July 22, 2022

Pure Pearls Weekly News Updates: What's Special About Hanadama Pearls?


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What Makes Hanadama Pearls Special


Hanadama pearls get their name from the Father of Cultured Pearls himself, Kokichi Mikimoto.  He used the term "Hanadama" to denote his finest Akoya pearls, and translates from Japanese to mean "Flower Pearls".

The name describes the pale to rosy pink colors of Japan's infamous cherry blossoms that flower all over the country in the Spring. The pearl's delicate Rose Overtones mimic these stunning hues. 


Hanadama Pearl Luster


Hanadama Pearl Luster

Hanadama Akoya pearls are famous for their beautifully bright, and highly reflective luster and subtly shifting rainbow-hued iridescence.

In fact, Japanese Hanadama Akoya have brighter, sharper and more reflective luster than any "standard" Akoya pearl ... or just about ANY other cultured pearl type on the market today!

The Pearl Science Laboratory of Tokyo, Japan measures and quantifies Hanadama luster on their certification in the Teri Analysis section of the report, which analyzes the rate of bright light reflecting off the surface of the pearls.


Hanadama Pearls versus AAA Quality Akoya Pearls


Hanadama vs. AAA Quality Akoya Pearls

Can I tell you a secret?

Hanadama pearls ARE AAA Quality Akoya pearls!

Are you shocked? I was when I first heard that. But when you think about it, it actually makes sense. Let me explain.

All Akoya pearls are graded on an A-AAA Japanese Grading Scale, with "AAA" representing the top grade of each annual pearl harvest.

What that means is that the pearls that are selected to go for Hanadama certification from the Pearl Science Lab are the very, very best of those AAA Quality lots!

So technically, yes, Hanadama pearls are AAA Quality Akoya. They're just the very best, the very brightest and most beautiful pearls with the thickest nacre layers. 


Hanadama Pearls Certificates


Pearl Science Laboratory Certifications (PSL)

The Pearl Science Laboratory was established in 1978 by Hiroshi Komatsu, who remains with the PSL today as an Honorary Advisor. Originally founded to research pearl cultivation methods, the PSL later expanded to offer pearl identification and evaluation services.

The PSL now offers the world's only thorough gemological services for cultured pearls of its kind. Each pair of Hanadama Earrings or Hanadama Pearl Necklace is thoroughly examined, x-rayed for nacre thickness and tested for Teri-Value and the coveted Aurora effect (Orient, or rainbow iridescence). 

Best Quality Mark 

The coveted Metallic Aurora logo and Best Quality Mark is issued for pearls that are in the highest category during evaluation. Pearls are evaluated for five quality components (listed below) and MUST meet each of the PSL's standards in order to qualify for these certifications. 


Hanadama Pearl Certificate Examination


PSL Certification - What to Look For

The highlighted areas on the sample PSL Certification above are the most important components to look at. The tests used by the PSL to certify a strand of pearls “Hanadama” are:

Magnification – this is a surface quality inspection, ensuring that the blemish rate is “very slightly” blemished*, with less than 5% inclusions allowable per pearl, and for the strand overall. Only 1 single “deep” inclusion is allowable for an entire strand of pearls.

Inner Inspection by Optical Fiber –  tests nacre depth at random intervals throughout the strand. Minimum guaranteed nacre thickness for Hanadama pearls is 0.40mm thick per side (so 0.80mm total) of the pearl.

Soft X-ray Apparatus –  additional test to verify nacre depth.

Teri-value Analysis –  this test is done to analyze the rate of light reflection emitting from the surface of the pearls, and to guarantee that the luster of the pearls is “very strong”.

Aurora Effect –  this is a relatively new exam that utilizes white lighting from underneath the pearls to observe the true amount of iridescence or “Orient”. These colors most often will appear as strong pink and green colors to the observer.

  • Important note about surface blemishing on Hanadama pearls: Pearls may never be described as “flawless” or “blemish-free”. As organic gemstones created through a natural process, all pearls will display some type of surface inclusion or feature … even pearls that are clean to the eye will reveal inclusions under 10x magnification.

Per the FTC:  § 23.26 Misuse of the words "flawless," "perfect," etc. (a) It is unfair or deceptive to use the word "flawless" as a quality description of any gemstone that discloses blemishes, inclusions, or clarity faults of any sort when examined under a corrected magnifier at 10-power, with adequate illumination, by a person skilled in gemstone grading.

To learn more about common Akoya pearl inclusions, visit: The Insider's Guide To Akoya Pearl Grading


Hanadama Pearl Earrings


Hanadama Pearl Jewelry

Hanadama pearl jewelry generally includes matched pairs of Hanadama Pearl EarringsNecklaces and Pearl Bracelets. It is VERY rare to come across single, loose pearls as certified singles would add so much to the overhead that a single Hanadama pearl pendant would be unattainable for many.

That’s the reason why you won’t find single Hanadama pearls for pendants and rings on pearl jewelry sites online. 

Size Ranges

Akoya pearl sizes are measured in half-millimeter increments like 6.0-6.5mm, 7.0-7.5mm and so on.

Most Hanadama certified strands are available in sizes 6.0-6.5mm up through 9.0-9.5mm, which are the most popular and versatile sizes for women. Hanadama necklaces in the 9.5-10.0mm size are available now, but are expensive due to their rarity.

And that's about all I can add today about these gorgeous and utterly classic pearls. But don't forget, we are holding a 20% Off Hanadama Pearl Jewelry Sale this week which ends on Sunday - so if you find yourself falling in love with Hanadama pearls, then there's no better time to dive in than right now! 




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White South Sea Pearl and Diamond Evasion Pendant


We named this the Diamond Evasion Pendant due to the way the diamonds zig zag back and forth, ultimately leading the way to one of our White South Sea pearls. 

This beautiful White South Sea pearl pendant features a lustrous 10mm, AAA quality pearl. The pearl is mounted on the finest quality 18K gold. This pendant comes packaged in a beautiful jewelry gift box with an official certificate of authenticity.


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