April 05, 2023

The Financial Appeal of Pearls


The Financial Appeal of Pearls 


Hey there, all my pearl lovers! 

Today, I'm going to take you on a smart dive and share why pearls are not only beautiful but also a financially savvy purchase; how a lustrous pearl necklace, or treasured pair of classic pearl earrings can last generations, gaining value and familial status over time. 

Since I did a post not long ago about heirloom jewelry and also a recent post on how to start your little girl's pearl journey and the importance of teaching younger ones the value of pearls and heirloom jewelry, it seemed rather fitting to give you a few more lustrous tips on the topic to help you along your pearl journey!

Plus, I think it's important to give you a dependable place to go for reliable information when doing your research so you can make informed, educated decisions when you're ready to invest in pearl jewelry – whether for yourself or for your loved ones.

So grab a cup of your favorite drink, sit back, and let's get started! 


2 Reasons Why Pearls are a Financially Savvy Purchase

Okay, let’s start with the obvious, shall we?


#1 - Pearls will always be popular, in style and worthy of their fame in the wide world of jewelry!

I know it seems somewhat redundant to express pearls’ timeless appeal, how they’ve been admired for centuries, and how they never go out of style.

Or how pearls’ wide range of colors, shapes and sizes allows for almost endless design possibilities, making their versatility practically unmatched in the gem world - because these are probably the most fundamental reasons why pearls are a financially savvy purchase. 

But just so we’re all on the same page - yes, pearls encompass all the traits mentioned above and have ample staying power in the world of high fashion. They also offer an elevated element to your wardrobe without breaking the bank. 

All these excellent qualities can contribute to the benefits of pearls being a wise jewelry purchase. Especially when purchased correctly!


#2 - Pearls offer affordable luxury (of course!)

Compared to most natural diamonds and precious gemstones, pearls can often be a more affordable purchase option while still looking just as luxurious, if not more (IMHO)! 

Although no one can accurately predict what types of pearls or pearl jewelry may increase financially over the years or by how much; high-quality pearl jewelry will always be in demand.

Especially rare cultured pearls and natural pearls, which may tend to appreciate more than other pearls over time - making pearls an intelligent option for those looking to invest in jewelry for themselves or as gifts for others.


Woman Wearing Pearl Necklace 


Smart Ways to Make Financially Savvy Pearl Purchases

What are some obvious yet wise ways to help you make financially savvy pearl purchases?


1st - Research and learn as much as possible about the different types of pearls, their grading systems and their value factors. 

This seems really obvious, right? But, to give you a heads-up, pearl grading standards are a wreck! Seriously. They can literally be all over the place and vary from seller to seller, pearl farmer to pearl farmer and so on.

This can certainly cause confusion, but because of our experience and years in the industry, we’ve compiled information here on the website to help you sort things out and make it easier! 

You’ll want to absorb as much info as possible from here.

Also, institutions, organizations and websites such as:



are all helpful tools for gathering information to help you make informed decisions and become more knowledgeable in the wide world of pearls.   


2nd - Shop around, compare prices and choose a company with a solid reputation, positive customer reviews and a reasonable return policy.

I suggest shopping around and comparing more than just the price. Especially if you’re searching for pearls to purchase to pass on as heirloom jewelry to your children or loved ones.

It’s very important to compare prices when shopping for high-quality pearls; this is true. But remember that just because a company has a strong ‘brand name’ in the jewelry industry doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best choice for the type of pearls or a particular piece of jewelry you may want to buy.


Pearl Size Matters!

It’s important to be mindful of pearl sizes when comparing prices, too. 


Pearl Size Guide


For example, a pair of 7.0mm-7.5mm size Akoya pearl stud earrings may be of similar quality as a pair of 8.0mm-8.5mm Akoya pearl studs from another retailer but may cost more because of the ‘brand name’ of the company. 

Pay close attention to the size of pearls along with their quality when you’re researching pearls to buy and not just the brand names of the companies when doing your research.

For more information on pearl sizes, read our Ultimate Guide to Pearl Sizes.



Find Pearl Vendors You Can Trust

You want to select a pearl company to purchase your pearls from that has a solid industry reputation, positive reviews, and a good return policy. 

A company with a solid reputation will be transparent with its sourcing and how they select pearls. They will share their customer reviews with you, or you’ll be able to find reviews through internet searches. 

And don’t forget about a good return or exchange policy. Jewelry is a touchy-feely product. Photos, even excellent quality photos, can’t always portray fine jewelry the way you think it should, so selecting a pearl jewelry company with a good return and exchange policy on their website is wise.

This gives you more peace of mind when spending your hard earned money and investing in pearls or any product you shop for.


Here’s an important tip for you: Look for a pearl company who gives you a valid  certificate of authenticity.


