July 29, 2022

Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter: How to Wear a Pearl Rope - Tropical Tahitian Edition 🏝️🥥 🌺


Pure Pearls Weekly Newsletter


"I consider myself a black pearl rare in my authenticity, adding a mysterious beauty to the select few who can recognize & even fewer who appreciate my worth." – Sanjo Jendayi

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Pure Inspiration: Silver Tahitian Pearl Necklace by Robert Wan


Classic Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Necklace

Pure says: A Symphony in Silver and Rose.

Pearls by Robert Wan


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How to Wear a Pearl Rope Necklace


Pearl Rope Necklaces are one of my all-time favorite lengths - they're just so much fun to play around with and the style options are nearly endless! 

Pearl Ropes are any long necklace length that measures starting around 42-Inches and longer all the way up to 100 (that's a LOT of pearls!). This post will explore all the fun ways you can style a Pearl Rope, with a twist: I sourced images of celebrities and other pearl lovers using mainly Tahitian pearls. Enjoy! 


Tahitian Pearl Rope Kate Hudson


Long & Loose

Kate Hudson hits all the right notes with her Tahitian Pearl Tin Cup Necklace in a long rope length. She's wearing it very simply: long and loose with over-sized earrings and Pearl Ring to match. We love how this look just brings together an easy-breezy, casual feel while still being peak elegance. 


How to Wear a Pearl Rope: Sharon Stone Tahitian Pearls


Double It Up

Sharon Stone is seen here rocking a Silvery Tahitian Baroque Rope Necklace, simply doubled up around the neck and allowed to lay very naturally. To get this length, you'd need a minimum of 40-Inches of pearls. Gorgeous! 


How To Wear A Pearl Rope Necklace: Knotted Pearls with Chains



You'll need a Rope Necklace of approximately 52-Inches to pull this off while still maintaining a lengthy strand that you can play with. Really loving pairing the pearls with two long golden chains to really play with modern textures here. Jewelry by S. Carter Designs. 


How To Wear A Pearl Rope Necklace: Triple Wrapped on Neck


Triple It

Wrapping your Pearl Rope three times around the neck is a classic, gorgeous way to wear a long strand of pearls. This is a very elegant look when done with classic White Akoya or White Freshwater pearls, but gets super funky and artistic when done with Tahitian Baroque pearls seen above.


How To Wear A Pearl Rope: Mix and Match Layers


Mix N' Match

While note a full-on Pearl Rope, this pearl lover from Pearl-Guide has decided to mix and match 3 different Tahitian Baroque Pearl Necklaces (the longest one looks like a custom layout) to create a tiered, staggered look that we absolutely adore. 


How To Wear A Pearl Rope: Chunky Layered Pearls


Layers Upon Layers

Mixing a long Freshwater Pearl Rope Necklace with many other strands, Tin Cup Necklaces and faux pearls and crystal accents is a great way to layer on the luxury. I can imagine doing this with SO MANY different pearl types and colors!

Hope you enjoyed this and maybe inspired some fun, fashionable ideas for you all! If you've created a new look with a pearl rope, I'd love to see it - feel free to email me some pictures at Ashley@purepearls.com 





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Pure Pearls Weekly Product Spotlight: Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Tin Cup Necklace


This chic pearl necklace features 8.0-9.0mm AAAA Quality Freshwater pearls hand-picked for their incredible luster. The pearls are mounted on the finest 14K gold chain with dazzling SI clarity diamonds. The necklace is 36-Inches in length and affixed with a lobster clasp. 

Your new Tin Cup will arrive in a pretty Jewelry Presentation Box for you to keep, and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and Pearl Care Instructions. 


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