freshwater Pearls at the Factory – can you imagine sorting thousands of white pearls every day? Talk about eye-strain!


Sounds like fun to me, but I guess that’s why I do what I do!  

As you can see, even white Freshwater pearls come in a hundred different shades of white - from bright, Silvery white to cream and rosy hues, so it takes a practiced, sharp eye to identify the true Metallics in the loose lots, which account for a tiny fraction of the total amount of pearls. 

Which color is your favorite? Leave a comment and let me know. ;)



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