Certified Hanadama Pearls


At Pure Pearls, all our pearls come in a custom velvet-lined protective jewelry box, complete with care instructions and a certificate of authenticity that guarantees they are real pearls of the finest quality.

If a pearl company hasn't graded your pearls or cannot give you a certificate of authenticity, ask them why.

So, can you guess what my next pearl shopping tip is? 

Yep! Don't be afraid to ask questions! A reputable jeweler should be happy to answer your questions and provide guidance.


What Are Pearls Worth?

I've mentioned before how important it is to familiarize yourself with the different types of pearls and their various characteristics.

Certain pearl types, such as South Sea pearls and Tahitian pearls, are generally more expensive than some Akoya pearls and most Freshwater pearls.


Tahitian and South Sea Pearl NecklacesPhoto courtesy GIA 


Understanding the value and appeal of each pearl type will help you make good decisions when looking at pearls as a jewelry investment or to pass down to future generations of your family. 

It's beneficial to know that pearls are evaluated on 7 Pearl Value Factors, and their price is figured on how each characteristic, or attribute, rates on the scale. 

Each pearl’s value is based upon their, 

  • Luster
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Surface Quality
  • Color/Overtone
  • Matching
  • Natural Pearl or Cultured Pearl

    The most important attribute is Luster

    I’d like to quickly touch on  #7 above; Natural Pearls vs. Cultured Pearls.Although some pearl types are typically more financially valuable than others due to many factors, natural pearls, due to their extreme rarity in today's world, generally are more expensive than some of the most pristine cultured pearls. 

    Since most of the world's wild oyster beds were immensely depleted due to the centuries-long search for fine pearls, a natural pearl formed inside an oyster all on its own - naturally, without any assistance from humans - is extraordinarily rare these days. Finding a natural pearl in nature is, of course, every pearl lover's dream!


    Tahitian Pearls


    Please hop over to our education section to read about the different pearl types and learn more about the 7 value factors of pearls. It's a deep dive into pearl grading with lots of photos and charts to show you comparisons so you'll know what to look for - and what to watch out for - when shopping for pearls.

    So, the big question is, what are pearls worth, and can they be a good investment? I addressed the answers to these questions in the blog post linked above earlier this year, but the answers are - that depends! I know, not exactly a precise answer, but it's true. The post goes into great detail on the above questions, so please click on over and read it when you finish this one. 



    Unveiling the Hidden Value of Pearls and Pearl Jewelry

    Aside from the most common characteristics pearls have that lend to their value and overall appeal, pearls also harbor some rather unique attributes that contribute to their financial appeal.

    Let’s look at a few hidden factors that help make pearls a smart jewelry investment.


    Rarity of Natural Pearls


    Natural Pearls are Most Valuable


    Natural pearls are a pearl collector's delight!

    Finding a natural pearl is extremely rare due to past historical actions and the depletion of the pearl beds, making them a rare commodity and extremely valuable as time passes. 

    Finding natural pearls available to purchase is also rare. But if you come across any and provided they're in good condition, they could be a wise financial investment choice.

    If natural pearls tickle your fancy, read our blog post about the Most Expensive Natural Pearl Necklaces in History.


    Cultured Pearls as a Sustainable Choice

    Many cultured pearls, especially South Sea Pearls, are being produced through more sustainable farming practices, reducing environmental impact and helping aquatic marine life in our seas and oceans.

    By doing some research and investing in cultured pearls farmed with the earth in mind, you're supporting eco-friendly initiatives while still enjoying the beauty of these gems. So yes, helping the environment is a good investment!


    Cultured Pearls are a Sustainable ResourceGorgeous photo courtesy of Kamoka Pearl Farms 



    Emotional, Sentimental and Historical Value

    Good quality pearls often hold an emotional significance to their owner and make them perfect candidates to pass down from generation to generation, making them ‘heirloom’ quality, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post. 


    Pearls as Heirloom Jewelry


    As pearl jewelry gets handed down from one generation of a family to the next, and the stories get told and retold of the significance of the jewelry piece, the sentimental value, along with the heirloom quality value, increases.

    I’m not sure you can really put an accurate price tag on a ‘priceless family heirloom’ due to the emotional, sentimental and historic ties a piece of quality pearl jewelry may hold within a family’s history - but it seems to me that it can definitely add an intangible value to your initial investment!

    So, although pearls are often celebrated for their timeless beauty and elegance, their hidden value can be found in their rarity, sustainability, and emotional or historical significance, which are sometimes overlooked values that quality pearl jewelry can possess. 

    By understanding the more common and lesser-known characteristics of pearls, you can make a more informed decision when investing in pearls and pearl jewelry. 

    Pearls can be a financially savvy purchase if you know what to look for and where to shop. At PurePearls.com, we have an extensive Pearl Education section covering topics including pearl types, pearl grading, pearl care, and so much more.

    So, go ahead and add some pearls to your jewelry collection - I'm confident you'll be happy with your choice!




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